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    Pulsing in rudder/tiller

    rudder bearing wearing out?
  2. sailingbeme

    Stuck in the mast

    Fish tape / small wire you could push through.
  3. sailingbeme

    Stuck in the mast

    i had a similar problem once. I bought some small, maybe 1/2" flexible plastic sprinkler pipe or small diameter pex water pipe at Home Depot. (small enough so it would fit into the halyard exit slot on mast). Extended the messenger longer and slid the tubing over the messenger and up the inside of mast and was able to jolt free what was hanging up. Think I had i guy crank a spin shackle past the sheeve at top an got caught coming down on inter spreader bar.
  4. sailingbeme

    What is the boat on the left?

    Has a nice triad dual axle trailer sitting there empty too. Wonder if he has another boat in the water ?
  5. sailingbeme

    How to wire a bilge pump counter?

    Who makes bilge pump counters?
  6. sailingbeme

    Help using grinder as sander

    In your picture I have taken parts like # 10 & 11 and used them on a 4" angle grinder. I've then used 4 1/2" discs of sandpaper in 40 & 60 grit for grinding down glass / cracks before laying new glass. You can't lay the disc perfectly flush when grinding, but pretty close and it's spinning so fast you only use the outer edge of the sandpaper anyways. If I remember correctly, those two parts are intended for another type of sanding machine than a grinder so you need to make sure the thread size on the shaft is the same. Seemed like some of the more popular name brand grinders have a larger thread/shaft size. Just buy the cheap Chinese ones and after a few years they get are all caked up inside with dust anyways and throw them away.
  7. sailingbeme


    Thank you Crusty.....Haven't seen those brands here in USA but I will google them. I think it's PYI that promotes there brand as Yanmar replacements pretty well here. Another question, I think I've seen where Yanmar recommends heavier load mounts on the back to the engine or on one of the sides of the engine to take the torque. Did you do that or consider that also? I have the 1gm so it really jumps around, especially at idle.
  8. sailingbeme


    Did you go with new Yanmar mounts or did you use a different brand? I'm thinking of doing the same thing and looks like there's a few other manufacture options that look like better quality and less expensive.
  9. sailingbeme

    Rig replacement on G&S 30

    I'm thinking this is this a half ton with a frac rig?
  10. sailingbeme

    installing cockpit foot brace on Awlgrip

    Anyone have a good source for fiberglass foot braces? Not wanting to try and make myself and not interested in wood ones.
  11. sailingbeme

    Flushing fuel tank and lines...whew

    E-85 works great for cleaning & flushing the inside of a tank....85% ethanol 15% gas....about $1.95 gallon at the gas station.
  12. sailingbeme

    1GM10 Questions

    1GM10 should push modern 28-30' sailboats at that displacement to 6.4-7 knots. I had a 28' 3000 kg sailboat with 1GM10+SD+14x8 Volvo Penta/Radice (the older one with non-curved blades) folding propeller and got 6.4 knots. X-302 reaches (3800 kg) 6.7 knots with 13x9 Gori 2 blade folding. Flexofold and Gori are a bit better than Radice, which is much cheaper. Radice costs about 700 €. Ryley & Joakim....Thanks for the feedback / advice. I think the sail drives are more efficient & faster than inboards coupled to shaft such as mine. Checked out a Gori two blade racing prop this weekend which was around $900.
  13. sailingbeme

    1GM10 Questions

    Ryley, just out of curiosity I was wondering what the displacement is of your Columbia? I have a 1gm in with about a 6800 to 7000 displacement, 30' sailboat and I'm also getting about 5.8 mph (flat water) with a martek which needs rebuilding. I was going to be check into the flexfold and some of the other gear driven props this winter before deciding which way to go. Thanks
  14. sailingbeme

    West Michigan Thread

    First Light, open the classifieds