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  1. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Sorry to hear, NG. Wishing you and your family courage as you accompany your aunt and uncle down this path.
  2. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    That's a lot to handle for one week, LarryE. I'm sorry for your losses, and I hope you're surrounded by family and friends.
  3. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Thank you for sharing her work, MSS. She always had a way with words.
  4. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Tom, I'm sorry you had to learn what you did - but glad you were able to bring him some relief. Peace. (And fuck cancer!)
  5. Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Shouldn't that be a new thread?
  6. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    That's a lovely memory, furr_ball.
  7. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    Hi furr_ball. Yes, Nancy, my friend and neighbour passed. She passed in Sept, and I was thinking about her. We all talk grace and courage .. She exhibited both in spades, but Fuck that, I'd rather have her back. The world needs more of her kind, not fewer. So as Fuck Cancer was weaving through my mind, I remembered this thread. Take the words. i giggle at the thought of SA posts being copyrighted ... Scooter thought he had lawyer troubles before! Mario that's fabulous news. Keep sailing faster than cancer can swim Fuck cancer indeed, LH. I'm glad yours was only a scare, and hope for best outcomes for your family. Dain, for me it's a box of memories that usually leaves me smiling through tears, (still reciting Fuck Cancer)
  8. Sailing Anarchists Affected by Cancer

    It has been over a year without a post here. I wish that meant a year without cancer touching SAers or their loved ones. The lamp is still in the window and the kettle is always on. Those who've been here know that, those who don't know, should. RIP Nancy - by god you were the epitome of strength and courage.
  9. Anyone Contract Ebola Today (August 10)?

    One of our Sierra Leone staff diagnosed. Just say a little prayer, please. He was evacuated to France so the US doesn't have to worry, but he's a son, a husband, a father and for all of those reasons deserves a kindly thought if not supplication. Thank you.
  10. Who is snaggletooth

    he?Aw just face it ... I'm irresistable (inside joke with One of Five) Does that have anything to do with you being Dutch? Probably.
  11. Who is snaggletooth

    he? Aw just face it ... I'm irresistable (inside joke with One of Five)
  12. Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Can I be Snaggy?! Jusste fre zhish thred?? (how was that - not so good, eh? Not buyin' it? Hmmmmm)
  13. Astronomy Anarchy

    How's the view from "here"? Being your night is my day ... <sigh>