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  1. Bowgirl

    If You Love dogs......

    Truly hard decision, and yet compassionate. Nice to read that he slept in your arms. My condolences to you and Mrs Dacapo.
  2. Bowgirl

    Pwned Passwords

    Only if you spell it N0t4P@5$word! so that you get around the Caps, number, special character, and minimum length restrictions ... DETOUR: Can someone explain why I need such a secure password for a magazine subscription as I do for my banking? Seriously, I wonder why the interwebs don't scale the requirements. If I'm not leaving any personal info on the site, a 4-6 character password is fine (imo), whereas a >12 character password for my banking, etc makes sense to me. What am I missing?
  3. Bowgirl

    A thought I wanted to share

    @Bcubed... Nice to see I'm not the only one who went there. First thing that came to mind on reading @hasher's post to step to the right was to put my hands on my hips...
  4. Bowgirl

    If You Love dogs......

    Varsity ball - best find ever for high-drive pups. Bea loved it and amused herself for hours with it. Beau, much lower drive, couldn't be bothered LOL Here's a video of Bea with it - she was just about a year old here. It was a video for the breeder to get an idea if they were worth it or not, so please ignore my running commentary.
  5. Bowgirl


    You're my new favourite SAer, Blue Crab. Désolé, Snaggy! I was lucky - sort of. I was asymptomatic, but being a humanitarian in a Level 3 emergency location (Borno Nigeria) without option of being medevac'd, (no one would fly us anywhere if we'd tested positive due to lack of ability to decontaminate the plane/airport/etc afterward), lack of suitable facilities here for proper treatment if I had blown up into a full-blown case, a total of 10 ICU beds for 6m people, and 4 respirators ... they treated me as if I was pre-symptomatic and threw the drugs at me as if I was having severe effects (including antiretrovirals). So my otherwise healthy body started reacting to the drugs and it took the piss out of me. I had every common and uncommon side effect, and it took 2mo post-meds to have my bloodwork return to normal - red blood cells have returned to normal shape, size, colour, clotting rate is back to normal, and cholesterol down from double-digits to my healthy usual again. Seriously I slept with my room door unlocked in case I stroked out some night - it was a real possibility and scared the crap out of me. Still having trouble sleeping, but that's not worth complaining about - it'll pass eventually. I still can't focus for shit, though. It's like being a dog at a squirrel convention, being told to "Sit". I had an interesting chat while I was back home last month - taxi driver and I chatting about C19, I mention I had it (we were driving to C19 testing facility so that I could get permission to travel back to work), and how hard the drugs were on me, and my solidarity with HIV positive people who have to take those drugs with no end in sight. The thing that kept me going was that I could see an end to it. She shared that she is HIV positive and on ARVs and knew exactly what I was referring to. Apparently the side effects last about the first 3 months. She, however, is testing "imperceptible" now and is kinda happy to be seeing a positive side effect of HIV ... they're already on the drugs that may well protect them from C19.
  6. Bowgirl

    LONQR 2

    Too much soap in the washing machine?
  7. Bowgirl

    holy fuck... beirut

    I think those are the harbour cranes, what's left of them. That said, even when I lived there, there were a stunning number of construction cranes dotting the horizon.
  8. Bowgirl

    holy fuck... beirut

    The building where I used to live, on the other side of town, is demolished according to my landlord/friend. A couple of my colleagues were injured, one lost his wife, and tremendous property damage for everyone. Some amazing "near miss" stories - one friend got up from his desk and went into a back room with his staff to look for something - meaning they were all far from the windows mere seconds later when the explosion occurred. The Dutch Ambassador's wife was not so lucky. He and wife were standing in their livingroom when the blast occurred - she didn't make it She was a really lovely woman.
  9. Bowgirl

    LONQR 2

    Right through the flipping bone! Damn. I know not to mess with snappers, but I had no idea they were strong enough to go through bone so cleanly like that. Damn.
  10. Bowgirl

    If You Love dogs......

    Sigh. We had 2 GSD when I was married and lived in NY. He got custody in the divorce, which made sense given the places I work in. I've missed them, but found contentment knowing they had a vast green property to romp on. I was informed last week that one had been put down after a massive seizure. Our highest of high drive girl, Bea. Her brother (a year later, same parents) will be lost. He has never known a time without her by his side. So sad for everyone, including the ex. She was his pick from the litter. He was always so proud of her (with good reason, although I do admit to some bias) That's #7 that will greet me at Rainbow Bridge. I'm going to have to tell my executors to fill my pockets with tennis balls ... sigh.
  11. Bowgirl

    A Glimmer of Hope

    Amazing drive and determination. I can't wait to see what legislation he influences - the need is vast. When I go to FL, I volunteer with the wheelchair basketball circuit. That's an amazing community, too. I go to the Orlando Magic Wheels, but Miami has a team, too, if he's interested.
  12. Bowgirl

    Random PicThread

    Escher - a favourite of mine for over 40 years. Thanks 'bird!
  13. Bowgirl

    Random PicThread

    Maybe in Lagos (SW, coastal), but I haven't been there to look for it. I'm based in Maiduguri (diagonally up in the far NE corner). Lots of dust, and a river that swells annually during rainy season only to become a trickle again when it's over. Lake Chad might have been an option in peacetime, but definitely not in the past 10yr.
  14. Bowgirl

    If You Love dogs......

    Sorry. The time together never feels long enough. Rainbow Bridge will be wonderful, I figure.
  15. Bowgirl

    Point Break

    PB, I just saw this article. As you mentioned, it's being reported more often for relapses. Damn. I hope you continue to feel better.