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  1. Swiftsure 2016

    Yep. Operator error onboard Absolutely. Wrong mark entered into the GPS. Actually went on to sail around both marks at Hein bank. At least there are two marks shown on our charts, we only found one mark at the Bank.
  2. F-22 Update

    nice! nice! nice! keep up the good work Ian!
  3. Farrier F-85SR

    Johnno, Welcome to the club. Good to hear about another F85 builder that's not too far away. I have a complete set of CNC cut float frames and B/H templates sitting my garage taking up space along with battens with screws still in place. The battens are numbered and the float frames all marked so the battens go in the right places for the position of the screws, provided one sticks to the same foam panel widths that I used. ( It's amazing how long it can take to get the screws in the battens, hence the labeling of battens and positions, much better than having to do screws again.) A drive to Gosford could have saved you a heap of work. Also I should be finished with the beam jig come Monday. Regards, Phill congrats to both of you! post pics when you can!
  4. tight_jeans.gif

    awesome. just plain awesome.
  5. tight_jeans.gif

    now that's one sexy ass! :-) / does anyone know to whom this butt belongs? who cares (besides yourself)? umm, so far I'd say no one...
  6. tight_jeans.gif

    now that's one sexy ass! :-) / does anyone know to whom this butt belongs?
  7. tight_jeans.gif

    now that's one sexy ass! :-)