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  1. Wreck™


    Took you 15 years slacker
  2. Wreck™

    Songs About Sailing

    If you are determined to get a load on and start a new thread make it humorous at the very least and silly at best (-:
  3. Wreck™

    Another tinkering project

    Whilst it is unlikely that you have failed to notice that the soccer world cup is happening this year you may like this. The awesome Kirsty MacColl
  4. Wreck™

    Another tinkering project

    I have been fucking around in this cesspool since 2003, a good deal of fun has been had, now I am just a bitter old man (-:
  5. Wreck™

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Not a lot of action for me this year. My YC is not hosting any large OD regattas and I no longer travel. The J22 worlds are in Annapolis this fall, I am not going to do that for the third time. Otherwise all is going along just fine.
  6. Wreck™

    "National Cleavage Day"

    You are deplorable Snaggs What's up my friend, doing anything fun this Summer?
  7. Wreck™

    Another tinkering project

    This is a serious First World Problem, I suspect that it is not easily solved. I would hire a well paid consultant specializing in used porch swings, it is possible that it is the wrong color as well. However I am not an Accredited Porch Swing consultant therefore I know nothing. Good luck
  8. Wreck™

    Harlan Ellison, DTS

    This makes me feel old, an entertaining writer always.
  9. Wreck™

    Would you build it?

    Its length.
  10. Wreck™

    Iconic Movie Moments

    You prevert
  11. Wreck™

    "National Cleavage Day"

    A glitch in The Matrix, it is difficult to make the neck longer.
  12. Wreck™

    The Onion

    The Onion tells the story as it is, truth in journalism rarely seen today. https://www.theonion.com/archaeological-dig-uncovers-ancient-race-of-skeleton-pe-1819567671
  13. Wreck™

    Alien Invasion Movies

    That is alien, do you still have that growth on you head (-:
  14. Wreck™

    Alien Invasion Movies

    Who is Owen?
  15. Wreck™

    Is it ok to fire someone because they're whiners?

    I begin whiney employee termination by whining on anonymous sailing internet forumse, I also find that adding the letter E to many words helps a good deal. I may be wrong however.