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  1. Maybe shouldn't admit this, but we own an S2 8.0B. Yeah. Probably the slowest boat on the lake. But it does make a great raft-up platform and dock condo. So, yeah. Anyhoo, got a lot of help with the restoration project here: S2 Owners Forum
  2. Actually, the other side would be helpful. There were a whole slew of these things that came out of China during the 90's for the "Restoration Hardware" types stores.
  3. FWIW - In the early 90's the soon to be wife and I crewed on Ultrashock for a few San Diego regattas. Was more of a mercy mission. I Forget the owner's name. Boat was not as prepared as the top performing boats. I remember it had an old grandfathered Kevlar main that looked like crap. Regardless, we did manage to eek out a few good finishes. Never thought the boat was a dog. In the end, I think the owner was more interested in the cruising aspects of the boat. Never saw her race after that in any of the "hot and heavy" fleet races of the mid-90s.
  4. Wings (ex Hombre) was a fast boat. Dennis Case sold her off to somebody in Houston, TX. Ended up a total loss when it was sunk at the HYC docks by Hurricane Ike in 2008. I'm biased, but Super Gnat was also a well kept and fast hull. Cliffy sold it right after winning "SDYC Yacht of the Year" in 2003. Renamed Joann. No idea where she is now?
  5. It is a silly sport.
  6. We had an Etchells named "Chicken of Bristol".
  7. I stand corrected on the Fire Drill stint. Explains the red paint job. Her record as Coruba is impressive. Her Marishiten accomplishments were nothing to scoff at either. Multiple Transpacs, Kenwood Cups and Record-holding Japan/Guam races. My favorite was the 333nm day we did on her during the 1991 Japan/Guam race. That was fast. On the negative side, she was infamous for breaking masts!
  8. Maxx - She came out of the mold as the new Marishiten that was built to replace the 56 foot titanium Marishiten. She was the Carbon/Glass version of her aluminium sistership "Maverick" (Which I believe got converted into a cruiser and is down in the Caribbean now.) When we got her back to California in 1992, she was sold to another Japanese owner and renamed "Gecko VIII". It did the 1993 Transpac and then was sold off to Rob and Zanne? Someday I'll find the time to scan all the photos. The years I spent on her was the greatest time of my life, but don't tell my wife and kids I said that!
  9. Great to hear the owners are cool people. Makes me happy. Here are a couple of shots from the Marishiten years: 1991 Delivery to Japan from Hawaii (Me on left. Ward Neale on helm. Photo by Murray Spence) My legs. Ant Atoll near Phonapei, FSM. Got a ton more, but they are locked up in a POD. In between houses right now.
  10. Thanks BCAM. I think I found her on Google Earth... Sad she isn't sailing much, but great they are keeping care of her. Beautiful place to be.
  11. Looking for any updates on the N/M68 "Coruba". I was crew on her back in the early 90's during the "Marishiten" years. I last saw her in Ala Wai back after the 2005 Transpac. Followed some of her results after that, but have not seen much since. Still in the Seattle area? Just want to know if the old girl is still being treated well? Thanks in advance!
  12. My dog is still in the Circle of Friends. Here is tonight's delight...
  13. Ah yes - my mistake. A cold that is making my brain foggy. And it is now over 20 years ago - phuque me! Use to drink with the mastmakers/riggers with TNZ in a divey bar just off Shelter Is. and N Harbor Drive. It marquee said: "Semi-live entertainment". A picture of it somewhere. I'm sure some SD sailors know the place Club Marina - Home of Semi Live Entertainment. Still there to this day. One of the infamous ACDC stops. (Americas Cup Drinking Club)
  14. Ah. Been a while. Great boat. Good times. (BTW Not my sister. I'm the guy who was crazy enough to marry into the family. 22nd anniversary this past Saturday.)
  15. We saw a motor assisted surf up to 15.something on the Super Gnat a long time ago before the start of a Cabrillo race. Huge swell off Zuniga. The whole fleet was motoring down the crests trying to catch rides. We caught one and almost missed the start trying to get back to the line. Out of curiosity, what boat? Sail number?