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  1. Wow, Gretel 2 looks stunning. I remember walking around Cowes last year and seeing 2 Version 5 hulls in shrink wrap. Presumably the Current/ex Team Origin boats.... Even if ENTZ take the cup back to mono hulls its hard to imagine that those boats will be in anyway relevant. ....and just getting those boats out and rigged would surely be a huge undertaking i.e. all new rigging, structural inspections etc. In their own way each generation of these cup boats are extreme and built on the edge of what's possible re materials engineering. Pity, as there is always something seductive about an ex race car....and they do find second and third lives in historic and vintage racing...but for boats....and ACC boats....less so.
  2. The Oracle Speaks

    I guess the camo wheel is a reference to when spitall used to watch chris dicksons hands as an early tell........I don't think peter was very interested in jimmy's hands/wheel by the end. Nice touch though by 'the guys'. Wouldn't be surprised to see Jimmy surface in team japan with DB....he's a survivor.
  3. WTF is GD?

    Legend. took a massive kicking after SF but kept his head and his team together and fought back. A massive effort.
  4. The Presser

    Yeah, really nice to serve jimmy up on his own, poor sod. When they won Larry found time.....oh well.
  5. Live Racing Thread

    Hilarious to read fake kiwis sclarke et al getting their knickers in a twist on burling behalf......from everything that burling said he didn't have a problem with the wind strength at all.....but then he's out there doing it rather than being a fake kiwi.........always say I've never sailed/met with a bad kiwi.....but on sailing anarchy, the fake kiwis....jesus!
  6. Live Racing Thread

    sclarke - you're a joke. endless vitriol about how burling walks on water and then once you've capsized you call foul on the wind. Do I think it safe today? No. but if entz didn't think it was safe then they should have started. The wind limits are what they are. Christ! we've just done 4 years with kiwi's telling us that the change to the wind limits cost them the cup and that they designed an up wind range boat......the fake kiwis on this site make me laugh with their complete lack of irony. Glad that all the kiwis sailors are safe. at the end of the day, this is only a bit of sailing and not worth dying for.
  7. Team NZ

    omg....fake kiwis now asking for people to not race because there's too much wind! oh the irony.....clearly someone that didn't read the fake kiwi guidance note re wind limits costing them the last cup.....
  8. Team NZ

    The fake kiwi's on this site are a joke. Endless bollocks about burling being the second coming and zero contrition now that he has royally screwed up.....why did he screw up? because he's human, just like ben, just like dean, and Nathan and jimmy......human screw up.....but that just isn't in the fake kiwi fan club manual 2017.
  9. Team UK

    Well done ENTZ, their clearly doing a great job and the boat looks dynamite which is a massive achievement given that they developed it away from the others. Come on BAR, Ben, CJ et al, you can bounce back.
  10. Race Replays

    Rudder! Thanks a million!
  11. General Thoughts

    For the record, TRG's post re naming his movements after Oracle sailors is the funniest thing I've read on here. The attention to detail was that of a craftsman delivering a masterpiece.
  12. General Thoughts

    Simon: Out of curiosity, what exactly did you take away from Blur's Charmless Man
  13. Team UK

    Probably not able to flap the wing enough. Watching ENTZ the other day the wing was pumping like crazy.
  14. Team NZ

    it's ac34, its larry, its red socks, ITS FLAP THAT WING LIKE YOU'VE NEVER FLAPPED IT BEFORE!!!
  15. Team NZ

    In terms of protests it going to be interesting to see how the 'time and opportunity' to keep clear rule is interpreted i.e. Ben can luff, but he has to give pete an opportunity to respond right? even in match racing......... Also going to be interesting to see if starboard tack teams start tacking away 'early' claiming that the other team hadn't given them sufficient assurance that the other boat was going to keep clear........try judging that at 60ts, in gusty conditions, waves etc.