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  1. two mile walk by Couch Bike Dude, on Flickr It was a two mile walk out there from the parking at Fort Mason.
  2. I was behing sitting on a chair but will be there tomorrow Are we in each other's shots? No Fog so this must be Saturday. Untitled by Couch Bike Dude, on Flickr Untitled by Couch Bike Dude, on Flickr Untitled by Couch Bike Dude, on Flickr Untitled by Couch Bike Dude, on Flickr We could hear NO from the loudspeakers on the Marina Green here. Strongly recommend 7X50s for best viewing wherever you are. It seemed like two people out of three out here had VE or Liveline on their iPhones so we could all tell what was going on. I don't believe I've ever seen so many people watching a Yacht race anywhere. It's really cool out there, so many people who all know why the boats are zig zagging and who is in the lead.
  3. TK, be sure to take BART to Oakland and Berkeley, It's an awesome public connection.
  4. http://www.lobshots.com/2011/08/26/sdfd-chopper-is-looking-for-the-shark-in-mission-beach-right-now/ These tanifa you speak off are not a mythical danger in these waters, I believe this story is in error. That's the Golden Gate bridge in the background, isn't it?
  5. Could this be the result of some sort of error in the performance of that haiku thing the Kiwis do before sports? http://www.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/sharks-discovered-entering-bay/Content?oid=2130759 " Sharks discovered entering Bay By John Upton" "Brian Monroe was surfing in choppy conditions off Ocean Beach during low tide on a recent cloudy afternoon when the ominous figure of a ferocious predator broke the water’s surface."
  6. For more than just the wind, this is The Bay: http://www.sailflow.com/spot/113861 http://norcalcurrents.org/COCMP/sfbay.html
  7. I like this one: http://www.sailflow.com/en-us/Search/ViewResults.aspx#37.823,-122.434,13,1
  8. Thanks for the clarification, I'm a lifelong AC and sailing fan from Los Gatos (I was 15 when I entered my first Bullship race). Same for me about real life fans of this tradition. Hip, hip, horaay for Sailing Anarchy's forums!
  9. That is exactly the spot I intend to view from. Will be on a bike to keep my options open, but have decided it is about perfectly positioned mid course, good but distant view of starting area. No ACEA paraphernalia within sight. If you see a dude on a rusty green schwinn with a spring fork and a panasonic camera, please say hi.Welcome to SF all, hope to meet some of you. Enjoy. Hey, Mr Surly. Can't be there this time, sadly. Thanks for your 'keeping it real' video, mate. Have a great time yourself and best of luck to both teams. They had guards keeping spectators off the Fort Mason piers during the LV cup.
  10. Yes, agree with that. I just met Comrade Stingray in Cow Hollow. He and I have had issues but, meeting F2F calls for cordiality and courtesy. He is the first I have seen fully decked-out in Oracle gear! [although he claims there are others if I look hard enough] It is VERY hard to know where to watch the races. My girl friend and I are planning to watch race 1 from the end of the jetty past the GGYC! We're driving up early from the South Bay, parking's been good at Fort Mason for the preliminary skirmishes in this friendly competition among nations. Welcome to my backyard, Te Kooti, I'm enjoying your view of the greatest place on earth.
  11. Geezus, is that a foiling gybe at the end of that seg? No, all on port... Pretty impressive! Just like NO explained about how he learned to foil a moth, watch the youtube.
  12. Hmm . . . you don't have stdev bars on a histogram. The display of stdev is 'built-in' by looking at the directly displayed probability frequencies. I think you are thinking of the NOAA charts that show wind bars by month, showing the mean, stdev and range for each month. You could certaintly easliy do that with the excel files I posted links to . . . but the graph I posted focuses directly on comparing the LVC time period to the AC time period (rather than looking at it by month). Those seem to be mostly about measuring the current . . . obviously something one has to look at, but I wonder how important current will be to the AC72's. It did not seem to be a decisive factor for the AC45's. Stating the obvious here but the sensors measuring the current on the bottom of the bay are not going to correlate with the real time current on the surface, ditto wind forecasts based on historical averages. Agree. You can look at historical data until hell freezes over and it can have virtually no correlation to what you will see on any given day. UCSF measures actual surface current with doppler based equipment which is more accurate than any model available. I don't believe the medical school has has what you describe. San Francisco State University has the experimental system you mentioned complete with an iPhone app. Sadly it is experimental and has a one hour delay. I found it was pretty much useless during the AC world series. There were way too many people trying to use the networks! http://www.norcalcurrents.org/COCMP/baycurrents.html
  13. That is a beautiful boat. Much, much prettier than Dogzilla. Didn't win. But still beautiful. Bit of an art object. This one is boat yard scrap now: