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  1. Poll: Next AC Boat

    65ft foiling cats. soft sails and auto foil control system so less power required.
  2. Team NZ

    Did anyone else here that ETNZ raced the whole cup match on cracked boards that could have snapped at any minute. Dalton said they ultrasounded them every night and they were getting worse every day. Dodged a bullet there!!!!
  3. Team NZ

    I think with all the data on the boats they are now largely controlled by software. Basically they can sail the boat in a specific wind range with a specific config and press "save". The more races they sail the more data they get so they keep improving on their "saved" config. Its a bit like marking the jib sheet for different wind ranges but a bit more complex. Its pretty fascinating to think about really. There must be a good advantage collecting real world data and then trying to improve on that for the next race. This is how these boats are going to keep getting incrementally faster through the races.
  4. Team NZ

    I cant get over how clean the spray is on ART compared to other boats. Looks fast enough....
  5. Team NZ

    Thanks Jason for the awesome videos
  6. Artemis?

    ^ that last pic gives me the shits
  7. Artemis?

    No. ETNZ do it with lasers
  8. Artemis?

    Here we are back at the same chase boat argument - is the problem HP or TQ at the crank or is it prop dimensions, bite, and efficiency? Would you rather have 3 350hp with no more than a 16 1/4" wheel or 1 big diesel making 350 hp with a 30+" wheel when trying to right a 72? If you just want to follow them around and get good pictures then by all means go for the triple 350s. I don't think the chase boat hp or how many newtons (fig or otherwise) you can pull is the issue. Wouldn't any competent ops guy want to have righted a boat successfully, even once, before pushing the limits in training? If you don't know how to get a boat upright without land involved then your options are don't capsize or tow it upside down. A rollover test might be good to add to the class. Competitors must demonstrate the ability to right a boat in order to measure in. That's a vendee rule isn't it? Unless you've got 30 boats on the line, you've got to keep boats in the regatta. Koukel It's risky but it might pay off. Take the boat out on a light wind day and use a rib to tip it over. Practice righting the boat and see what happens. I think if they flip on race day it's game over no matter how prepared you are. Yes most of the round the world boats are required to self right as long as the keel is intact. And yes I agree. The issue is how do you practice a capsize without damaging anything?