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  1. So thinking. What kind of navigational instruments were on the vessel @last. Could the law enforcement tell by the logs of the navigation instruments if the vessel was under autopilot at the time of the accident? If the logs suggest the vessel was under autopilot at the time of the accident, then I would find the captain at fault. I used to work in the marine software navigation field, so I am sure there must be some written documentation that states only to use autopilot in a safe area and also to keep a keen lookout. If the owner of the vessel has such navigation equipment and it is in use at the time of the accident I would say that could be used against him.
  2. Well. Today is the 15th. "A decision on whether the driver of the powerboat that collided with a sailboat in Narragansett Bay (Newport, RI) in August — resulting in one fatality — will face criminal, civil, or no charges should be announced by approximately October 15, according to the chief of the Department of Environment Management’s Division of Law Enforcement." I wonder what the definition is of "approximately" when used by the DEM in the above statement? AM?, PM?, Oct 16?
  3. Thanks for posting, this does not make any sense... There can be an accident in the highway in the middle of the night. I wake up for coffee in the morning and the news has all the details presented to me. Why is this so different???
  4. Update 8/19/2019 https://www.newportri.com/news/20190818/probe-into-fatal-boat-crash-on-narragansett-bay-needs-more-time The Department of Environmental Management’s investigation surrounding the death of Sandra G. Taraglino, 60, of Tiverton could take weeks, an official told The Daily News. NEWPORT — The chief public affairs officer for the Department of Environmental Management, the agency investigating the fatal Aug. 11 collision of a powerboat and sailboat on Narragansett Bay, said Sunday he “misjudged the timing” when he issued a statement Aug. 12 that promised a preliminary report of the investigation into the crash later that week. ″ shouldn’t have said DEM would be issuing any details [that] week. Our investigation still is in the very early going and it’s going to be a matter of some weeks before we’re through. Our officers still have witnesses to interview and accident reconstruction to conduct,” Michael Healey told The Daily News on Sunday. The DEM’s Division of Law Enforcement is investigating the boat crash that killed Sandra G. Tartaglino, 60, of Tiverton. Asked if the DEM is conducting the investigation in conjunction with other agencies, like the Rhode Island State Police, Healey said it’s “only DEM’s investigation. By law DEM investigates boating fatalities in Rhode Island.” “The [DEM] Division [of Law Enforcement] is responsible for conducting investigations of all boating accidents that result in personal injury, death, or severe property damage and to prosecute all cases of reckless operation that result in injury, death, or property damage,” according to the DEM website.
  5. Coast guard investigation report due out by the end of the week. It's Friday. Has the news shared the report yet?
  6. ryecatsailor

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Reminds me of one of my favorite boat and sail designs
  7. ryecatsailor

    GPS Watch

    Noticed some running GPS watches prices are coming down. Interested if anyone has experience using a GPS watch to check in on Boat speed while sailing/training/Racing.
  8. I like the Pogo sail boats, clean simple interior, wide beam at the rear, long traveler, square top Main sail. How come there are not many, any? in North America? Is it because they do not perform well on a windward leeward race course? How come there are not other similar designs available in North America? or are there? Looking for short handed, performance sailing, weekending / cruising.
  9. ryecatsailor

    F16 like foiler?

    Will there be any foiling type F16 like production cats made in the near future? The F16 cat fits me right now, great for soloing, great for taking my little kids out. The essentials looks a little too f18 like in weight. Any word on a smaller F16 like cat that will be a foiler? I know there is the A class, but I prefer the more robust F16 setup.