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  1. Race Replays

    Today I am banned from all races!
  2. Race Replays

    I have been able to download one per day from the original post (page 6 for the AC final). So patience is needed! But thank you again @Rudder_NZ I have most now just 3 to go for the whole set. Love Peter hooking JS !!
  3. Larry's AC50 Circus

    I think Super foilers are more BadAss and many more teams will join in too.
  4. Race Replays

    Drive has blocked my use for this!
  5. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Is this to compete with the Super foilers around the world? More jobs for sailors I say great.
  6. trickle down

    So I think AC only really added to the acceptance of foiling as a way to go and some of the refinements. Thank you @Basiliscus and others. The information gives a good perspective of the trickle down for me. Will we see more wings in the future? some collapsible versions perhaps?
  7. trickle down

    ^^ First let me thank you @Basiliscus ! If only most posters focused on the discussion rather than the person. Where do Kite foilers come in all this? Are they after the competitive Moths? And some ocean going sailing yachts VOR? have foils for stability will we see them develop more like the AC75? or will they stay with plaining stability?
  8. trickle down

    ^ Sorry, efficiency and speed were then very important. Mostly to get places but man has always been competitive. I don't think money come into it either in the Early days either.
  9. Artemis?

    Has anyone snapped up Nathan Outeridge for this next one or is Artemis in??
  10. Team NZ

    Mostly ETNZ beat Oracle by Foxing them; 1) That Peter B could not start and Jimmy would win starts 7 Zip 2) Letting them win the Qualifiers feed their ego and was worth the point. 3) Never showing their full hand The "no look tack" was just one of a few which they left in the weapons cabinet. They had a better team in all departments but they didn't need it Jimmy 's ego blinded him. Actually Artemis was a far bigger threat to their chances trying to beat them with out showing too many of their secret weapons was the hardest.
  11. Teams?

    Thanks. Actually Tassie might jump at that? Get your AC team together and let's have a competition.
  12. Teams?

    ^ NZ will never be a state of West Island more likely the other way around, but even then we would not accept you.
  13. Teams?

    The reason Aussie does not field a team is because they are just a State of USA. Who already has a team !!
  14. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    If you sail within yourself the statistics will tell lies.
  15. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    ^ ETNZ lost to JS to feed his ego and let him think he would win all the Final starts and cover ETNZ and hence win easily. Nathan and Artemis nearly undid this good foxing. And ETNZ were pushed by the pitch pole not JS.