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  1. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    It is like watching a train wreck in super-super-slo-mo.
  2. Another interesting boat

    They're cheap b/c they were cheaply built. All the Albins are good designs, but only the smaller ones were built in Sweden. The 42 is a Taiwan boat and not from one of the better yards.
  3. State of the art boat wiring, 1959.

    Maybe you could do a watercolor? Kris could hang it on the bulkhead.
  4. PHRF and the Parasailor

    Tut mir leid, Wolfgang, but you're reporting actual experience and that won't do. If you don't have conjecture or hearsay to add please just say nothing at all.
  5. Another interesting boat

    Penetrating dye. Navtec has a lot of good information. Note that nowhere do they state a 5 yr life for rod and if anyone has a vested interest in you replacing your rod rigging it's Navtec. http://www.navtecriggingsolutions.com/care---maintenance.html
  6. Another interesting boat

    Where do you get this stuff?? Rod rigging is all about load cycling, not age. I had the rod on my boat tested and it was in excellent condition at 25 yrs. Not surprising given the light use the boat had seen.
  7. Sundeer 60 vs Catana 471

    yea, but they're ugly, too
  8. Connecticut-Puerto Rico

    If he does this it won't be much fun after leaving the US east coast He'll be either sailing upwind or waiting many days to try and find weather windows to not sail upwind. Geese has it right. That's almost exactly what we did getting from NE to Fajardo. 2.5 days to Hampton, then direct to Fajardo. The leg from NE to Hampton was a really good shakedown. Agree that you definitely want get east, pretty much to longitude of Bermuda, before turning S.
  9. Ugly dodger collection

    Its actually an outhouse, but who's counting?
  10. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Indeed. 1st prize in COB and Ugly dodger categories in one go.
  11. "Brainwashing" my wife into cruising!

    I'm wondering, a little, not in any serious way, just what that person did to get that creature to smile so widely.
  12. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Sometimes you should... ummm... oh never mind.
  13. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    Sometimes you should....ummmm.... read a wee bit before commenting.
  14. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    +1 to Beer's advice. Plus, if you're actually good at boat repair, I can't see how you'd not make a go of your business, 'cuz my experience is that people who know what they're doing are rare. Of course, the financial side of running a business is a separate skill.
  15. Fast "safe" boat....

    No, they're both still here.