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  1. He dominated at the 2016 City Island Cup !
  2. Cabbage2 Joining a yacht club can be frustrating, I found it took just the right blend of ubiquitousness at every social event with just the right degree of uncongeniality: everyone remembers you were there but no one cares that you left. Sorry for your unmemorable experience at HYC, I'm glad you have found a more comfortable group at CIYC. BSP
  3. Fiasco for Fun: Try This New Racing Format (as seen in the 2017 YRALIS Racing Program) is an experimental format for the Huguenot Mayors' Cup modeled after the SSS Three Bridge Fiasco. With the 2017-2020 RRS updates to Rule 18.3 (Tacking in the Zone) regarding starboard roundings, and the potential for confusion even in the best circumstances, this could be amusing. Perhaps the Post-Race party will redeem the event.
  4. It's understandable that STC decided to cut it's losses on KWRW, and It's great that STC plans to perhaps, maybe, sort of re-boot KWRW in 2019 ... what do they think they can figure out in 18 months they can't in 6? Moving forward, is there a good regatta venue in January in Florida that can serve as a replacement? If it's successful in 2018 it will make it all the harder for STC to revive anything in KW in 2019.
  5. Apparently there's a J-Fest Regatta in Toronto the week before the J88 North Americans in Youngstown. With Quantum LYRA in Rochester, that's potentially three one-design regattas in three consecutive weekends on Western Lake Ontario. J/Fest Great Lakes Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club, Toronto, Ontario Canada Contact: Roger Van Vlack July 21-23, 2017
  6. Six boats entered, one finished. We had two juniors onboard, we gave them a sleigh ride to remember.
  7. The Edlu is a great race! We have 4 5 boats signed up now! Also there are also 7 J88's signed up for AYC! OA confirmed one-design class for J88's today.
  8. Hmm, maybe I need to rephrase that ... I don’t mean we can’t rate boats fairly without social media, what I wanted to convey was that the younger generation is getting better information quicker from multiple sources faster than the rest of us are accustom to. For example, between and after the races the cell phones come out. Before we even reach the dock they’ve got race results, they’ve got pictures of a boat shrimping their kite, they know who blew up their primary winch, they’ve watched a video of a major cluster fuck at the start, and who banged the corner and and got lucky at the finish. Essentially, they've got a pretty good mental picture of who sailed well, and who just sailed around the race course. Me? I’m not really that well connected. I might talk to a few people on the dock and a few more at the post race party, mostly I only care about the boats in my class. Maybe I’ll see some video or see some photos online later, maybe something particularly insightful will be posted on Sailing Anarchy. Then there’s that guy that sits in from of his computer and looks at results four months after the regatta, and he thinks that, tells the whole story. He doesn’t find out shit about what really happened at the regatta, he just says “5 out of 7, you guys suck.” Maybe the question shouldn’t be “How could we possibly rate boats fairly without social media?” but rather, “How can we possibly rate boats fairly without using all the available sources of information?”
  9. You meane licke sailmackeres? Yes, like "sailmackeres" and post college age sailors, maybe 30-45 years old, who are able to sail every weekend and travel outside of their own area. 50-70 yr old sailmakers, yacht designers, and engineers aren't necessarily connected to social media and know whats going on on the other boats. If you're not on the water racing, you're only getting second hand information.
  10. Originally the masts came with one halyard sheave, at some point the double sheaves became standard. I'm sure a second sheave can be added by a competent rigger, for a price. Single sheave (hull #24) Dual Sheaves (hull #80)
  11. John, It's interesting how you analyzed our sailing ability by reading race results on a computer screen 1,400 miles away, similar to how you criticize the PHRF committee for not being on the race course or asking around to find out what happened. You of course realize that Deviation wasn't the only YRALIS J88 there ... You're satisfied to base our performance on 2 last place finishes out of a 10 race series. We sailed in over 90 races in 2016, so you're basing your assessment on 11% or our races? ... lets see Hustler did 11 races in 2016, in 11% of Hustler's races last year they finished mid-fleet ... ironically the one J88 they beat last year at American was 2nd at Key West. The problem with Boat Owners being on the PHRF Committee is that they see things from one perspective; it is less likely that a boat owner will sail on multiple boats during the season. The people who we need on the committee should be sailing every weekend on different boats, they need to witness how different boat perform in different conditions and see when a boat makes stupid mistakes that cost it the regatta. I'm not sure how they think Iris can be on the PHRF Committee when they meet the same nights that we are racing? The J88 went for it's 3-year rating review last night. I suspect more than performance will be considered in determining the rating.
  12. Thanks, Jeff. I guess Pierside thinks we want to spend 7 days in Charleston for a 3 day regatta.
  13. Great Spring Tune-up Regatta half-way between American Spring and Cedar Point One-Design Regattas (this was actually pretty easy to find on Regatta Network this year) Lloyde Harbor NY, USA – May 20 - 21, 2017
  14. • Meeting lasted for 20 minutes • Steering Committee consisted of 2 Boat Owners, 3 Dealer/Industry, 2 Non-sailors • membership shows: 2 full (Current/Paid Owners) on same boat, 1 owner signed up as Associate • no weigh-in at Youngstown (presumably using Class Rule 6.1) • discussion over "owner driver" vs "Cat 1 driver" rule tabled in order to grow class • cushions optional Unfortunately the AGM isn't on May 6 or 7, where there could conceivably be 5 Boat Owners physically in the same location.
  15. maybe if you did some One-design racing you wouldn't be questioning other boats ratings