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  1. Call Me Boomvang

    Chicago Area III

    One suggestion... please consider removing the extra 5 minutes in the starting sequence between the T10's and J105's, I don't think it's necessary. Not so sure about that I think it got added because everyone thought it was necessary. T10 fleet really chops up the air at the SA plus the J105s end up rounding with the T10 at the second windward mark if you dont space them out. No one likes either of these thing. Just my opinion. I agree a short time between races is generally good for the fleet
  2. me just looking to see if you had a former screenname before the mechanical advantage poll opportuntity arose....Nope...guess've always been call me

  3. I'm here again.

    Thank you CMB!

  4. Just checking for penguins!

  5. Lady Hellion was here! :)