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  1. Terry Hollis

    Stars & Stripes Team USA confirmed as 5th Challenger

    Serious passion usually turns up when you have won a few races.
  2. Terry Hollis

    Second US Team

    That doesn't negate the experience gained from your first attempt in AC 36, if anything it levels the playing field.
  3. Terry Hollis

    Second US Team

    Read section 9 of the protocol.
  4. Terry Hollis

    Second US Team

    No late entry team with their eyes open is planning to win the America's cup first time up but by buying the ETNZ AC75 design it does give them a shot at the Prada cup and valuable experience for the AC 37.
  5. Terry Hollis

    Second US Team

    If the late entries teams buy ETNZ's design and have the boat built in New Zealand with a small team going to their home country to build the bow, I think that would minimise the disadvantage of being a late entry. Rather like the deal they did for Luna Rosa for AC34.
  6. Terry Hollis


    To be fair they can have a no sailing period for all teams until all the boats arrive at the venue of their next regatta.
  7. Terry Hollis


    It will really amusing if the ETNZ of the shelf design proves to be much faster than the big three and Malta with a one boat challenge wins the PRADA cup.
  8. Terry Hollis

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    If Luna Rosa had not supported ETNZ in the AC35 we would not have the dramatic turn around that we have with the AC75's. Instead we would probably have Artemis holding a defence at Bermuda .. been there and done that.
  9. Terry Hollis

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    It is disrespectful to ask if any challenger can win the cup, but more so with Luna Rosa because after ETNZ they are the most successful AC contestant in the present line up.
  10. Terry Hollis

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    If Nick Holroyd was that good ETNZ would not have let him go.
  11. Terry Hollis

    Can the Italians Ever Win the Cup?

    I think it is disrespectful to even ask the question. The Luna Rosa team is second only to ETNZ for experience in contesting the America's Cup and they won the Louis Vuitton cup in 2,000 and are favourites to win the Prada cup this time around. Bertelli has been in control through all the ups and downs and there is absolutely no reason to expect him to fail this time. As for the US team they are rank amateurs alongside Luna Rosa, as a first time challenger they have history against them. The UK team has a better chance having just completed the AC35 contest which exposed a lot of the weaknesses of a first time challenger but again no match for Luna Rosa competing with a full budget.
  12. Terry Hollis

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    To be fair they should stock pile them until they are complete and then hand them all out together.
  13. Terry Hollis

    Foils fail.

    People seem to assume that the foil system has been designed and built by ETNZ. They may have designed the concept but with it being a one design system supplied to each boat I expect ETNZ and Prada would get subcontractors to do the work as this would contain the costs so that they could be shared equally and fairly.
  14. Terry Hollis

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    If you need to compare sailing to motor racing you have picked the wrong car. SailGP uses one design boats so the emphasis is on the skill of the crew, same as Indycar. In F1 the cars are designed and built by the teams so the emphasis is on the designers and builders of the cars .. a bit like the America's cup.
  15. Terry Hollis

    Foils fail.

    The costs of all matters connected to the foil control system will be spread among the users. It's not Dalton's problem.