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  1. sailingbeme

    happy turkey day to those that celebrate

  2. sailingbeme

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    Seems like your boat coming from Lake Michigan would have a #3 & #2 with proper leads to adjus vs the j105 jib you used ?
  3. sailingbeme

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Can anyone tell me the boat design starboard of bravura? Name is Mexican ?
  4. sailingbeme

    NBA 2020 Playoffs Anarchy

    Who's in the playoffs? Nobody I know really cares and all my buddies are sports fans.
  5. sailingbeme

    Three Year Plan

    6' 4" headroom ?, maybe a Columbia of some sort. You could play basketball down below in one of those.
  6. sailingbeme

    Farr 30 irc modification

    Are the owners/ crew happy they converted over to an A -sail on these mods? Seeing some decent speed increases?
  7. sailingbeme

    PVC conduit inside mast?

    When redoing my mast, I had the cable for the wind instruments, double wires for the fly light and the cable for the vhf. To lighten things up we removed the PVC conduit tube and we were going to use a halyard cover removing the core and use as a conduit for chafe protection. But, we ended using one of those roll up canvas garden hoses cutting off the ends and using as a conduit for chafe protection and tangle protection from the halyards...triple spreader rig and you can get the hose lengths in 50' length....lot easier than trying to feed the three wires/cables through a halyard cover. Figured we saved a couple pounds is all but as you know it translates to a lot at that height to down below.
  8. sailingbeme

    Quick connect bilge hose?

    You can buy the poly quick couplings with garden hose threads , but be careful when ordering, there more common with NPT threads. Check Banjo in IN..... to adapt from garden hose you would need a part "A" and part "D" for the male and female ends of the garden hose. I've got them on my garden hoses around my yard.. or you can just buy the hose shank ones ..part 'E" in picture is male and a part "C " is female and eliminate the threaded connections. All local hose an farm supply shops have them on the shelves.
  9. sailingbeme

    IOR Lives!

  10. sailingbeme

    Lake Michigan waves

    Regarding the NM 40 stolen in the Caribbean, do you know what the story on that was? Seems like I'd be impossible to hide a boat of that design for very long, unless stripping of equipment & sinking.
  11. sailingbeme

    Runner Block Replacements

    Could you please show a picture of your cascading backstay on the 9.1
  12. sailingbeme

    Henderson 30?

    Nice..I use to go to Des Moines a for a company in Dubuque and live over and sail on lake Mich on the the MI side.
  13. sailingbeme


    That's it...thank you.
  14. sailingbeme

    Henderson 30?

    Where in IA ...also what haror out of lake Michigan are you going to base yourselfs?
  15. sailingbeme


    Can anyone please find me the joke about Leroy the dumb student that ends up working at the Cleveland clinic ...saw it many pages ago.. Thank you in advance