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  1. Terry Hollis

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Apparently you did not read about Spithill's reaction when he was introduced to Prada's simulator, he said something like "I felt sick in my stomach"
  2. Terry Hollis

    AC 75 foils legal (shit)storm?

    Surely it's up to the patent holder to prove that he is disadvantaged by the AC using his alleged system, good luck with that. The boats have not been built to be sold most will finish up on the scrap heap, so where is the money that they might claim?
  3. Terry Hollis

    Some light reading - NEJM on CV-19

    It's a matter of being organised, Taiwan, a small island with 43,000,000 people recognised the pandemic before China did so started border controls in early January. They had enough N95 masks in stock for the whole country and they continue to make them so that there will never be a shortage. They have never had a lock down and only seven deaths so far.
  4. Terry Hollis

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    If they hold back they will be loading the three challengers into their simulator and getting a good idea of the simulated performance against their boat 2, while the challengers have only ETNZ's boat 1 to compare to.
  5. Terry Hollis

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I don't know why you think that nation has such a long history in sailing. When they finally arrived in the Pacific they found people of Taiwan descent, who had beaten their arrival by about 2,000 years and witnessed a large proa carrying a cargo to a destination 1,600 miles away in four days. The Polynesians found every island in the Pacific by at least a 1,000 years ago, some 500 years before the Europeans had found one.
  6. Terry Hollis

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    If the clew was moving with a solid wing the wing must of been in two parts and the movement would have been used to control the gap between the parts.
  7. Terry Hollis

    Team NYYC

    I think if you consider Trump as a symptom rather than a cause you would be closer to the mark. If he were to stand for election in NZ or any other Western Country I doubt that he would get 1% of the vote.
  8. Terry Hollis

    Team NYYC

    The fact that they NYYC successfully defended the AC for 131 years and have failed to win it back since they lost it 37 years ago is a good indication of how they gave themselves an advantage as defender.
  9. Terry Hollis

    Team NYYC

    Just a lot of speculative nonsense without regard for the facts. The reality is that the Luna Rossa designers were part of ETNZ's team through AC35 and the development of the AC75 class for AC36 so that as COR they were at no disadvantage. As for BAR, they were active in the way that Oracle tried to weaken ETNZ's position for AC35 so I have no sympathy for them. Then there is the NYYC, they have a long history of using their position as defender to disadvantage the challengers, when Australia II looked like winning the AC in 1983 NYYC had a vote to disqualify her because of the winged keel. The only lost that vote by one.
  10. Terry Hollis

    Will there be a third wave?

    It is interesting to compare Taiwan and New Zealand both island nations. Taiwan mandates that everyone wears a mask and they track all mobile phones and they have had no lock downs, they have had seven deaths. New Zealand with about a quarter of Taiwan's population has strict control of the borders with 14 days managed isolation for all entrants, lock downs for an out break, after the first out break we had 102 days without any community cases, the second outbreak has been controlled and it is 14 days since we have had a community case. We have 0 to 3 cases each day at the border.
  11. Maybe we will finish up with something like a paddle steamer, multiple foils graduated from high lift low speed to low lift high speed ..
  12. Terry Hollis

    Team NYYC

    ETNZ did not have huge head start, Luna Rossa, the COR, was part of the team which developed and proved the A75 concept and the class rules, the time to do this would not have been productive for the design of ETNZ's race boat, particularly with Luna Rossa looking over their shoulder. BAR got what they deserved after the Bermuda debacle, the NYYC were the only group that might have been unfairly slightly disadvantaged.
  13. Terry Hollis

    Team NYYC

    The development of the AC 75 could not have been done by a committee of mono experts, they would still be arguing about it if they had been given the chance. As an unproven concept the only people who could make a contribution to the rules were the challenger and defender. If I remember correctly the concept for AC 75 was announced three months after AC 35 had been concluded, a timetable was announced and they were on time until the arms being made by Persico caused a delay. The defender and challenger probably gained some advantage but if it had been done any other way we wouldn't of had the brilliant AC 75 to play with, it would of been something else based on collective experience, just another boat.
  14. Terry Hollis

    Covid Misinformation Time-Outs

    NZ cost is not too bad, debt is 12% of GDP compared to 20% of GDP for the UK and worse for the US. The major cost of NZ's system is because of the loss of the tourism and students industry and that would of happened whatever system we used to control the virus.
  15. Terry Hollis

    Trump faking it?

    No it's not a single person rule, the leader of the governing party is elected by the governing party and can be replaced by a majority of the governing party at any time. Further more the leader cannot make decisions on his/her alone, he/her must follow the will of the governing party. The system has worked well in New Zealand since the 1930's and maybe earlier but my memory does not go back that far. New Zealand's leaders have introduced major changes at various times in our history and these have been proved successful because they have been keeped by the apposing party when it's turn for government arose.