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  1. Single burner stove - Butane? Alcohol?

    Be very careful with the "camp store" variety butane canister stove, the brand sold as "World famous" put me in the hospital with serious burns and the repair to the boat was about 20K. The fault was mine, the countertop was not level and the pot may have been large so the flames built up heat and the canister released and the flames ignited like a mini flame thrower. 40yr old varnish takes off with a vengeance. I'm not a fan of butane stoves on a boat.
  2. how do you get a jacket off over handcuffs, well unless your Houdini
  3. Brrrrrrrrrrr

    I just flew home from Northern Alberta last night, spent a week in Lac La Biche, -41c when I started the car , and it started..... with the wind chill there today they say you have 10 mins before frostbite. And some locals are walking around in hoodies and runners. They look cold. Which part of the province are u in goatroper? Red Deer area... this morning its sunny, clear, no wind -35C -- when there's no wind, its actually not bad out... even when it's this cold, the sun can do a surprisingly good job of warming things if the wind isn't immediately removing that heat... Hah... first vehicle I had that had EFI was an 87 Ford pickup -- that thing would start second crank no matter how cold - wouldn't sound very healthy at first, though. Never did plug that thing in, but I probably should have. What the heck are you doing in LLB? must be work as I can't think of any other reason to go there this time of year... My son is the new staff reporter for the LLB post newspaper (first real job out of college) and if you want to be a journalist you start at the north west and work your way back to civilization, I went to help him relocate. Daughter is in Ft Mac so I'm getting familiar with the terrain. This -35c shit was hard to get used to for an Ontario guy. Come summer LLB looks the ticket for some good small boat sailing, its a huge piece of water.
  4. Brrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Too many options for racing this weekend, C&C owners in T.O OTMH fundraiser regatta, Bronte Rocks the Hammer, in the bay RHYC 30 degrees and sunny forecast so far......
  6. Pit Bull ban in your community

    we have a pit ban here in Ontario, dont know how "enforced" it is but he breed will dwindle as it become just less easy to find pups. golden retrievers bite more people in Ontario than pit bulls but the pit bull attack is usually more severe. and its a math thing, we have more labs and retrievers. A sad reality is there are a lot of pitbull fans that are the tattooed, face pierceing , fringe lifestyle folks that think its cool to have a potentially mean dog and promote the aggressive traits. and before somebody starts, stereotypes are based on realities folks Good luck in your fight against the ban.
  7. Lady Hellion stopping by...just 'cos. HI! :)

  8. Ah, the good old days

    As an owner, who was once crew, who has a daughter and beer and a 40 yr old wife, who may just give the best BJ's I'M WATCHING ALL OF YOU!