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  1. It is not the distance that makes a good journey, but what is done along the way. Thank you Catherine for sharing yours with us. Fair winds and trimmed sails.
  2. +1 Bob. +1. Nicely done. +1 I can smell the water in the air and the sound of the surf on the boat. Nice.
  3. The earworm is still alive! And I can't resist dancing like a white girl. Hugs to Bowgirl and MSG! Go the Catherine.
  4. I think it is time to give one of those plush pills a good squeeze! A giggle every hour is the prescription from Dr. joydot. Do they still giggle when you throw them like a football?
  5. Been wearing my Nautica ball cap in true rally cap formation. Go the Catherine!
  6. If there is ever a doubt that Catherine should go to Heaven, St Peter need only read this thread. You are so loved that it would be selfish of Him to take you from us too soon. There is too much yet to do. I feel the fair winds and the itch to sail in my blood. It is what binds us all to you, my dear. Take our strength and love to help you fight for another day.
  7. Well JoyDot, now I have to buy it if you're in it! Yeah! It came today! Shows the side you see when we compete - my backside! Hee, hee!
  8. Thanks! Santa must have heard me being called a "manipulative bitch" and slowed down my mail carrier.
  9. None for me so I don't even know which month I am... :-(
  10. You need a bigger mailbox :-). Hee, hee.
  11. Yea for the mailings! Mr FD is looking forward to a cheery stocking well am I! Strength to Catherine!
  12. Sorry, but fuck, Fuck, FUCK! This sucks, it isn't dair, and is sooo wrong! Give that Cancer what for and don't compromise your length of life for anything. This world does not want to lose one second of our time with you. Huge Hugs!
  13. All of your SA sailracers babes are sending you our strength today. That is a powerful force! Tap into it and feel the Love! Giant Hugs!
  14. A club member showed up at happy hour with a shaved head. It was part of his solidarity support with his brother going through chemo. He talked of how his brother showed more strength and resolve toward the fight than he himself could ever muster. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of strength you all have to endure, to fight, to not consider failure an option. I love Amati's Step #3 - this is your hairiest sailing experience. It will make a great story at the bar afterward with all of SA toasting your survival and giving you shit about some of the stupid moves you did along the way. Holiday Hugs to you all!
  15. It is said that God only gives us what He knows we can endure. But, geesh - enough already, eh? Hold steady, HCW. There is a wall of SA'ers behind you.