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  1. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Sorry about that .. you are right .. Labour came to government in Dec 1,999 so they were there for the defense.
  2. AC36 Auckland NZ

    It was a Labour government that paid for the development of the Viaduct so there is no reason to expect them to fail with the next venue.
  3. AC36 Auckland NZ

    It was a Labour lead government that supported TNZ and had a contract which committed the National government to support ETNZ for AC34. The National government considerably reduced support to ETNZ for AC35. I would expect the new government to fully support ETNZ.
  4. Artemis?

    Not necessarily .. If a team has 100% nationals they can have just one base in New Zealand .. Australia might be a possibility.
  5. Artemis?

    Easy .. Just hook up with an Australian YC and represent Australia.
  6. Team NZ

    I have to agree with Indio on this one .. The uncertainty is caused by the fact that there is no power in the central government at the moment. This should be sorted next week and then ministers need to be appointed and brought up to speed but eventually central government will stump up the necessary cash and the AC will be on track. As Indio says it would cost the government dearly if the event went offshore.
  7. Team UK

    I don't know what you are on about but it has nothing to do with my post which was simply answering Team_GBR's question about sailing in the Hauraki Gulf. Of course the AC50 could sail in the gulf provided the wind was not from the NE and exceeding 20 knots. Unfortunately the NE conditions are too frequent to allow a regatta lasting several weeks to be held. It is true that multi hulls frequently sail in the gulf in strong NE conditions but they are not foilers doing 40+ knots .. the only foiler that has successfully handled those conditions was boat one of ETNZ's AC72 with GD on board so I suspect that he has a better appreciation of what that means than you do. I had hoped that ETNZ would choose something like the AC62 for this defense but they didn't so get over it .. I have. As for your assertion that there was an agreement with P$B to use mono hulls all I can say is where is your proof? .. GD has denied that any such agreement exists.
  8. Team UK

    The explanation is very simple they did not do the bulk of their training in the Hauraki Gulf .. The bulk of their training was done in the "back paddock" which is what ETNZ called the area South of the Rangitoto, Motutapu, Rakino and Waiheki Islands .. completely sheltered from the ravages of the Hauraki Gulf. The back paddock was thought to be more like Bermuda than Bermuda. They want to do the racing in the Hauraki Gulf because there is more room for the challengers racing while the defenders are practicing and ultimately it is more accessible for the spectators on land.
  9. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    Try to keep up .. ETNZ did not do the bulk of their training in the Hauraki Gulf.
  10. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    Everyone knows that multi hulls can be built for the Hauraki Gulf but the reality is that the AC50's as used at Bermuda are not up to the job so ETNZ were faced with major modifications to the AC50 or come up with a new class of boat. Personally I liked the AC62 cat but ETNZ have chosen a mono so get over it.
  11. Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    They had the AC50 out in the Hauraki Gulf a couple of times but almost all of their testing was done behind the islands and in Tamaki Straight where it is protected from the heavy conditions. ETNZ are eminently qualified to judge the suitability of the AC50's in the Hauraki Gulf and those who think they know better need a reality check. The AC72 was designed to perform and tested in the Hauraki Gulf at the wind speed specified in the protocol before Oracle changed it.
  12. You will have to do better than that .. P$B does not speak English.
  13. What evidence do you have that makes you assert that P$B "the move back to a monohull a condition of helping ETNZ to make a go of it in AC35"
  14. Team NYYC

    I don't think it was that predictable .. NYYC did not challenge when Alinghi held the cup.
  15. The problem is that you are seeing things which are not there .. There is no evidence of a "Faustian pact" at best there might be a verbal agreement but we have no idea what that is. What we do know is that Luna Rossa wanted ETNZ to win the AC and they supported them with equipment at a time when they were not competing .. they might of paid for their staff that joined the ETNZ team but they will also benefit from the close observation of how a successful team works for their own challenge. As for your "Never in the history of the AC has a team agreed to give a potential challenger or COR control over certain key parts of the protocol in exchange for money, technology and staff" you simply don't know that .. it's just guess work on your part. Ever since the Louis Vuitton series started I have always wondered why the defender had to be involved .. I am pleased to see that I am not alone with that idea .. The new Prada contest is how it should be.