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  1. Is It Too Much To Ask For An Early Christmas?

    Well, according to Dog, there's been no indictment, so there is nothing to investigate. Funny how that changes when the suspect wears a D after his/her name...
  2. Really? Well that explains a lot.
  3. Wrong on so many counts. As I said, the person has some rights. As an an enemy combatant, not so much, OK none. As a POW or a prisoner terrorist, he obtains some. If determined to be a US citizen, even more. Yes, we have a GITMO, but you have even more. Have you been to Nauru? How about any of these: Maribyrnong, established at Melbourne in 1966. Villawood, established at Sydney in 1976. Perth, established in 1981. Christmas Island, established 2001. Northern, established at Darwin in 2001. Baxter, near Port Augusta, SA, established 2002, closed 2007. Wickham Point, established at Darwin in 2011. Curtin, near Derby, WA, reopened in 2010. Scherger, near Weipa, Queensland, opened 2010, closed 2014.[12] Yongah Hill, near Northam, WA, established in 2012. Whose laughing now ya cunt? Want to see a hypocrite? Look in the fucking mirror. <edit> links directly quoted from Wikipedia.</edit>
  4. Surely Kushner is toast - morning joy

    Beat me to it. Once again, the Dog/Plame standard applies. There has been no conviction (or indictment) so there is no reason to investigate. BTW Dog, I've been down in Houston helping muck out houses and hauling trash this past couple of weeks, and you'll be glad to know that the poor to rich refrigerator ratio has gone up decidedly in the favor of the rich since Harvey dumped 35 inches of rain on them. If you want to count the dwindling middle class, the ratio changes, but not by a whole lot, since the middle class doesn't count for much anymore. Well done team Dog.
  5. Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street

    I think it was Jimmy Carter who said, " It's hell trying to find a job after you've been President of the United States." As for Sean Spicer speaking to a financial firm, I assume he's playing Harvey for their annual Easter egg hunt. Seriously, what else does he have to offer?
  6. Back to the OP for a minute. If the dude in question is in a training camp, a command bunker, or actively engaged in combat, you take him and his weaselly friends out. Same if he is in a convoy of militants or acting as a driver for some higher up. As an enemy, he has forsworn his rights as an American citizen. Once he is captured and becomes effectively a POW, things change. He has rights under the Geneva convention, and further rights as a US citizen. Bring him home, try him, convict him and sentence him to death or life at GITMO. Personally, I hope the would-be goatfucker gets fried along side a few hundred of his closest buddies. He's a traitor, same as Snowden and the Rosenbergs. I'll be hoping to personally inject the drugs or drop in the cyanide pellets.
  7. A pro-active approach for alt-right rallies

    And there is this little gem http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/white-house-donald-trump-media-ban-deeply-disturbing-cnn-new-york-times-national-press-club-a7599006.html
  8. A pro-active approach for alt-right rallies

    http://gilc.org/speech/osistudy/censorship/ I'll give you a hint, intimidation often begins with name calling.
  9. A pro-active approach for alt-right rallies

    Intimidation most definitely is.
  10. A pro-active approach for alt-right rallies

    I beg to differ. The attempt to discredit and intimidate the free press is definitely a form of censorship.
  11. A pro-active approach for alt-right rallies

    And, for the record, the habit of previous administrations, both democrat and republican, of setting up protest zones that are sometimes miles away from the actual event is deplorable. edit: I believe they are called free speech zones.
  12. A pro-active approach for alt-right rallies

    We have an administration that encourages the shouting down of protestors, labels the media as fake news, and names respected journalists as "bad" or "dishonest people," and you don't equate this with censorship? I am so not surprised.
  13. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-arpaio-hurricane_us_59a0c517e4b05710aa5c4e6b?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009 quote: As a Category 4 hurricane rapidly approached the coast of Texas on Friday night ― causing millions to run for their lives and worry for their homes, their pets, their family photos, their property and their livelihoods ― President Donald Trump escaped to Camp David, where he unleashed his own storm of controversial news, seemingly hoping no one would notice. Trump signed a memo banning transgender individuals from newly enlisting in the military and pardoned a former sheriff with a history of racist actions. One of his most controversial advisers resigned, and his administration teased they’d end a program that could put many young undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation. These controversial announcements all came as Hurricane Harvey bore down on the Texas Gulf Coast... ... In any other administration, any one of these announcements could have dominated the news cycle for days. In the Trump era, however, it appears every action was taken to ensure these decisions would be buried by Saturday, when the destruction of Harvey takes over. end quote: This administration has no shame.
  14. How rural America views trump

    I'm going to have to call bullshit on this one - at least where I live. All the people I know that voted for Trump are vehement Obama critics, and never voted for him. One recently said to me, "Thank god we finally got rid of that floppy-eared muslim." When asked to defend Trump's record so far, the response is that, "Hilary would have worse." Kind of like P.A...