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  1. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/115893768571611039178/albums/5697479271862536705 Lots of pics
  2. West Michigan Thread

    You left coasters have to admit that the death of the 1000 day thread was worth taking one for the team.
  3. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    agreed. hard aground is right though about trading down. this is how belichek built his dynasty. we should trade our second round picks this year and next for a bunch of 3rd-4th rounders and draft some diamonds in the rough... but if a shutdown corner is available in the 2nd round (or late 1st round through a trade) we gotta go with that For the past decade the Lions cant find a diamond with the first pick. What makes you think they could find a diamond in the third or fourth round?
  4. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Some action in the stands at the Vikings game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htYg_-_-rCE
  5. Ed Mouland. You look like a faggot on your Facebook page.

  6. Ed. I know who you are and look forward to dumping my beer on your Dick head. Hope to see you soon

  7. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    If there going with that look I'm spending my unemployment check on season tickets today!
  8. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Check it out before it gets yanked. http://www.bangcartoon.com/2008/perfect.htm
  9. Sorry if I slowed down your KW experience. FUCKING ASS HAT FUCKER!

  10. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    This is high larious.
  11. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    ???You obviously didn't..... The only thing the Packers did better was tackle. They also scored more points, which correct me if I'm wrong is how football games are won. Something the Lions have failed to do in over a year now. I've done some Lion bashing in this thread, I've even refused to watch them for the last 3 seasons. But I was still a fan hoping for a turnaround, however 0-16 is horse shit. At best I'm now a bandwagon Lions fan, but at this point and judging from history the Titanic has a better chance at pulling in at the White Star pier in New York than the playoff bound Lions bandwagon does pulling into Detroit. Thanks to Philly killing Dallas, Detroit has 5 picks out of the first 85.... impressive. 4 wide receivers and a quarterback.
  12. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Did you watch the game last night? Cheese Heads 37 Lions 10 The Packers didn't look to be lying down.
  13. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    0-15, never been done before. Nice job Mr. Ford.
  14. Detroit Lion Anarchy

    Settle in folks, here we go again!