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  1. GreenBowman


    will probably go to hell for this one, >what was jesus last words on the cross? >none of ye bastards eat my easter egg I'll be back on sunday
  2. GreenBowman


    best avaatar of the day goes to SAILZFAST!, a man returns a mercedes back to the showroom after taking this sweet lookin car out for a test drive, the mercedes is battered to shit covered in crap and a split windscreen, the furious salesman comes over to this guy, smug ass hell, and the salesman asks him calmly, umm sar what the fuck did you do to our car the guy replies smiling ran over a Paki, to which the sales man replies fair enough but that dosen't explain the state of the car, the guy replies fairly appolegeitc yeah sorry bout that drove through 4 fields to catch up with that bastard, disclaimer: it is not the authors intent to racially discriminate anybody of pakistan background just piss them off.