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  1. Wreck™

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I am fairly proficient at Snagglese after many years but this is confusing. Would you like 12 sheep in boxes? (-:
  2. Wreck™

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Stunning toes. What up Snagglepuss?
  3. Wreck™

    Need help from a moderator

    That is the kindest thing anyone has ever said to VWAP Carry on again and again.
  4. Wreck™

    Router Table Jitters

    Power feed, can't be beat. Set it and feed all day long, if robust enough I suspect that one may climb every part which is far superior to conventional milling. https://www.baileigh.com/power-feeder-pf-3750
  5. Wreck™


    You are overwrought Woodman. Mount a cougar or kill a raccoon, you will feel better. Possibly
  6. Wreck™

    "National Cleavage Day"

    How they hanging Snaggs ? Summer is coming to a close, I find this very unpleasant at best. Paul Weller was an angry young man, but I like him in spite of this (-: In the unlikely chance I am in the wrong thread, enjoy
  7. Wreck™

    Stille caulleng my numbbere...........

    My favorite female voice in the music business. Kirsty MacColl
  8. Wreck™

    bob lazar and the ufo story

    I once did some work for a HVAC contractor during the construction of SCI facilities, I did not require a security clearance because they were unfinished and unoccupied. I owned a small metal fabrication company at the time, the first requirement was that ALL heating and AC duct work have welded steel grates inside them with the specification of Minimum 1/2" cross section round or square steel bars welded into a frame the size of the duct interior and screwed to it with no opening more then 1" in size. This included 5" X 5" returns, I made hundreds of these over a period of years. They came to me one day and said "we have a problem", they had to add all of the security features to an existing commercial building in order to make it SCIF for a weapons contractor. This was apparently a very high level of SCIF, the above mentioned grates were to be fastened with steel threaded rods passed through the duct and grate frames in 2 positions 90 Deg. apart, double nutted on each end then the top nut welded on each end. I told the contractor that I did not do on sight welding nor did I have the equipment to do so. He said you are going to have to do it, I told him that I had no idea how much to quote for such work and his answer was "as much as you want", can't beat that so I rented a mig welder from HD and knocked it out in 3 hours or so.. One of the other SCIF requirements for duct work is the installation of fabric bellows in the sheet metal that stops the sound of voices in a secure room from being conducted outside of the room via vibration in the steel. Good work if you can get it.
  9. Wreck™

    Stille caulleng my numbbere...........

    The Specials were one of the most FUN live bands that I have seen. Along with NRBQ, The Beat, Midnight Oil (Peter Garrett is/was mad) and Paul Weller,
  10. Wreck™

    Stille caulleng my numbbere...........

    Something that always infests my ears is the Pixies Here Comes Your Man. It is not obscure enough that it is never played on the radio. Also Tom Wait's Step Right Up and Richard Thompsons love letter to MT,
  11. Wreck™

    Stille caulleng my numbbere...........

    Change the thread title to Snaggse PUI Seaturday Night Threade anw we have a winner. Classic Rock at it's finest Shake Some Action Covered by Cracker for a movie soundtrack Dig deep
  12. Wreck™

    Stille caulleng my numbbere...........

    Holy shit Snaggs, you fell into the nostalgia well.
  13. Wreck™

    Mikewof triggers!

    Spark Plug Business is a nice touch.
  14. Wreck™

    Mikewof triggers!

    Your logic is flawed. One should shoot the power line terminations first, deer second. A very comfortable chair is required and I suggest a reclining chair with a foot rest. A shiatsu massage chair would be my choice, many are are able to sense your discomfort and purchase a terrible sports car for you. The Internet Of Things is beautiful, my connected fridge will keep the beer cold and also contact prostitutes which is a win/win.
  15. Wreck™

    All wood "D" shovel handle.

    How are you Snaggs? Racing season has began here in NJ. Use the wood of an endangered species tree and form it from the solid as done in the past, this is the only way to assure authenticity.