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  1. ryecatsailor

    GPS Watch

    Noticed some running GPS watches prices are coming down. Interested if anyone has experience using a GPS watch to check in on Boat speed while sailing/training/Racing.
  2. I like the Pogo sail boats, clean simple interior, wide beam at the rear, long traveler, square top Main sail. How come there are not many, any? in North America? Is it because they do not perform well on a windward leeward race course? How come there are not other similar designs available in North America? or are there? Looking for short handed, performance sailing, weekending / cruising.
  3. ryecatsailor

    F16 like foiler?

    Will there be any foiling type F16 like production cats made in the near future? The F16 cat fits me right now, great for soloing, great for taking my little kids out. The essentials looks a little too f18 like in weight. Any word on a smaller F16 like cat that will be a foiler? I know there is the A class, but I prefer the more robust F16 setup.