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  1. 1GM10 should push modern 28-30' sailboats at that displacement to 6.4-7 knots. I had a 28' 3000 kg sailboat with 1GM10+SD+14x8 Volvo Penta/Radice (the older one with non-curved blades) folding propeller and got 6.4 knots. X-302 reaches (3800 kg) 6.7 knots with 13x9 Gori 2 blade folding. Flexofold and Gori are a bit better than Radice, which is much cheaper. Radice costs about 700 €. Ryley & Joakim....Thanks for the feedback / advice. I think the sail drives are more efficient & faster than inboards coupled to shaft such as mine. Checked out a Gori two blade racing prop this weekend which was around $900.
  2. Ryley, just out of curiosity I was wondering what the displacement is of your Columbia? I have a 1gm in with about a 6800 to 7000 displacement, 30' sailboat and I'm also getting about 5.8 mph (flat water) with a martek which needs rebuilding. I was going to be check into the flexfold and some of the other gear driven props this winter before deciding which way to go. Thanks
  3. First Light, open 40...in the classifieds
  4. Blowtorch..cutout a hole near the top and fill
  5. Shaving cream
  6. Boat speed and cash flow....a racers two best friends
  7. I have a 2007 - 2008 Celebrating 40 years....you can have.
  8. Heard it smells like old socks burning.
  9. Sliced mine off with a knife no problem. Just had to make some cuts the length of it. Once opened the rest peeled back and off. Looks better than the dirty white life line.
  10. What recommendations are there for a painted surface hulls (I believe it's awl grip) to look there best? . I have used the awl care wax cleaner & and the name brand one step wax cleaners with the same results over the years. I have always just done it by hand once a year in spring but have wondered if I invested in a wax /buffer machine if it would turn out better and last longer.
  11. Anyone know what ever became of Razzle Dazzle? Always admired the lines of this Irwin design.