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  1. Kiwing


    ^ Sim software is very good these days. They will fly but it will be like chariot racing?
  2. Kiwing

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Should this be on the trickle down thread?
  3. It does answer the question of the topic though - generally.
  4. Kiwing

    Team UK

    No it is the Ashby, Burling Turke team you have to beat.
  5. Kiwing


    ^ Been in the blue water, in a storm in a multi? Even more scaring than in a monohull. But The big round the world multies have shown it possible and even getting to grips with that challenge. However AC is about pushing the boundaries and these mono-multies are about halfway between. As witness the ocean racers of today, amazing boats, and AC and it's egos have broken the new ground and paid for the tech to get there. I would have loved to see wings again because the kite/wing area is there to be explored to blast us onto some even more amazing boats. There are plenty of one design, match racing regattas now, we need the AC and it's egos to throw the ball further out there.
  6. Kiwing

    Team NZ

    ^ I stopped reading that violence and infomercials a while ago. Try "Future Crunch" . @barfy sailing flying saucers !! He has it right !!
  7. Kiwing

    All footage from AC35 Bermuda

    @sclarke Hey I would really like races 5,6,7,8,9. I could put what you want of mine on a usb and send it to you? My upload speed is 700 mb/sec so painful ! Could you put 5-9 on the USB and return it?
  8. Kiwing

    All footage from AC35 Bermuda

    I have a good few on DVD but would like the others. Japan-Sweden 6-June Japan-Sweden 6 June UK-NZ (races1&2 replay) 6 June Sweden-Japan race5 7 June NZ-UK race 6 7 June Japan-Sweden race 7 7 June NZ-UK race 8 7 June Challenger Semi NZ-UK 9 June NZ-UK race 11 9 June NZ-UK race 13 9 June Sweden-Japan 9 June Sweden-Japan race 15 10 June Challenger Final Sweden-NZ race 1 Sweden-NZ race 2 Sweden-NZ race 3 Sweden-NZ race 4 12 June Sweden-NZ race 5 12 June Sweden-NZ race 6 (2 parts) 12 June Sweden-NZ race 7 13 June AC35 Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4
  9. Kiwing


    In a Moth world championship if there is not enough wind to foil, are races postponed? I think it is the Defender/COR design that only half of the racing time will be foiling. Like AC34 maybe they will be surprised?
  10. Kiwing


    It seems we have the best of both worlds. Races at half the speed in low wind conditions, and foiling boats for the higher wind conditions. Personally I don't care if they are faster than the F50s or not as long as they foil some of the time. How many races are 100% foiling in the moths? All? Or do some part races happen not foiling?
  11. Kiwing


    Thanks all above, I get the picture from both sides!
  12. Kiwing

    Team NZ

    Has Team NZ set up a competitor forum up yet? I guess it is a bit early yet but after the dead line will it?
  13. Kiwing


    @Tornado-Cat has Team NZ got a competitor forum going yet?
  14. Kiwing


    ^ Can I apply for the legal advisor 4M Euro would help my cash flow!!
  15. Kiwing

    Second US Team

    @maxmini I don't think your assertion is a reasonable one max.