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  1. Seascape 24 launched

    so, if I understood correctly, boats that were at least 3ft longer on the waterline and about one tonne heavier were faster upwind in short chop? The answer lies in the immortal words of Montgomery Scott "Captain, ye canna' change the laws of physics"
  2. Seascape 24 in the works

    Zero, I can send you the manual online, just drop me an email at kristian@thinkseascape.com The rig values are way too small. Verticals can and must to to 30 in a breeze. Will post some values for rig trim. Cunningham should be long enough, at least others are not complaining If we are taking about sail trim, you need to change your train of thought ...with the boats that don't have backstay, it is very important to keep as much tension in the mainsail leech as possible. Use cunnningham and vang to bend the mast and flatten the sail but keep it sheeted tight if possible (for upwind). At the same time, do not oversheet jib. Keep enough volume in the shape so it will pull you over the waves and good twist to spill that power over the top. This way you will have good pointing and speed which will allow your foils to work, again giving you lift and pointing. We were pleasantly surprised to see how well the boat points upwind. Off course in 25kts and big waves you can't compete with 35 footer, but in flat water you will be amazed at the tacking angle a well trimmed 24 can do... Jib #2 is about 3m2 smaller, flatter and made of stronger cloth. Most of the boats are sailing in lighter conditions and the sails suit them. For heavy users like Whisper, we are considering making the complete suite of heavier cloth. Regards Kristian
  3. Seascape 24 in the works

    Glad you like it. Boat has a lot of potential but it does not sail by itself. Especially upwind in a breeze it needs proper trim on the mast and with sails. When loosing confidence/patience or both, remember that the boat came 2nd in the class on the last year's Silver Rudder race, which is 136nm singlehander. And they also had 20-25kts at the upwind part... Upwind you need to be proactive with trim, flatten the mainsail (cunningham and vang can do wonders on how the boat feels) but do not reef main to early with big jib up. Rather change it to #2 which will make boat much more balanced... If you have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to contact us. P.S. regarding the part with your daughter...when caught out in 25kts with kids, we just rolled up the jib and sailed upwind under mainsail alone. Still doing 5,5kts but kids having fun, laughing and eating sandwiches...
  4. Seascape 24 in the works

    The 24 would be a natural choice due its light weigh and lots of power but she lacks enough structure to make it stiff enough for the foil induced loads. However, Sam is very keen to make 27 fly. We even discussed foils arrangement and other bits/pieces. The only missing part of the puzzle is an owner who is willing to finance it
  5. Esse 750

    Hard to judge Esse but they have rather good reputation in Europe. For your next boat you need to decide how do you want to use it. Crewed/shorthanded/singlehanded? Is habitable interior a bonus or you want only to race with them? What support you can get from the yard and /or local rep? Are there more of its kind around you? I know it is kind of a blasphemy to say that you can make logical decision because buying a boat is always illogical move, but there are plenty of modern boats on the market. Have fun.
  6. Bente 24

    Not really. With claimed 1.400kg it weights little more than Seascape 27, 500kg more than Seascape 24 while having 10m2 more sails than Seascape 18...
  7. Seascape 24 in the works

    @ Boot Dusseldorf: Seascape 24 wins European Yacht of the Year Award. Parents are very proud.
  8. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Coddiwomple Krisy with a K...go look at next weeks weather...Jeremie has far better routing opportunities in front of him than Armel and Alex who will be working their fuckin rings out negotiating a maze to get a decent runway to flare burning territory. You clearly hate anything that smells or looks like chickin :-) Ha! Actually I met Jeremy while living in France and like the guy a lot. He deserve better position but initial breakages handicapped him a lot. Otherwise, he would be fighting with Armel and Alex. Anyway... looking at the models, I do not see what you predict. In a week time Armel could be at Acores while Cock Master is still around midd way between CapVerdes and Canaries. But as the situation is very unstable many things can happen. Armchair Admirals love this because they can always claim they knew what is going to happen
  9. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Cock does not have a passing lane unless one (or both) frontrunners experience serious tech problems...
  10. Vendee Globe 2016?

    In short, performance seems now to be primarily limited by rigs. Designers want the easy out since they don't know how to do foils. OTOH the new rigs and keels seem to work just fine. Performance is also up there for the most part. Actually, we are seeing the first generation of foil assisted boats (carefully using the phrase to avoid DougLord's attention:) where the teams asked to VPLP to design the boat with "classic" hull as-if-foils-did-not-exist in case foils do not work. You can simply swap foils for daggerboards but you're stuck with the hull. Now that we see foils do work and that first 4 boats (5 if Gitana would still be in the game) are foil(asist)ers, we can be sure they will radically exploit benefits in the coming hull generations. It is worth mentioning that Hugo Boss is not the same abut is narrower with wider foils. This might indicate that Alex got convinced on the performance of the first foilers and was willing to trade off a bit of hull stability for extra speed on foils. When worked, he arguably the fastest in the fleet. Now imagine to take all the feedback from the race and evolve this concept further...
  11. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Past winners were also guys who were meticulously prepared and everything seemed to run well, almost like natural flow. One could also say effortless. But reality was far different. They also had their share of problems (I remember Mich Desj saying that @ VendeeGlobe you must be prepared to solve one potential race ending problem per day). And they have technical knowledge + mental stability to solve problems quickly. However they will not disclose anything, really anything about their problems in order not to give away any advantage. This is as Laurent said, proper Figaro school. BUT it is always very interesting to discover how the winning boat looks after crossing the finish line. It will definitely show some damage being expertly fixed.
  12. Vendee Globe 2016?

    what happened to the angry mail of Pieter Heerema bitching about his autopilots? Suddenly all his videos have gone missing from the web...
  13. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Heerema is another guy who thinks money can buy him anything. He is apparently taking this attitude all the way as this incident with his ground crew indicates. There's a lot of not so nice comments about him coming from the local Dutch sources. So, no surprise about the lack of sympathy for him...
  14. Seascape 18

    This picture was taken on the slip in front of Free Spirit Sailing Center in Jezera. Also worth noting is that the picture was taken in beginning of April.
  15. Seascape 18

    I am never serious but the warm water temp is exactly why no matter what goo you put on the boat you will need to clean periodically. Not all is bad however as warm (well, depending who you ask) water again helps on this topic. Some extra points to consider. 18 was designed as a daysailer. Despite vinylester skin coat, you still need to apply proper osmosis protection with epoxy primers if you want to keep the boat in the water. That is the main point. The rest is more trivial. Soft AF will damage quickly when you will pull the boat on the trailer. Hard matrix AF will work better but the basic concept fo hard AF is that the boat must move in order to get rid of the slimy goo that forms. If the boat does not move, you must provide motion (normally with a sponge)... As the boat can be capsized in the shallow water, wiping off the bottom is easy. No actual need for diver. Hence the picture.