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  1. Kiwing

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    No sign of those foils this morning? Cameras ready? I am on the edge of my chair, sick of the politics, dying for a picture to show up!
  2. Kiwing

    Pedestal Winches

    With trickle down, well done Harken!
  3. Kiwing

    head like a hole

    ^ No eye protection worries me most?
  4. Kiwing

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    You know us fanboys, "she does no longer need a mast and the new foils are so fast their beat everyone else on their own and sails will only be drag.
  5. Kiwing

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Please @weta27 the pictures of those new foils they are public now surely?
  6. Kiwing

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yes but they wont release them until TNZ thinks it is public?
  7. Kiwing

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Which country do you live in? we don't need the Vaccine (only greedy people? perhaps)
  8. Kiwing

    Prada Cup

    That blue line says it all. Way down in wind speed then huge gust when most vulnerable?
  9. Kiwing

    Team NYYC

    In that case she was flying for 9 seconds !!
  10. Kiwing

    Prada Cup

    Good question but I think it is illegal?
  11. Kiwing

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I like Pete inspecting all the bits as the help?
  12. Kiwing

    Prada Cup

    With a true wind speed of 7 knots what will a 75 foot lead mine do 5 knots?
  13. Kiwing

    Who goes home first

    They might still beat those lead mines in displacement mode, given the chance?
  14. Kiwing

    Prada Cup

    I think all these boats can finish a race in the time limit in 6.5 knots of breeze, Perhaps not foiling all the time but here the lift off becomes so important. Spinbot will be surprised today, in the light as he must have been yesterday.