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  1. monsoon

    Coolboats to admire

    13,600 lb displacement and 25' of waterline = snail = no likey
  2. monsoon

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I can't see how your sheets are attached, but assuming a bowline, would it not be better to attach the shackle to the bowline eye and run essentially a 2nd sheet outside the life lines? Would not do in heavy air, of course.
  3. monsoon

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Yah, but ducks float...
  4. monsoon

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    I don't want to know anything about your 'trained otter'.
  5. monsoon

    My newest project

    Certainly a good looking boat. The wide cove stripe is very nice, but it is a lot of white so I just wondered how a dark hull would look. And I like dark hulls. My boat is jet black.
  6. monsoon

    My newest project

    Will all 4 have white topsides? I think the boat might look really nice (even moreso) in a dark hull.
  7. monsoon

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    Does the wind make it go? Then, sweet.
  8. monsoon

    Coolboats to admire

    That'd be fun on starboard tack in a good breeze.
  9. He doesn't appear to be afraid of hard work though, does he?
  10. monsoon

    Coolboats to admire

    About the same concept as, but looks a shit ton better than, the new Hinckley.
  11. They shouldn't do that
  12. I don't see your point at all. Is Leo to blame for his ancestor's success or lack thereof? Or are his ancestors to blame for his own success or lack thereof? If your point is that Leo is partly a benefactor of white privilege, then ummmm, so what? Would you be happier if he were still dumpster diving?
  13. Good for you. Leo is the man.
  14. I hear you. But if you can't sail away now, maybe smarter to work and save for a couple of years? OTOH no harm in going to take a looksee.
  15. Yes, but what boat DID he buy? IIRC, the nicest CS 36 anywhere.