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  1. monsoon

    Coolboats to admire

    Nice Aas.
  2. monsoon

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    well, that'll teach you to balance the sails
  3. monsoon

    Keep off the Rocks!

    The federal funding agencies have begun to recognize this problem and now require that all data produced by federally funded projects be made publicly available. Similarly, scientific organizations are now looking very hard at open access for all of their journals. This becomes a bit tricky because even on-line publication costs real $$. Thus, some on-line, open access journal require a page charge, but reviews and acceptance are blind to ability to pay. Yes and no. Peer review is not perfect (though if there is a better system, no on has yet enlightened us all on what at it is). But because reviewers generally have the option to remain anonymous, they are free from feeling that they cannot be critical. My own experience is that peer review for journal articles is very very helpful. I have only in very rare cases gotten reviews that I thought were not well intended. (That is slightly less true for reviews of research proposals.) It is far more than an 'sembalnce' of quality control. I know that when I review papers, I would rather, in cases of some ambiguity, fail on the side of letting something I disagree with get published, than quashing it because I disagree. Cold fusion is just such a case, It got published despite real hesitations on the part of reviewers and editors. And what happened? Theses very novel results were looked at very very closely by the physics community who then tried to replicate the results. Without success. So the scientific community acts as a check on any unusual and potentially novel finding. Human subject research is most prone to error because N is too often small compared to natural variability in human populations. And I'm glad that I don't have fear and greed to worry about.
  4. monsoon

    Show your boat not sailing

    These guys: On 5th year now and holding up well.
  5. monsoon

    Show your boat not sailing

    Snug as a bug...
  6. monsoon

    Keep off the Rocks!

    I think we need a third category also. Dross. Examples of dross - 99% of those 'girl with Pateron account...' vids. Those have no knowledge or information.
  7. monsoon

    Keep off the Rocks!

    "...prudent mariners will not rely solely on any single aid to navigation..."
  8. In their defense, much of the decline of the Chesapeake is due to pollution and habitat (wetlands) loss. Not all the fault of the watermen.
  9. monsoon

    "BucketLust" - beware

    Sorry, but when your 'fun' negatively impacts many other people it isn't 'fun' anymore it's a nuisance. That ought to be obvious to anyone regardless of age.
  10. monsoon

    Ask Bruce anything.

    Ahhh... the internet bully boys attempt to oust Bruce because they've lost the climate debate despite outnumbering Bruce 10 to 1. Of course, this was bound to happen given that all the data are on Bruce's side. You children should go back to your sandbox. Pathetic.
  11. monsoon

    Greta Rides Again?

    I won't answer this for Bruce, whose endless patience with you ignorant clowns I have come to admire, but I'll give you my CV if you like. I published my first peer-reviewed paper in 1985. My most recent was last month. I've first author papers, based in my own data, in Science, Nature, Nature Geoscience and PNAS among other. I've been studying climate variability in the tropics for the last 25 years. So, I feel I can legitimately call myself a 'climate scientist'. And I'll let you in on a small truth... you, LB, Toejam, Gissie, none of you, know a damn thing about our climate system. Not a fucking thing. Why you all think you do is, I suppose, some aspect of Dunning-Kruger. As a test, explain the term 'radiative forcing' without resort to Google. Bet you can't. Bruce has won, because he keeps at you with data and real information and the lot of you have been reduced to name-calling little children who are now attempting to bully Bruce off the thread. I gave up engaging people like you all some time ago because you are immune to reason, blind to data, smug in you ignorance. It's useless. If you were truly interested in learning anything you go to the IPCC website and read a bit. But, no. That would cause you to have to question your pre-drawn conclusions based on 'alternative' facts. Far easier to pretend the IPCC and the thousands of scientists who provided data and helped write the reports are 'biased' or 'political'. Another small truth - that's a Big Fat Fucking Lie. The IPCC reports are summations of the consensus of the vast majority of scientists. You know, the people who actually do understand climate. But, hey, don't bother with them. Most of you are likely far better sailors than I. So allow me a parable. You're meandering down the dock and come across a fellow standing alongside his sailboat. Let's call him Frank. Frank starts talking about his many adventures in sailing and then begins to give you advice about how best to trim you sails, the latest in sailcloth fibers. Did you know how useful telltales can be? Oh and how about his new weather app? Then you look a bit closer at his vessel. Hmmmmm... Mac 25. You look at his cleat knots. Hmmmm.... loop over loop over loop. Frank is droning on And, because you genuinely know a fucking lot about sailing, you know Frank knows not a fucking thing. Well, when it comes to climate. You are Frank.
  12. monsoon

    Southerly 38 and other modern lifting keel boats

    Sabre, when they still made sailboats, had models from 34 to 45 ft with fin, centerboard and wing keel options. The WK and CB boats rate the same or within a couple of seconds of each other in PHRF, while they both rate about 10 seconds slower than the deeper fin keeled boats. I very much like the wing keel on our 362. Lets us anchor inside of most boats and was great to have in the ICW.
  13. monsoon

    conversation starter

    Ironing board?!? IRONING BOARD??? Sailors don't iron.
  14. monsoon

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    You nailed that one.
  15. monsoon


    17:1... riiiiiggghhhtttt. It doesn't matter how YOU like it. There's only ONE way. And, actually, of course, you can't reeeaaallly get good coffee outside of Italy. Coffee snobs are worse than wine snobs, though both are obnoxious, because I drink coffee everyday.