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    What features will the winning boat have?

    It won’t have a camo steering wheel.
  2. Rangi

    Corona Virus

    Lemon’s Hill?
  3. Shu - if no one takes the whole system, I’d love to get the electronics (control box, display unit and start/stop button).
  4. Check Apple TV - I watched it in NZ a couple of weeks back on there
  5. I had an industry (primary industry dependant on imported labour) meeting today and understand that all visas have been given an automatic extension until the end of September BJ. You may not want it, but it looks like you may have a bit more breathing space. I know that that’s getting a bit close to the beginning of the South Pacific cyclone season though...
  6. Rangi

    Financial Goal, a boat in both Hemispheres

    You do realise that Europe and the States are in the same hemisphere don’t you?
  7. Rangi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Fucking hilarious the way they used to ponce around with it and you had to wear white gloves to touch it, and now it's down the local Maccas!
  8. Rangi

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Pretty shortly after the big one is on a ship is what I've been told. Pete and Blair are concentrating on the 49ers for a couple of weeks, so maybe after that?
  9. Rangi


    Fucking awesome Alcatraz! Well done
  10. Rangi

    AC36 - The Venue

    What I heard from someone I believe to be quite well informed is that when they got the estimate of construction cost for the Renzo Piano design they ditched it...
  11. I've got an Electro Scan, and have just re-installed it after giving it a full overhaul (new electrodes and motors). I considered going to a composting (the wife voted that down) or holding tank but decided to re-install the sanitation unit. The rules in NZ allow me to discharge waste treated properly with such a system unless I am within 500m of a marine farm (and a few other exceptions). I like the idea that the waste that is discharged is not polluting the water, and generally find that it's easy enough to run the motor up if I'm worried about current draw. I'm a fan of them...
  12. Rangi


    How’s the rudder?
  13. Rangi

    New Raceboat Builds

    There was that funny flying two hulled thing that did some regatta in Bermuda
  14. Rangi

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

  15. Rangi

    SitRep From Paris?

    I’m in Paris now and have been for the last week or so. We are staying in the 3rd and have not visited the 14th, but I can tell you that the Marais is definitely worth at least half a day wandering around. Fine grained street network, great eating and shopping. We were wandering about yesterday around the Notre Dame area and although the Yellow Jackets were kicking off in a few places around the city, all we saw were plenty more police for a few hours. It feels safe, and my god it is a fantastic city. Your daughter is very lucky to be spending some of her studies here MSS.
  16. Where in NZ are you based?
  17. Rangi

    Random PicThread

    That's a great shot of the town I grew up in - although I moved there a couple of decades after that picture. The water in the background is now a large marina and the whole area is now a marine service hub for Northern NZ
  18. Rangi

    AC36 - The Venue

    From the above RG article - beautifully put in my opinion "In the current exercise, the point seems to be overlooked that America’s Cup is a sailing regatta sailed and won on the water. It is not a town planning exercise at the end of which a regatta is held to celebrate the creation of a new piece of host city infrastructure"
  19. Rangi

    AC36 - The Venue

    Are you sure that’s the same Emma Gibbs? Somehow I doubt Alan and Jenny’s daughter was working as a copper...
  20. Not cool - 257 people died that day....
  21. Rangi

    Best Rock Song Intros

    “And then, one night at The Social Club, Mary didn’t show up......”
  22. Rangi

    Oracle Team USA

    Yeah, I'm fucked if I know how we managed all those years until the RBYAC turned up......
  23. Rangi

    Oracle Team USA

    Yeah, I think Simon was putting up all the Team NZ banners in Bermuda that Oracle were taking down! I suspect they'll just have a few beers and laugh about it all.
  24. Rangi

    AC36 - The Venue

    Yep - that would be my preference too. Close to existing bars and public facilities, easy access - and a good catalyst to get rid of the imported cars from such a prime spot. Just needs those fuckers from Ports of Auckland to let go of some of their precious real estate (which we all actually own)......
  25. Rangi

    Team UK

    Well that would be a big fucking waste of £100M wouldn't it? If they're in it to win eventually, they need to keep playing the game. It wasn't fun for ETNZ to head to the other side of the world to play in Valencia, SF and Bermuda, but we have.