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  1. crankcall

    Spin Pole Ring Height?

    I'd do what you typed, as long as the pole didnt ride on the lifeline. That would bug me
  2. crankcall

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    cant argue against anything you typed @hatin'life .
  3. crankcall

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    @Hatin'Life , with a project with that many drawers why not outsource? all the drawers show up perfect, you can spec the hardware you'll use so the drawers show up ready to mount. I havent messed with a dovetail machine since I found these guys, custom can be done, spacing on dovetails can be spec'd , deal for you Americans is the US vs CDN dollars, everything for you is a 35% discount right now. Have a look at Distinctive Wood Products, Kitchener Ont. Can. I have to buy with the HudsonBay Peso...
  4. crankcall

    C&C 29mk2 Second Jib Halyard

    I put my mast , C&C29-2, back in the boat here last sunday , spent some time staring at the mast head. I would hope when they only made that model for a couple years it was all one brand of mast head fitting and they "should" be all the same.
  5. crankcall

    C&C 29mk2 Second Jib Halyard

    C&C 29-2 has two jib halyard sheaves at the mast head and the spin block fastens just in front of that. The spin block is too close to the forestay as built and will be better on a small 'crane' to keep it out of the furler if you have one, if no furler it wont matter.
  6. crankcall

    I hate Yacht brokers

    why shut it, broker or seller or delivery skipper have not been outed , its just all inetersting conjecture right now and sport
  7. crankcall

    Dust collecting sailing trophies

    I keep them all, each cost 10's of thousands...... for a $6.00 trophy........
  8. crankcall

    Friction Ring - Deck Protection

    There is a product called PlastiDip , its a thick plastic liquid for dipping tool handles and such in, availble from some paint store, hardware and tool stores. You could build up a couple of coats of that, mask off the inside part where the line slides.
  9. crankcall

    Most egregious cheats?

    @axolotl , well said and I wish more people would grow a pair and either protest or address the issue . We had one boat sail an entire race two downwind legs with a guy well outside the lifelines the whole leg holding out the headsail like a human pole. I mentioned post race , guys you cant do that. His crew says yeah we told the skipper that was illegal and he said its fine. I said to skipper if you hand me your rule book i'll show you the page, no book onboard, no smartphone to access either. They said sorry but didnt withdraw from the race, two weeks later asked for redress when they went to a MOB situation, guy was already rescued but they wanted redress to move them up a position so they could finish higher in a series. No wonder people walk away from club fleet racing
  10. crankcall

    Most egregious cheats?

    We (club not me) had an oversized spinakker for 10 races in a series, protested every night, protest committee could not get the owner to bring the kit in for measure. When we finally said all your results are tossed, bring us the kite, it was "destroyed" in a training day incident the next morning. We actually kicked him out of the club. Fixed certs and folding props happen every season. We now have a 40yr old boat with a brand new rudder of a completely different design, built in a custom shop, he rated all season same as the other couple "same 40yr old boat" , had no idea he needed to declare the change. Former sailing instructor, offshore racer..... and this is at the 4kt club level racing, it goes on forever.
  11. crankcall

    MD recreational boating stopped!

    im sure lots of you are just 'taking the piss' , but for the rest, stop killing your old and at risk population, stay the fuck home for a while. The person you infect and kill might be somebodies Mom
  12. meanwhile a former Venezuelan navy Commader is now teaching the club 420 fleet in PuertoLaCruise. Not teaching sailing, bottom washing.....
  13. One wonders hoiw many political prisoners and others that just needed to go away got "covid" in the Chinese window of opportunity.
  14. crankcall

    Access to marinas blocked h Coronavirus

    because morons.....
  15. crankcall


    I'm under a work from home company mandate, no visiting customers. Our YC has closed for two weeks, will review end of March. Its still winter here so no sailing to be missed but my June holiday is already cancelled by the cruiselines, for good reason.