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  1. Drip Drip Drip

    Why? He's already got Trump Jr, Manafort, the Brit that set up the meeting, that Russian lobbyist, and, I'd be willing to bet, the translator. He's also got Trump Sr having dictated his son's denial statement - which was a lie, and the fact that in the interview above, Ms Veselnitskaya stating on the record that the meeting was about sanctions (not adoptions...) With all that, he hardly need to waste taxpayer dollars to go to Berlin or elsewhere - she refuses to come to the States - to get what he needs to go after the Donnies.
  2. Not sure I understand where you are going with this. I'm against big money in politics in general, and I'm against malfeasance in government in all forms. I post a link to a story about democrats behaving badly, and you turn that into "I'm in denial about democrats supporting Trump?" That's out there man. Way out.
  3. Brothers Linked To Assad Gave Thousands To Dennis Kucinich’s Ohio Political Machine The former congressman is seeking the Democratic nomination in Ohio’s gubernatorial race and recently revealed he accepted $20,000 from a pro-Assad group. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/brothers-syria-assad-donations-dennis-kucinich-ohio_us_5ada6d6fe4b009869bf96907 Perfectly legal I'm sure, but something doesn't smell quite right to me.
  4. How are We Perceived?

    I think that depends on which forum you follow. ACA and PA are pretty toxic, but the others are what makes this place rock. Oh right, you meant sailors in general...
  5. NOAA Ship Rainier crashes in Lake

    It never does. They always have to towed outside the environment.
  6. There's some redundancy in that post, but even when duplicates are removed, it's a pretty impressive list.
  7. Korean War to end.

    Sure sign a peace treaty. Get the US off the DMZ and out of the country for the most part. Six weeks later, change your mind and invade.
  8. Buy a libtard a chicken sandwich

    Get a malted. Trust me.
  9. Buy a libtard a chicken sandwich

    The OP does more than eat Trump's shit. He wallows in it, and calls it cologne. He's just another sock puppet, and no longer worth my time
  10. Just goes to show that he is playing a long-term game. if he can play the greens, what's to say that he isn't already playing you. Oh that's right, your head is so far up Trump's ass you can't see shit from shineola.
  11. So Russia subverting liberal causes is bad, but Putin subverting conservatives gets a pass. Doggy styling 101. D = bad, R = good. Just what I would expect. Sad.
  12. Antrim 27 if you can find one. They tend to hold their value.
  13. Bob Dylan - The SECOND best lyricist?

    Terrible actor and singer, but great songwriter. Not a Dylan perhaps. Kris Kristofferson
  14. Art Bell

    Hard to believe he was only 72. Many are the times I listened to him while driving cross country in the wee hours on the way to or from a regatta.
  15. Ivanka Trump