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  1. Rajinder

    Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published

    But a small brain. He got it quite wrong in this thread.
  2. Rajinder

    Race Replays

    Thank you.
  3. Rajinder

    Team NZ

    who cares. tnz out sailing.
  4. Rajinder

    Team NZ

    also understand that weight and COG are. so what is not? seems little left to decide.
  5. Rajinder

    Team NZ

    How can one wing be better than another if the wings are OD?
  6. Rajinder

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    I will give you 5 rupees for the boat and trailer. You really should post a picture of it. And name it Rimas. Rajinder I can break that but in this case I don't have to.
  7. Rajinder

    The winning foils

    So you are saying that the Lord Doug is a fake God only true in the eyes of himself?
  8. Rajinder


    Is it broken still, or broken no more, yet, Sahib? Fix things I can not but my cutting torches and dremel stand ready.
  9. I think this thread is broken. But I did not do it, Sahib.
  10. Rajinder


    मैं उनकी दवाओं के पक्ष में हूँ Am I right in thinking that a bubba is not like a buddha, Sahib? The week last was slow; nothing was broken. Except possibly for one of my distals. Is this dark place different than the place of many screws?
  11. Rajinder


    No offense intended and more harmless than that which you voted for my wayward PA soul. The only race referenced is Screwpile whatever that strange offensively named thing might be, so back to PA with you please kind Sir. Or if you wish to go sailing I can break your boat too Sahib. I am a breaker of boats and I can break that! मैं स्क्रूपिल रेगेटा करना चाहता हूं
  12. Rajinder


    Pede poena claudo, Sahib. A cutting torch is my best friend. But if insists you, learn new skills can I to assist in your problems of crabs and beavers. ...you're gonna schedule a race on a total solar eclipse?? this should be good. Oh Buddha it is often said that sail I like blind am I so it will matter not. The matter is what means Sahib about 1/0 hookers and blow and palaces of stars 5. Will you a boat bring? Because I can break that... हम शाहिब की अध्यक्षता करते हैं
  13. Is Arete coming out to play? Ask for and review the multihull crew and safety requirements if so. Very different from the monohull requirements.
  14. Rajinder


    There are no beavers on your boat? That makes me so sad Sahib. I am Rajinder; breaker of boats. I can break that. Even by adding winglets to the breve tail will it improve the performance. Here Wild Oats' modified beaver bulb. https://www.google.com.sg/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Flh3.googleusercontent.com%2Fproxy%2FjyvnXiqTM5TcdC3bzeaz0JqqZ4_-zEDmxIhSre7R_rWzTN7sXVpi3zQOnMW4him7JFfCkXss2DqRxgXUDyCFUO6nmAM%3Dw426-h240-n&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fplus.google.com%2F114731984162597876544&docid=XwfDFH0cVkG2TM&tbnid=qLef26DHN4ahLM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwit86id5IrTAhVBwbwKHWXaCOcQMwgbKAEwAQ..i&w=426&h=240&itg=1&bih=720&biw=1366&q=YouTube&ved=0ahUKEwit86id5IrTAhVBwbwKHWXaCOcQMwgbKAEwAQ&iact=mrc&uact=8 I can not break that Wild Oats thing. They break it so fast it can not even finish a race anymore. It would never make it here for me to break but send the crew if they like Roti. We have jobs for them.
  15. Rajinder


    Oh Pooh-bah, perhaps knowing they are as am I that i550 boats are very breaking easy to me. The keel is so small and light I can carry easily to the boss man but only receive a small roti it for. I am Rajinder, breaker of boats. I can break that. Rajinder! Look at you writing in (rather bad) English! God bless your slum-dog little heart. The keelbox has been shredded and I just need to pop in some slippery delrins and we are good to go. So be patient my small, sub-moronic, little friend. Oh and, बेकार इंसान Sahib, I know not how to read or write but I do know how to break boats. I also a little know how to sail from those boats with the training wheels. I would be glad to come to the land of the Solomons in July. My land is hot and muggy and has no wind so the Solomons land will be a great improvement, yes Sahib? If I could find just one more boat please to break I would have the money to come and sail with you and eat beerdidclams in the cool and balmy Solomons breezes. मुझे तुमसे मोहब्बत है