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  1. Terry Hollis

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Yes you are right about the hull advantages, my comment on the sails is determined by the topic we are discussing.
  2. Terry Hollis

    Will Any Team Ever Fly A Code Zero?

    The slot in the middle is just to compensate for the poor shape you get when you bend a symmetrical foil in the middle, like when did you ever see a slot in the wing of an aircraft? The twin skin mains have the potential to be developed to an optimum shape on both tacks.
  3. Terry Hollis

    TVs / fans ruin AC

    Probably costs more than that, they need a fully equipped gymnasium at their home base plus a trainer then they have to transfer the lot and their families to the AC venue.
  4. Terry Hollis

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    As I understand it, LR have their boom below deck level which is the same level as the bottom of the mast, then they stretch a piece of canvas at deck level between the boom and the foot of the mainsail, this enables them to have a nice shape down to deck level. ETNZ have their deck much lower than than the foot of the mast and comply with the rules by mounting the mast at the required height on a little stub, the effect of the arrangement is to give them nearly an additional metre of sail area below the bottom of the mast, not nicely shaped like LR but gives them the extra power they need to get on their small foils in light air.
  5. Terry Hollis

    Prada Cup

    That ship sailed as soon as they used motors to move the ballast and foils, eight gorillas on the boat plus several in reserve and their families are an enormous and unnecessary expense when we are trying to keep costs down so that new teams might have a go.
  6. Terry Hollis

    Prada Cup

    I would retain a modified version of the AC 75 for the next round. The main change is to replace the grinders with a battery, electric motors and increase ballast by the weight saved by the smaller crew so that they would really be self righting. Electric motors are cheaper and more efficient than gorillas. I would retain the bowsprit just to carry the instruments in clear air but it can be made much lighter.
  7. I don't see it so much of a leadership problem as a cultural development, the bad leader was elected by the people and he liked is job so he kept on doing the wrong thing because he thought it would please the electors.
  8. Terry Hollis

    Polynesians an education

    If you read the link that I gave above you will find that the theory of Lapita being the ancestors Polynesians has been well and truly discredited.
  9. Terry Hollis

    Polynesians an education

    The pottery found in Samoa and Tonga was made by the Lapita people. The Polynesian people did not arrive in Tonga or Samoa until 400 years after the Lapita people left. Polynesians did not make pottery at all prior to European arrival. http://users.on.net/~mkfenn/page6.htm
  10. Terry Hollis

    Polynesians an education

    We are talking about Polynesia, not Melanesia, the only place in Polynesia that has suitable clay for pottery is New Zealand but by the time they arrived in New Zealand the skills had been lost. While Tonga and Samoa are virtually on the boundary between Melanesia and Polynesia, Fiji is in Melanesia, there is no suitable clay for pottery in Polynesia except for New Zealand so pottery was not possible in Polynesia in pre-European times. http://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-BroMaor-t1-body1-d12-d4.html https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/lapi/hd_lapi.htm
  11. Terry Hollis

    Polynesians an education

    We are talking about Polynesia, not Melanesia, the only place in Polynesia that has suitable clay for pottery is New Zealand but by the time they arrived in New Zealand the skills had been lost.
  12. Terry Hollis

    Polynesians an education

    The pottery skills were lost when they moved to different islands which did not have suitable clay. There were alternatives available from plant material which met their needs.
  13. Terry Hollis

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I don't believe that ETNZ have the slightest intention of holding the AC anywhere but Auckland. The survey of locations elsewhere will be for the workup series and maybe for a regatta towards the Prada cup, as was planned for AC36.
  14. Terry Hollis

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    If the computer database is made available to airlines and other travel agencies it a simple matter to verify your document in the same way as your passport.
  15. Terry Hollis

    Boats and foils comparison

    This piece is all about the different hulls .. LATEST AC75 - DEVELOPMENTS - ANALYSIS AC75 DESIGNS (End January 2021) The first four AC75s built in 2019—we have already featured them on the blog—have had their share of surprises. Built in view of the 2020 regattas in Cagliari and Portsmouth, they are now destined to be scrapped (!) as these races have been canceled. As we could see, the design teams had come up with very different architectural solutions in answer to the new rules. As a result, it was not easy for them to be sure about what the second boat would look like. However, everyone retained that it was essential to design a slim hull under the main hull, a kind of long keel, to facilitate the take-off. The rest is here .. https://chevaliertaglang.blogspot.com/2021/02/americas-cup-ac75-designs-february-2021_1.html