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  1. sf bay tour - middle of the night

    When we moved to the bay in August 2011 we brought out 36 from long island sound. Giant hassle filled with incompetence and it was late sept. before the boat was ready to go. Being from LIS with the warm light breezes and lots and lots of night sails we didn't think much of it -- our first plan was to take the boat out sail about. Anchor. grill some steaks. and it all went super. and then we night sailed all over the bay in maybe 8-10knts of breeze. The SF waterfront. out the gate. Supremely beautiful. boat Little did we know that was like the very last friggin time it would blow under 20. .
  2. Flotsam from CF

    take this shit to Facebook where it belongs.
  3. Best "Not a Truck" tow vehicle

    1977 Cadillac Deville or Lincoln Town Car! Something that formerly pulled an airstream around Arizona.
  4. Falcon, Tripp/Goetz 50 on Craigslist

    Ok, the reality is tha with a bunch of sweat equity the boat can probably get back to seriousness for 150 -- 250k -- putting in a carbon stick would be a bit more.Which does make it a relatively good deal for what can be a really good boat. And like any good boat owner -- you don't count the cost of your own labor if you want to keep your sanity. That said,
  5. Falcon, Tripp/Goetz 50 on Craigslist

    I raced on that pos once in LIs. The primar broke before the start. Casting snapped and hit the drum ended up in the cockpi. Traveler kept jamming cause the bearings in the undersized bullets under the deck were powder. Boat had potential. Just had to replace the mast, the sails, and every moving part.
  6. python hunt

    question.....what is the official Florida position on these invasive species? Can you kill them on sight? Can you intentionally hunt them. Or will you get fined or have your weapon confiscated? I could see there being a huge business in putting together python hunts in the glades. Sort of like pheasant hunting in the dakotas. Hell, I'd fly down for a couple days just for the fun of it. all you need is your Ruger 22 or a fine handgun and it would be a blast. Guide throws em in the back of the boat and ships you your python steaks. And if they suck, he covers them in cajun seasoning and you have them "blackened" like you do with trash fish.
  7. Birth Certificate Forgery

    My Toyota says it was built in San Antonio...but I believe the document is forged. It has a Japanese Name and Japanese parts -- therefore it MUST have been born in Japan!
  8. Birth Certificate Forgery

    Its A FUCKING COPY to begin with. You can't forge a COPY! Russia is waiting for your immigration request -- I suggest you go where you will be happier.
  9. Birth Certificate Forgery

    Here we GO! Vroom. Pixel Perfect Presidential Photos Prove it!
  10. Yoo Hoo ... Mr. Obama sir...

    LSD ... the secret ingredient in Blue Kool Aid P...the secret ingredient in the P&L statements of all those defense contractors.....and halliburton of course. Who is the fool here....those of us that recognize the long history of the militar industrial complex, or the guy who believes a man with serious medical conditions is still alive in the wilds of afganistan 8 years after he was last seen or heard from? I can assur you he is hang in with Elvis....and neither of them are in the building
  11. Yoo Hoo ... Mr. Obama sir...

    Bin Laden has been dead for years. Bush could never roll out the body or make the announcement because the minute we knew it, all support for military operations would have disappeared.. Literally we would have demanded our troops home. But since this war was never about Bin Laden -- it was bout filling the coffers of the defense industry, Bin Laden was always worth much more (to Wall Street) alive than dead. And Obama can't say shit because the unemployment numbers can't afford a sudden influx of mustered out soldiers who can't get jobs. Thats why you retard
  12. Pit Bull ban in your community

    You have a food guarder and you need to fix the problem. Disciplining her is not going to work. What you need is behavior modification. ASPCA article on food guarding. It's a tedious process, but it fixes the problem permanently. It's an interesting article, and I like the suggestions, but I don't know how to apply that to our dog. She doesn't guard her own food or her own rawhide treats or any of that. She'll let me take them from her mouth without complaining if I wanted to, and just show her belly. Where she gets a little nuts is with the chance of food. When we're making food on the counter or when the kids are eating (even though we only feed her from her own bowl) she apparently gets protective of the idea that she might get a scrap. And she only does it with kids, not adults, perhaps she feels she can intimidate them into giving her some scraps? Any idea of how I can use behaviour modification for this? Depending on how serious it is, you might want to consult a professional trainer. A dog (especially a big dog) snapping at children is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Off the top of my head I'd suggest that you work on keeping the dog out of the dining room/kitchen when you are preparing and eating food. I'd don't know how you've been "disciplining" her, but whatever you've done doesn't seem to work, so why not try the removal technique instead. When she does some kind of undesirable behavior, take her away and put her in separate room (NOT her crate, we use a bathroom) for a minute or so. Let her back in, and if she does it again, remove her again. The dog wants to be with you, so eventually she will figure out that whenever she does that behavior, she is going to be put in "time out." You might also want to work on "leave it" and "watch me" commands, to get her focus off the food she is coveting and on you instead. "Leave it" is a really good way to . Its not worth it. you can choose the kid or the dog...but not both. Any dog that has any tendencies to harm -- especially children -- needs to be put down. Consider the snapping an early warning.
  13. Pit Bull ban in your community

    I used to be on the other side of this arguement -- that its not the dogs, its the owners. and it still is the owners. But since we can't make them make their dogs behave, we have to limit the amount of damage they can do. Yes pitbulls are statistically secondary to other breeds in attacks -- but their attacks are way more violent.
  14. Pit Bull ban in your community

    Ok, quick question. What about the English Bulldog? It was bred to be way more ferocious than the pitbull -- and back in a day when dog fighting wasn't "bad". And having owned one I can tell you that jaw is no joke. However, instead of killing them all off, the breed was redumacated and now suffers none of the "lets kill em all" rhetoric of this thread. So, Is the pit bull past saving? Even though we saved the English Bully?
  15. Pit Bull ban in your community

    The Dingo ate my Pit Bull!