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  1. crankcall

    Risk Assessment

    I race twice a week , or the boat just wouldn't get enough use, but I feel safer 500 miles offshore than I often do within sight of shore on a Thursday night in house league 'yacht' racing. RRS apparently aren't for everyone. Like every race course, sometimes you tack just because you KNOW that dufus coming the other way isn't watching, has nobody else watching , and if he does see you, thinks "I can make this" . Every club has one, or three....
  2. crankcall

    here's one industry victim of Covid19 I won't miss

    your onto something . suggest you email Carnival.
  3. crankcall

    here's one industry victim of Covid19 I won't miss

    like the idea of listening to live band till 1am, getting a glow on and waking up tied to the dock, not waiting for daylight to enter a strange harbor? having some guy named Franz make you a perfect steak and fresh salad greens midway in the Atlantic? Wines you could never afford at home duty free? Planning the day before arriving in Granada that the weather looks great for a cat ride to a snorkling spot ? If it rains you sit it out?? Yeah there's an industry that sucks LOL. Not living in the moment? Oh darn..... pass the pinot noir.
  4. crankcall

    here's one industry victim of Covid19 I won't miss

    literally hundreds of retires and seniors in FLA, CA and probably all over the world work a few days a week checking folks into and off ships, parking aids, driving shuttle buses, whatever else that keeps them working a bit and not eating cat food. The crappy T shirt shop still has employees that live in the town/village/island that eat and pay rent and buy furniture. Where does all the food on the ship come from?? I see skids of produce being loaded all the time. If your on a day excursion ( 99% of the time run by locals) you spent money, LOTS and ate/drank off the ship. You dont get to fish off the stern. The idea that these floating tubs dont bring revenue to a place they stop is retarded
  5. crankcall

    Westerbeke exhaust

    I find on smaller diesels , like the Yanmar in my boat, cheap diesel fuel also sometimes give me some soot. I dont always fill up at the same pump and I have seem some difference. I put some stuff called Diesel Doctor in with a fill up, its a cetain (sp?) booster and has an injector lubricant and cleaner in it and some stabilizer. It might be VooDoo but I think the engine runs better and smokes a bit less.
  6. crankcall

    Old Cordage

    Donate to a sailing school or sea scouts or sea cadets. They are always looking for line for tieing up dingys, towing boats on no wind days, knot practice. Our sail school has gone through hundreds of miles of line in 50yrs, we have no idea where it all goes. or google dominatrix in your area, they may have a use.....
  7. crankcall

    Anchorage Mayor Resigns - Fatal Attraction?

    its not when your sticking it in, its when you try to stop
  8. crankcall


    4 times, shoveling out the ash.... grew up with wood heat, current house has two gas fireplaces, miss the ambiance but that's about all.
  9. crankcall

    Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib

    big heavy old school Dacron
  10. crankcall

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Couple things, went through a rebuild (built new boat around the keel) with friends 59ft. He sourced an alternator that would run on an electric clutch off the 60hp turbo engine. I think Planet Ocean engineering had a hand in it. 360amp alternator and did away with a genset in the boat, he has A/C, fridge/freezer and 2 vaccumm flush crappers. He also went with carbon/foam batteries that took an entire floor of 6V out and replaced with two batteries about the size of a small picnic cooler each, like an aircraft battery. reduced battery weight by 50%+ He went with ATN snuffer socks on big A chutes, simple, cost effective, hard to F up. The inventory is North 3di and its been very good for 3 seasons now. I really love the sound of a marine diesel turbo spinning up.
  11. crankcall

    Caption Contest

    Yeah I did that myself, why do you ask??
  12. crankcall

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    faces on Breitling watches just have too much going on for me. Too busy
  13. crankcall

    Barient electric winch repair

    Update, the existing motor has a couple fittings that 'should' be epoxied into the housing that have failed , an alternator starter shop glued them back in with a warning everything else in side is pretty shot. Turns out Barient/Barlow which went out of business, bought by the Australian Winch company, now Hutton - Accor , part of a manufacturing that has the Barient tooling and with some input from Maxwell windlass? can offer a replacement motor assembly that bolts right on. That sounds like the direction to go.
  14. crankcall

    Soundbar Anarchy

    I have an LG, in my opinion any of the brands are better than the speakers in the TV unit. Setup was simple and like @Bluecrab said , mine 'focuses' on the speaking tones and makes voices more clearly understood without the need to crank volume. in term of home upgrades, you really cant go wrong with any of them.
  15. crankcall

    Barient electric winch repair

    Have a cruising friend with a Barient electric cabin top winch and the electric motor has crapped out, Anybody know what might fit, suggestions on a replacement part? where to find a used one? they probably made thousands of them , but I cant find one. thanks in advance