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  1. crankcall

    Prada Cup

    Its hard to fill 20 mins of airtime when its just an Italian parade.
  2. crankcall

    Suggestions for MF/HF Radio

    Thanks @penumbra, I know so little about this stuff . So with sat phones becoming fairly 'common' , is there any need for a SSB anymore? or is it becoming nastalgia where cruisers listen to the morning report in harbor because thats what they do?
  3. crankcall

    Suggestions for MF/HF Radio

    what is a 'clipped' ham radio?
  4. crankcall

    Air-cooled Outboard

    I have a 2.3hp 4cycle Honda , its been nothing short of amazing. 24ft shark , pushed it 20 miles between race venues, runs all day just fine. no reverse gear is only handicap
  5. I chose a Garmin echomap plus 75, touchscreen/button combo plotter, $700 cdn . My reasoning, can be left out in any weather, doesn't eat the battery badly, sunlight visible. Preprograming is pretty good, lot of built in stuff like "find me a gas dock" if your in an odd place. I really like the track function, if you wind you way into a really tight anchorage or back bay you can follow a 'known' safe track back out. Touchscreen and buttons means it still works on a gloves on day, I use it for about 15% of its capabilities, came with some goofy sonar thing for fishing and a bottom camera which I left in the box. Its not integrated into the other instruments , it could be but for what I'm doing , lake sailing it doesn't need to be
  6. crankcall

    Range Wars: Time for a new stove

    Does it need to be pretty?? Buy a Hobart or other commercial restaurant stove, actually quite reasonable for the price and parts are available 25yrs later. Buddy has a 1 yr old Wolf, service guy has been there three times in a year. $12,000. CDN kitchen stove , (that's $875.US) and its down for a week at a time.
  7. The fisherman gave him a beer and called an ambulance, this is why I love Australia .
  8. crankcall

    Hand me down safety gear

    is it unsafe or less safe? I'd be happy to be a new guy and get a hand me down , it if was still safe just not state of the art. But giving unsafe would be really bad form. these days what are the chances you'd be named co-defendant should anything awful happen? That's what scares me more.
  9. crankcall

    Demise of Red Foulies

    most shops here at least stock the basics, and Gill still seems to have red in the catalog, where are you located that shops dont keep pants and jackets?
  10. I use a gas top, electric wall oven. The electric oven is a moist heat where the gas is a very dry heat, the electric oven produces much better results most of the time. I had a gas oven and went to electric. The 5 burner gas top is hard to beat,
  11. crankcall

    AIS Transponder & transom antenna

    I would go mast head unless you have a really big boat and one of those big stainless posts on the stern , but I would have a spare antennea and enough wire to tie in , in the unfortunate event the mast falls down.
  12. crankcall

    Docking. When it all goes wrong.

    would this be why most countries don't allow firearms on vessels ??
  13. crankcall

    this pic needs a thread of it's own... have at it

    here on Gilligan's Island !!
  14. crankcall

    Thor gas cooktops

    We looked at them before we bought our Thermador, I was told by the Thor salesman "you don't want that" , so i didnt, the Thermador he said would fit into my granite opening did not so there is that.... My friend bought the Thor 6 burner stove with oven and installed it in his cottage, he has a Wolf at home. The Thor at $1659 CDN is as nice as his $9,859 Wolf according to him (more importantly his wife)
  15. crankcall

    The F1 2020 thread

    94 days to go..... will Perez get a seat? does Albon keep in with "thai " money? Does Lewis take a pay cut? Will Kimi appear on GrandTour??