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  1. I got real dubious when they claimed the "kinetic" energy from their unit can somehow be stored unlike the "medium to high power electricity" from a traditional turbine. It's so nonsensical you can't even argue. Notice that the newer version in the Reuters video has all kinds of rotational stuff going on and is basically a normal turbine with a funny tacking single blade.
  2. dont double back around trees. when you pull the line it trashes the bark and can kill the tree after a while. We never doubled lines back since we were either on trees or rocks where chafe was an issue. We made a bunch of webbing straps up to loop around things that then got clipped to a spliced eye on the line. Nice fast set-up that saved wear in the lines. Had to build rock climbing style equalized anchors a few times when there was nothing solid to use b
  3. Floating webbing can be a good option Also.
  4. Even diesel can blow up in the right circumstances. Don't use the shop vac.
  5. I bet those four holes behind it are supposed to hold a missing rudder bearing.
  6. I just did a survey for someone who was financing an early 80's Tayana, so loans are still possible on the older boats. More surprisingly, I just valued an early 60's wooden S&S for re-financing, seems the money is flowing a bit more freely again these days.
  7. It won't be easy but could be done. We sold our boat for $2500 and all it needed was self steering and ground tackle to be ready to cruise again. The new owner did a couple days work and then hopped on board with some friends and sailed it down the east coast to the Carolina. The boat was in great shape, having just done 6500 offshore miles in the last few months. Course it needed an owner who was comfortable being without an engine. The hardest part will be the lack of time to search for a good deal, but I am pretty sure if someone handed me $15,000 I could be in Hawaii within a couple months.
  8. This will make the system quite a bit weaker. Nylon doesn't like rubbing on nylon when under load. Perhaps, but the shackle/clip that otherwise attaches to the jackline is a lot skinnier than a doubled tether would be. I honestly doubt that the strain or any short-term chafing with the doubled tether would be significantly worse. However, I can't prove this. It's not the size of the attachment so much as the heat created due to friction. There is a reason you never see nylon on nylon in any climbing or safety situation. It might be fine, but the potential loss of strength is substantial. If you fall and slide along the jack line it could easily cut through in a short distance.
  9. This will make the system quite a bit weaker. Nylon doesn't like rubbing on nylon when under load.
  10. Even if the other guy is drunk you might still be found partially at fault for not having an anchor light. Ens v. Gabany , No.75911/91Q Apportionment of liability was the issue in this small vessel collision case. The Plaintiff's vessel was at anchor and was hit by the Defendant's vessel. The Court apportioned ... liability 70% to the Defendant and 30% to the Plaintiff. The faults on the part of the Defendant were traveling at night at an excessive rate of speed when having consumed sufficient alcohol to have affected his judgment and vision. The faults on the part of the Plaintiff were not having an anchor light and anchoring his vessel in an area where through traffic was predictable and probable. ยป hide
  11. I put up an anchor ball during the day, low effort to eliminate a lot of risk. Pretty sure colregs only requires the cone when motoring for larger boats. Getting hit while anchored without a light or ball will make a very simple assignment of blame into a very complicated one. Without a light or ball the person who hits you could make a strong case that you are at fault.
  12. That must be why they are so popular on 60+ foot boats in the southern ocean.
  13. Can't think of much reason not to put a light out now that LEDs are available, and if something happens I don't want to explain to the insurance lawyers why I wasn't using one.
  14. Welding the last two inches of the cut closed ,drastically improves it's torsional stiffness.Sch 40 aluminum pipe is much thicker than most commercially made extrusions. Yes, schedule 40 tube is much thicker than commercial furler extrusion. Since it is the same material, that schedule 40 tube is also multiple times the weight of the furler extrusion, to achieve the same torsional stiffness.The 34 lbs for a 20 ft length of 1 1/4 inch sch 40 aluminiumn pipe ,was in the same weight ballpark as the 65lbs someone mentioned here for a commercially made furler. Don't automatically jump to confusions, by assuming all that is expensive is automatically better. Don't buy marine equivalents of use car salemen's lines A profurl extrusion is about 9 lbs for a 20' length. Pretty substantial weight saving. It is also smaller in diameter then a 1 1/4" nb pipe, so less windage. It also has a double luff groove, and other nice to have things. It is easy to think what you make is fantastic when you have no how good the competition is.
  15. Pretty sure it was shipping weight in a complete unit. Likely includes the box, packaging and a bit of fudge factor. At 34lbs for 20 feet the extrusion would weigh as much as the entire standing rigging on my old 28ft cruising boat.