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  1. crankcall

    How many fids to splice a double-braid line?

    Rule one, never splice used rope. Unless your a rigger that does this all day long you'll end in complete frustration you need one fid, the size for the line you want to splice since the fid has markings on it for where the measure the "bury" . A marline spike, old knitting needle or dull scratch awl is better for digging out the core from the cover I find. It gets a lot easier and you get faster, I can do an eye splice in nylon dock line in about 10 mins. Always sew through the splice with a couple stitches. People will say they have never had one come apart , me either, but I sew mine.
  2. I've sailed on boats with a plotter at the nav station, and Ipads, I think I like a plotter near the helm, entering a new harbor channel or a cut I like info in front of my face. I'd always be concerned about weather proofing on a tablet. It always rains just when i get close to shore.
  3. crankcall

    Blooper dimensions

    we see the odd one thrown up for a nostalgia ride, on boats that have had it in inventory for 30+ yrs. I haven't seen one on a race course ever, and I've been at this a while.
  4. crankcall

    What Code 0?

    better (cheaper) options for furlers / torque ropes are turning up pretty fast these days, it just makes handling SO much easier and since they stay with the sail, storage is easier. Nice tight column , not big billowed cloud .Since a Code0 isn't really an off wind sail why is everybody seem to be ordering fairly light ones? That seems counterproductive.
  5. crankcall

    Grilling 2018

    After a few high end grills, we bought a Broil King, its no Crown Verity (imho as nice as they get) , but for $800 its a really nice grill.
  6. crankcall

    daysail in Charleston

    If you manage to rent a boat, be really sure where you are when the tide runs in that harbor, its like flushing the loo when the water goes in/out
  7. crankcall

    Expedition style motor yacht thread?

    Expedition yachts fall into a space, like ADV motorcycles ,90% will never go on an 'adventure' , similar to the super capable 4wd trucks that go to the mall more than the desert. I think these yachts look amazing, I think its a trend. But thats ok to, if you have the cash, have all the fun you can afford.
  8. crankcall

    Electricity and Corrosion

    how do these isolators work and get wired in?? I have two batteries, an onboard charger and run refridgeration full time (cold beer=repeat crew)
  9. crankcall

    The Great Lakes System

    That was the problem last time , the floating docks floated up into the car parking lots. Water at our dry sail crane base on shore was 22" deep at the crest, 6ft from the concrete retaining wall
  10. crankcall

    Changing fleets after the sailing is done?

    If the NOR doesn't say fleets will be comprised of XX number of boats, otherwise you'll be reassigned then you just won the no spin class. You can protest and ask for redress, and the RC needs to know he may have got it wrong. But being a fleet of one is no fun, and looking for a flag for that is like being the tallest midget.
  11. crankcall

    removing a prop

    So this afternoon I got a bigger three armed gear puller, put a shit load of tension on it and with a couple taps on the center pin of the puller it just popped loose. But no amount of just tension would do it it needed that tap. Didn't need heat, apparently I was lucky. I was amazed how well stuck it was.
  12. crankcall

    Woman trains squirrels to murder ex boyfriend

    The Masked Assassin and Tiger Jeet Sing live in my nieghborhood. Really nice guys, different but nice.
  13. crankcall

    removing a prop

    the nut came off easily, the hub will not release from the shaft. I've started soaking it with penetrating oil, I put a bearing puller on it and applied some pressure, its not wanting to let go. Any secrets or tricks, I have some time but I dont want to mess up anything else in the process
  14. crankcall

    Shear pin material recommendations?

    Is Fleming out of business? just ask'in I have no idea. Shear pins are usually a cast metal, hence brittle , so an impact breaks it but usual torque is ok. A brass pin would likely be a bend pin not a shear pin. I'd maybe look at Mcmaster_Carr or somebody for an actual shear pin.
  15. crankcall

    Patriot's Owner Busted For Strip Mall Rub N Tug

    never mind the lawyers, whats inside the head of a businessman worth so much money he could go to Manhattan and hire a 3000k hooker that is doing what she does of her own free will since she sees one client a night and makes 15k a week. Nope he has to go to a strip mall and see a girl thats probably underpaid, if even paid, and may live under the treat that if she doesnt buff 15 dicks a shift, the mob back home will kill her grandma. It's slavery.