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  1. Tarnish

    Chicago Area III

    Parking anywhere in Chicago - you have to keep the honest people honest. Don't leave anything on the seats or floor. Even loose change. There are two other hazards at DuSable - the white liquid run off that collects in certain places (it is very hard to remove if it gets on your car) and falling concrete. Other than that...
  2. Tarnish

    Flying Tiger

    I owned one for four years and there is not much I would change. I always thought the boat was beautiful - even the high cabin trunk. It sailed really well, too. I wonder if the benefits of two rudders would be worth the added complexity? I am not very tall so the footrest positions for the driver were perfect for me. Taller drivers, especially in breeze, would end up sitting with their upper body outside of the top lifeline (the video above shows an example of this). Besides being against the rules (as I understand them) it also usually meant that we were sailing the boat at too high of a heel angle. I wonder if the "European" lifeline set up on the Melges 32 applied to the Tiger would make the driving position more comfortable for taller people? This set up has largely been abandoned by the 32 fleet since it limits how hard the crew can hike off the back of the boat which is not as critical of a necessity on a Tiger.
  3. Tarnish

    Chicago Area III

    We are here and we did race today, although we did not do very well. It has been blowing 25 - 30 for most of the regatta, although there was a little less wind today. We have only owned the boat for a few months and our crew is not nearly as experienced as the top (or any of the) teams here. We were out in the heavy stuff earlier this week but realized we needed to practice more in these conditions before we felt comfortable racing. It has been a humbling and amazing experience. The class (both the teams and the management) have been so helpful and accommodating.