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  1. Mike Hunt

    J/70 NA's

    I wasn't paying attention when I posted. Too lazy to re-port elsewhere.
  2. Mike Hunt

    J/70 NA's

    What's the scoop on the technical protests?
  3. Mike Hunt

    Asym Sheet Length Question

    Mine are 75' - stripped and tapered 12'. The length seems about right.
  4. On Yachtworld - https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1998/j-boats-j-125-3578798/?refSource=standard listing
  5. Mike Hunt


    Saw it last night with my daughter who is a very keen teen dinghy sailor. Fantastic movie with some amazing archival footage. My daughter left inspired. I left not wanting to brave the southern ocean!
  6. Mike Hunt

    Bucket-list Point-2-Point races

    Fort Lauderdale to Key West. Always a fun place to finish a race.
  7. Mike Hunt

    Farr 30 "Moxie" in SA Classifieds

    I belive that it's now on Lake Ontario, outside of Toronto. I've been wrong before though...
  8. Mike Hunt

    Caption Contest

    worlds most ineffective bow thruster
  9. Mike Hunt

    Farr 30 on Yachtworld

    Has anyone seen this boat in person? Aside from what I'm guessing is a lack of descent sails, this one seem like good value and a perfect boat for adding a sprit... https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1996/farr-30-3479677/?refSource=enhanced listing MH
  10. Mike Hunt

    America's Challenge?

    Anyone know the deal on this money pit? (No, I'm not interested) https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1993/cookson-offshore-racer-3538061/?refSource=standard listing
  11. Mike Hunt

    Cableless code 0 design

    We've used a North Code 0 sans cable on our Viper 830 for the last couple of years. It's launched and retrieved just like any of our other A-sails. It's not a sail that we have the opportunity to use much but when it's up, it's a race winner.
  12. Mike Hunt

    Henderson. 30

    A bit of a thread hi-jack here... OP - I noticed that your from Nelson? What's the sailing scene like there? I'd love to move within Canada where I can sail and ski and Vancouver isn't exactly affordable for an easterner... I've been cat skiing north of Nelson so I know it delivers the goods in that regard...
  13. Mike Hunt

    Flying Tiger

    One design? The FT10's are just PHRF boats at this point.
  14. Mike Hunt

    Dobroth MORC 30

    The Star 30 was essentially a racer / cruiser version of the Andrews 30. Lots's how hull volume, descent interior...
  15. Mike Hunt

    J27 class site

    Contact Andrew - http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/profile/22627-j27can059/ He and his buddies collect these boats in Oakville ON.