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  1. SEC16518

    Front Page - Retro

    Yes, the "Freemium" model that a lot of other sites do....
  2. SEC16518

    Paying Out Flag material

  3. SEC16518

    Front Page - Retro

    How about putting them on YouTube Premium?
  4. SEC16518

    Front Page - Retro

    BTW...If on the east coast ever, I have a beautiful J/33, Hull #1 in NJ that would make a great vid....
  5. SEC16518

    Front Page - Retro

    I may get bashed for this......I love the videos, but hate the idea of funding the production. Isn't this all part of the SA media circle? Shouldn't the advertising fund it alone and if not, it shouldn't be part of the business. Again, I love the videos, but if they are not profitable or have no promo value for the site keep it as a separate hobby. I think they just make the overall SA media better and add value. Overtime I think these get many views and likes especially when there are more. I see them like the Doug DeMuro car vids. These are not only entertaining but good for potential buyers of similar boats as well.
  6. SEC16518

    Re-brighten interior wood

    Any pictures of the helmsman final product?
  7. SEC16518

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    Love mine, going on 7 years, looks like new......
  8. SEC16518

    New sail order headache

    I totally agree, but a lot of people are crazy about this type of shit......I had a sail maker almost refuse to make me a "racing" sail if I installed it on my existing tides track due to the weight issue.
  9. SEC16518

    New sail order headache

    I guess you don't race a lot? Every ounce counts, especially aloft.
  10. SEC16518

    What plotter to go with?

    Yeah, I think this is the simplest way. Anyone have experience connecting the NMEA 0183 to another brand? What info is relayed?
  11. SEC16518

    What plotter to go with?

    Thanks for the info....I have a Simrad tiller pilot, but it is only used minimally motoring to regattas, don't care if it is connected in any way.
  12. SEC16518

    What plotter to go with?

    Does it matter if I go Raymarine or not for the plotter to sync with my tacktick wind/speed/depth instruments? Will any brand take N2k info the same or would the Raymarine give me the best compatibiliy? Any thoughts?
  13. SEC16518

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    What hull is that in the background?
  14. SEC16518

    Fisheries Supply

    Udda Disasta
  15. SEC16518

    J29 Firesale!

    He is going to need a new license plate also