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  1. Home port noted on transom

    Maybe it's changed but I thought major US ports (New York, Miami etc) did not require a state.
  2. Binoculars?

    I picked up the fujinon 7x50 rubberized with compass on ebay for under 200. Very pleased.
  3. Best hand bearing compass

    Anyone know where I can get one serviced? I need to get the magnifying/mirror lense replaced properly.
  4. DIY propeller repair... help?

    This day and age that's an IED..
  5. How to get internet access offshore

    You could also consider a cellular booster antenna at the masthead. Should extend your range quite a bit.
  6. Getting Serious About Racing

    Weird, I posted on here and it never showed up. So anyway. My son '20', is coaching at a club south of Baltimore. He showed up at SSA on Monday pm and met with the 505 guys. Next afternoon he's driving a 50 across the bay in 15+. Shit eating grins later he's hooked.
  7. SpeedDream sails

    Saw her listed for sale last week on the fb page.
  8. Source for teak?

    We had a shipment of Chevy Lees arrive on the river in New Orleans. 8 or 9 boats. Team went down, fueled them up and the ships crane lowered them into the river,we fired them up and took off. Then the ship dumped the Teak cradles into the river.😲
  9. White Bottom Paint

    It's a shame you can't get this stuff stateside. http://www.seajetpaint.com/en/products/antifouling/seajet-034-emperor/
  10. Vertglass

    http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/doityourself/gelcoat/restoregelcoat.htm According to this removal requires a chemical stripper
  11. Boats that I would buy

  12. Team Vestas grounded

    Nice try with the tits Newb
  13. Team Vestas grounded

    Does anyone know, what was the original intent of the exclusion zone? Navigational safety or Anti-Piracy security? That could make a big difference into how a navigator might examine the newly opened area.
  14. Team Vestas grounded

    Seriously Faberge, you're going to step onto this discussion with your FIRST POST EVER and call these guys grossly negligent? You speak with some apparent 'experience' so I'm guessing sock puppet.
  15. Team Vestas grounded

    Sounded like Iheard them mention 'wave' when they were looking off to port. Maybe seeing breakers?