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  1. Probably not able to flap the wing enough. Watching ENTZ the other day the wing was pumping like crazy.
  2. it's ac34, its larry, its red socks, ITS FLAP THAT WING LIKE YOU'VE NEVER FLAPPED IT BEFORE!!!
  3. In terms of protests it going to be interesting to see how the 'time and opportunity' to keep clear rule is interpreted i.e. Ben can luff, but he has to give pete an opportunity to respond right? even in match racing......... Also going to be interesting to see if starboard tack teams start tacking away 'early' claiming that the other team hadn't given them sufficient assurance that the other boat was going to keep clear........try judging that at 60ts, in gusty conditions, waves etc.
  4. That mark of the course looks awful big and over engineered......should this be something that can be 'run/sailed over' if needs be? i.e. like the marks in the red bull air races. I suspect that ben would have been happy to have hit the mark if it hadn't been engineered by a scrap metal merchant from yard offcuts (exaggeration), but you take my point. All joking aside, you've got to feel for ENTZ. It's all part of racing.....and these guys take no prisoners etc etc.....but. Pretty certain that you'll be able to find plenty of sailors that all of these guys have tagged at some time or another.......(maybe not Glenn, but then he's class.)
  5. Starting to look like BAR are toast. If you had good confidence in your boat and in your chances in the AC you would not risk damaging the boat and loosing time. Go ENTZ and Artemis.
  6. I'm sure that out of solidarity/penance BAR will offer all possible assistance and sit out the racing until ENTZ can rejoin.....oh wait, this is the AC!!! At least ENTZ have their boat shaken down 100%......oh no wait.....er.
  7. Agreed re the reaction times of the old sailors being toast. In fast jets you are progressively on the slippery slope from your mid thirties, certainly finished in fast jets by 40 at best.....all down to passing medicals of course.
  8. Stating the obvious but the damage to ENTZ will be much worse than to BAR, and the same will always be true to a bow to stern collision in these boats i.e. the bow will be pretty simple compared to the detailed engineering in the stern area i.e. steering, rake adjustment etc. feel for ENTZ.........but what do you expect.....this is Ben Ainslie in a boat....in a match race. Sorry pete burling but the guy is always going to luff, always going to luff hard.....oh, and you/ENTZ to an extent, made the boy into a man when you taught him how to compete at sailing without day to day morality interfering with an application of the rules.....ENTZ made ben into a match racer, into a team player and into the man period. Scorpion: please can you give me a 'practise' lift over the stream. Frog: no, you'll sting me. Scorpion: but if I do that we both die. Frog: oh ok, makes sense (off they go) scorpion stings frog. Frog: I thought we were 'practising' .....you get the idea. PS: the frog is ENTZ not GTF.
  9. For the benefit of those that have TRG/variant puppets on ignore and might very occasionally be wondering if you're missing anything, well, your not. Hope that helps.
  10. Third Reef Grim - what crap you write. He's had a great day out on a boat and posted the films of that.....out of the kindness of his heart, and your response is to reach for your junior high journalism text book. What retards we have on this forum. TGod for MIHIB. If he never posted another film he's a legend. MIHD, don't listen to the minority of idiots, your a legend mate. Beer in the post.
  11. Cup Favourites, that sounds about right. From here Artemis will be really putting the foot down. Certainly true that the other teams will be adding further hardware and learning to sail their boats better, making their great strides forward etc etc, but all the time Artemis will keep tip toeing away, learning the finer things that create just that extra speed on the reach. Well done IP, NO, FL, etc etc etc.
  12. Pretty telling that the team that has responded is the one they people are generally identifying as being in the lead.......funny how the rich get richer.....on all fronts....well done Artemis - Smart guy IP.
  13. Pretty interesting that ENTZ has responded to this request, and you can read as much or as little into it as you like. Historically they have always gone out of their way to win the war for public/home support and yet when given the chance to show some good will to a local they have not responded. I'm wondering if they have their hands/heads full with boat development and any non core activity is being shut down. It's a pity because later on they might just need that wider public support, oh well. Let's face it, without these videos we'd have had next to nothing so they've been a god send. Many thanks again MIHB.
  14. Wow, Artemis showed a speed differential to Oracle that I haven't seen from any boat. I've always been positive on Artemis if only because IP comes over as a genuine crazy guy (driven like very few others) and he and NO seem like kindred spirits on a very special/personal mission. Understandably Ben Ainslie get all the plaudits but some/many people fail to clock just how amazing Percy's record is. Artemis really is a team of Olympians i.e. to get in the first criteria is Olympic credentials. On that score though the britts could still get somewhere. Deep down Percy will not want to get into a close fight with BA....luckily for him NO is driving....few.
  15. Is Ben referring to Ackerman steering geometry? I guess applied to the boat that would refer to the steering angle of the foils.