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  1. What happens on the plantation stays on the plantation.
  2. Read the Mueller report yet?
  3. Remodel

    Ultimate Cruiser? Route 66 Is For Sale

    What's it rate?
  4. Remodel

    Ultimate Cruiser? Route 66 Is For Sale

    Are you kidding? The companionway is offset...
  5. Remodel

    The Grift Continues...

    We call that a two-bit whore around here. Two bits add up to 25 cents.
  6. Remodel


    You don't understand Dog logic. These things are only bad when democRats do them.
  7. Just how stupid are these people? The SOTU was addressed on Jan 20. It was also called the Biden inaugural address.
  8. Remodel

    Beam me up

    You know there is a Democratic administration in the White House when Dog starts cherry picking the news for the most outrageous items to smear the entire Liberal agenda.
  9. I can't speak for any members of this board, but I have friends that believe absolutely that. I try to point out that the 2'nd describes a well-regulated militia and that a government entity - either State or Federal - must necessarily do the regulating. But they don't want to hear that.
  10. Remodel


    In this case the dog howling at a 25 watt light bulb because it's so stupid he thinks it's the moon.
  11. The correct amount of chlorine will eliminate any pathogen.
  12. I completely agree, but so far no one has had the wherewithal or the balls to flush the turd.
  13. That would solve a lot of problems...
  14. I wouldn't get your hopes up if I were you. It only takes one Dog or one Joker to hang a jury and there are a lot of Drumphsuckers out there.