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  1. cody

    GLSS Boat Recommendations

    Thanks for all the info (and pics), everyone. It's hard to argue with the A33 except for the cruising part. What about a CS30? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks. CJC
  2. Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a boat that I can use to cruise (double-handed) and race in short-handed/solo events. Specifically, I would like to complete in Great Lakes Singlehanded Society events. Cruising will be mostly Great Lakes based for now and would be of 5 - 10 days in duration. I have (eventual) plans for blue water but that will likely include a newer/different boat. I think my budget will limit me to an older boat. I'm looking to spend about $30K CDN. I will not be racing in beer can races with this boat. All that said, what is out there that I should be looking for? Thanks, CJC