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  1. joydot

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    It is not the distance that makes a good journey, but what is done along the way. Thank you Catherine for sharing yours with us. Fair winds and trimmed sails.
  2. joydot

    women of sa calendar

    Well JoyDot, now I have to buy it if you're in it! Yeah! It came today! Shows the side you see when we compete - my backside! Hee, hee!
  3. joydot

    women of sa calendar

    Thanks! Santa must have heard me being called a "manipulative bitch" and slowed down my mail carrier.
  4. joydot

    women of sa calendar

    None for me so I don't even know which month I am... :-(
  5. joydot

    women of sa calendar

    You need a bigger mailbox :-). Hee, hee.
  6. joydot

    women of sa calendar

    Yea for the mailings! Mr FD is looking forward to a cheery stocking well am I! Strength to Catherine!
  7. Thank you joydot!