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  1. Remodel

    let's shut the government

    I remember Teddy Cruz having a go at it.
  2. Remodel

    Opportunity Zones?

    I'd have to be a much wiser man to answer that question. Is it good for a city for a derelict neighbor to be rehabilitated? Absolutely. Tax revenue goes up, schools improve, local businesses open up, crime goes down. These are good things. I just feel sorry for the widow down the street who lives on a fixed income, and no longer can pay her taxes, and for the lower middle class working stiffs who live in the apartments two blocks over that have to find a new place to live because the rent has doubled twice in the past 4 years.
  3. Remodel

    Opportunity Zones?

    Yes and no. It's good for the city to bring back depressed areas. It's usually not so good for the people that currently live there as they get priced out of their old neighborhoods.
  4. Remodel

    Maria Butina and the N(R)RA

    They just wanted access to large chunks of cash. Didn't matter where it came from.
  5. Are you running for office? Are you accepting campaign contributions from them.
  6. Remodel

    Richard Painter says Trump needs to resign

    There was an interesting interview on NPR this morning with former Republican Senator William Cohen (he was also Secretary of Defense under Clinton) who said that the Senate (meaning MitchCo) needs to rein in Trump because the route we're on "leads to tyranny or fascism." It's getting real when even team R. is turning against their own White House. I wonder how Doggy will style this?
  7. Whoa! Richard Painter, GW's ethics lawyer (is that a contradiction in terms?) says that Trump should negotiate a plea and get out now. “Donald Trump is in serious trouble. His lawyers ought to be telling him to negotiate a plea deal,” Painter said. “Get him out of the White House. Have him resign, plead guilty to lower charges and let’s move on as a country.” Discuss.
  8. Remodel

    Kushner should resign

    I see you haven't applied the Dog Plame Standard to the problem. There's been no conviction, therefore no crime was committed. Ergo, if there's no crime, there's no need for an investigation. It's how Doggy styles.
  9. When Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in November 2016 that “a whole array” of Trump campaign members were open to contacts with Russia during President Donald Trump’s bid for the Oval Office, the Trump campaign came back with a denial. But in the time since, through investigative reporting and court filings by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, it has come to light that at least 14 people associated with Trump’s campaign and transition engaged with Russians. Donald Trump Jr. - Trump’s son, Trump Organization executive vice president Ivanka Trump - Trump’s daughter, White House adviser Jared Kushner - Trump’s son-in-law, former campaign liaison to foreign governments Michael Cohen - former Trump Organization executive vice president Felix Sater - real estate developer George Papadopoulos - former foreign policy adviser Paul Manafort - former campaign chair Carter Page - former campaign adviser Jeff Sessions - former campaign adviser Michael Flynn - former campaign adviser J.D. Gordon - former campaign adviser Roger Stone - longtime Trump confidante Michael Caputo - former campaign adviser Rick Gates - former campaign adviser Full article here: The claim was met with a hail of denials. Hope Hicks, then Trump’s top spokeswoman, responded, “It never happened. There was no communication between the campaign and any foreign entity during the campaign.” After Trump took office, in February 2017, he reiterated the denial. “No. Nobody that I know of,” the president told reporters when asked whether anyone who advised his campaign had contact with Russia. “I have nothing to do with Russia. To the best of my knowledge, no person that I deal with does.” It is now clear that wasn’t true. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I can't wait to hear the Doggy Styling on this one.
  10. Remodel

    Oh, Mitchka, Say It Ain't So

    Why am I not surprised?
  11. Remodel

    An example of proper decorum

    ^This. I learned long ago that ethics of an organization's culture rise and fall with the example set by its leaders. Our culture has descended into a win-at-all-costs mentality where compromise is a four-letter word and vilification of the opponent is the most lauded strategy. And of you disagree with me go fuck yourself
  12. Remodel

    Trump Tower Moscow

    Cite please, and if you can prove that Hillary was in the room with Don Jr.
  13. Remodel

    Paglia on (some of) the 2020 D Field

    The real question is whether or not any one on team red has the stones to challenge Trump.