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  1. Fireballs

    Its a wood hull. I am going to get it sunday, so i can give sail number updates after that. Its in Charleston, SC. And I'll most certainly be racing it. Hoping to have it very ready for the 2019 worlds
  2. Fireballs

    Just got a fireball. Any good advice out there on them? I've sailed the boats some, but this is the first one that I've owned.
  3. Both trailerable and in the same price range. Looking in terms of both around the buoys and distance racing. Heard a lot of support for both boats, and i'm sure ill find some opinions on here...
  4. Anyone know anything about this boat or any of her sister ships? A quick google doesn't produce much information. http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/64498
  5. Cruising guide for Maine

    Make sure to stop in Brooklin for the beautiful boats and the eggemoggin reach.
  6. what is it?

    Definitely has a Dudley Dix feel to it. Modern hull with a cabin similar to some of Herreshoff's, like on the NY30.
  7. Articulation bowsprit / how to?

    On the Meleges 30 I race on we always keep the sprit centered for reaching. On the downwinds we go fully to windward when not planing, then when planing we keep it straight. Another key to racing with these is to make sure you get the timing down on when the articulation is changed during a gybe. Too early and the bow team will struggle, if its too late the pole will be very hard to articulate.
  8. I'm putting new windows in my pocket cruiser. The originals are from the 70's so I am looking around to see what the best replacement material would be. They are fixed, oval windows about a foot long and 6 inches tall. Would plexi-glass be best or something more like lexan? Thanks in advance.
  9. -rating hit?-Depending on where you race the hit ti your rating will be different, but usually any modification will hurt your rating. -sym can go dead down wind in heavy air?- I race on both aysm and sym boats alot and i am still a fan of low and slow. Although a boat that can carry both(1D35) can be very hard to beat. -less crew?- Yes, it generally takes less crew to fly an asym. There is no topper to worry about on gybes and depending on the cockpit setup one person can trim. -less experienced crew?-Asyms are a bit easier to fly, so therefore some lack of experience can be made up. For me, the biggest advantage is there is less teamwork involved on the bow so crew can be switched in easier. -reach higher in a straight line leg?- Yes, you will be able to sail higher reaching angles. -add furling?- If you mean a top down furling system then it is possible to add, but they aren't cheap. For cruising I would just use a sock. -what else?
  10. I am trying to hunt down the Art Paine designed Airforce. She was built for the 1986-87 BOC single handed around the world race. She was drawn by Art Paine and built by Greene Marine and Cross Marine. I think she was skippered by Dick Cross. Any ideas where she might have ended up would be much appreciated.
  11. Mooring with a bow sprit

    I would be a little worried about using a spinnaker pole in a mooring system. It would be helpful if you uploaded a picture of your/sprit area.
  12. Mooring with a bow sprit

    I moor my boat and many others that have bowsprits where I work and they are usually fine if there is chock to feed the mooring line through. I also put a piece of rubber hosing around the mooring line to help prevent chafe. Some people run a bridle to help the boat from sitting one side more to the wind. Also, how long will she be sitting on the mooring?