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  1. Rajinder

    Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    But a small brain. He got it quite wrong in this thread.
  2. Rajinder

    Odd Weather/Lee Helm

    The ignorance evident in repeated "upwind" speed claims is such BS that it calls into question the poor build claims. Then only his boat has an odd lee helm on just one tack after he rebuilds everything and claims to do 18 knots of boat speed upwind. The danger here is that the BS meter gets peaked and his credibility is shot.
  3. Now I see why they call you Spinray. Shame what American cheaters have done to the cup along with their many poodles. Its not about winning a cup for challengers other then NZ; its about sustaining a professional endeavor and circuit and the necessary corporate revenue. It is as Earl said.
  4. Rajinder

    Race Replays

    Thank you.
  5. Marky Mark went missing it seems. so sad.
  6. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    wonder if japan does not want to cover or does not have the hydro to cover. living dangerously.
  7. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    swedes and japan for all the marbles. kinda hoping Dean finds some redemption but doubt it.
  8. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    tnz wins; brits gone
  9. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    gate 5 still tnz by 30 plus. some fat lady singing bye bye ben
  10. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    tnz to 30 plus seconds. bumper boat ben going home unless unforced error
  11. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    TNZ gate 2 13 seconds brits split
  12. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    TNZ gate 1 lead 6 seconds
  13. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    TNZ wins start
  14. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    yes so now look at friday weather and this next race is not do or die. tnz had to win 1. did win 1. 2 better but needed only 1.
  15. Rajinder

    Live Racing Thread

    swedes schooling japan