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  1. It's a cat that flies like a bird The old farts find it absurd They say it's not sailing And never stop wailing The cup's been destroyed by a nerd
  2. For the glory of winning the cup Can we beat Oracle? yeah..nup But we'll give it a lash Throw in the cash And hope to fuck we get up
  3. How many cup cycles did it take Bondy to win? or Larry or NZ? Each were a rabble at the start. AR took a few wrong turns and got bucked off the horse badly, very badly. We've just witnessed them jumping back on and have a gallop around the paddock. Quite remarkable really given a wing sailed, foiling AC72 is one the technical challenges of our age. ETNZ or OR have built unrivalled pedigree in the AC. If they messed up like AR then it would be a complete disaster. These guys are new, a bit beaten up but are giving it a red hot go. Hats off.
  4. His loved ones and family & friends followed by teamates should and will do whatever feels right in whatever manner they please. A circus would be not only be crass, it would be as insensitive as the FP article.
  5. On a grim grey morning upon the harsh cracked concrete a little red swan was lifted oh-so gently. She was embarrassed when she learned that all the other swans could fly and she couldn't. "Oh how will I learn to fly" she exclaimed. Farmer said "Swan - you were never designed to fly, I'm sorry little one" She cried and cried but once the tears had dried she knew she could help her pretty younger sisters fly so she went to work being the fastest skimming swan she could be. THE END
  6. LR
  7. I'm clutching and deep in the underdog hole thinking about AR. Gut feeling is ETNZ is all around too good. LR is getting hand-me-downs and OR will be very fast but too tricky in a short race.
  8. The AR wing has an interesting logic that may end up working for them. With the king-post system they potentially have a stable platform akin to ETNZ for foiling unlike OR (which is currently inconsistent at best). With the rule interpretation and lack of time they might go for some fat/easy foils like ETNZ boat 1 to get up and go quickly. That would match the wing philosophy. If they stick to max height and acceleration rather than top speeds as a target they may do more than we expect around a short racecourse. If they can find a way to pop and go in the start reach which is very short in these things then they can cause some headaches. I feel they don't have time to create the "fastest boat". I'd love to be fly on the wall when they are deciding what to do.
  9. Well done DamnSkippy, great observations. The advantage of tacking and accelerating faster and sailing higher (but ultimately slower) will of course be a huge advantage to AR if the sailing is close and they are just ahead on a short course. The foilers might not have the time and space to sail around them. The "torquey" (for want of a better word) AR wing might give them the gas at the start reach while the foilers messing around getting up on foils. But I don't know how they could lead after the first downwind leg without very aggressive match racing tactics driving the foiler to the boundaries. Looks like AR is designed to fight!
  10. Given as Xlot rightly pointed out the aspect ratio's are the same. With the longer chord distributed towards the base they could potentially have less camber (and less drag) for given amount of lift for pointing high, or increase camber for some serious grunt for acceleration without stalling. In which case they need to "turn off" the top of the wing so the are not overpowered. Interaction with the jib becomes an interesting factor.
  11. The upper surfaces adjustment looks a bit crude here!
  12. My speculative 2c - AR is biased towards acceleration first and foremost. The central crew, a grunty, lower aspect wing and slippery non lifting displacement hulls for upwind performance. They figure they can can out accelerate opposition and then go Max height or max deep quickly making the course as short as possible and give away some top end speed to achieve this objective around a relatively short course. Its a rally car. NZA happy to sail around everyone on foils at pace. OR very slippery upwind as well but biased to efficiency to max top speed not acceleration per se. (flex is bad for acceleration but not necessarily top speed). Forgive me if if this speculation is obvious.
  13. There is quite a difference in aspect ratio of the AR wing to OR and NZA/LR. Its got more beef lower down. Is it just me but they seem to sail with it cracked off a lot today.