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  1. Why don't you respond to my entire post rather than taking it out of context? If you think Republicans are much worse about putting party before country, please think again. It's true that the Republicans of late have had a lot more opportunity to do so, but do remember that those racist Southern Republicans were originally racist Southern Democrats.
  2. No. Democrats are just as bad and as hypocritical as Republicans when it comes to supporting the unsupportable and defending the indefensible just because of party affiliation. It is unfortunate that Trump and his mal-administration have tilted the scales massively to one side, but Democrats, given the opportunity, would be equally bad behavers.
  3. When we won't even read important documents like the Mueller report, we get the government we deserve. Of course, the elk are fine with that as long as the letter after a candidate's name is the right one...
  4. Oh, I don't know. It seems every generation has to revisit the question:
  5. Remodel

    Understanding Bernie

    Best we limit their terms.
  6. Remodel

    Understanding Bernie

    Voodoo economics. Guess who coined that phrase.
  7. Remodel

    Understanding Bernie

    It started with Ronny Ray Gun.
  8. Remodel

    Understanding Bernie

    What a terrible state of affairs this has become.
  9. Remodel

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
  10. Remodel


    Since Trump has committed all of these, what would you suggest?
  11. Remodel

    Anti Trump

    What is your solution?
  12. Remodel

    He shoots he scores. Taliban sign truce.

    Turns out that the deal has yet to go into effect, and that the US was pretty much forced to sign by a Talibani ultimatum. So in other words, Trump's great accomplishment only comes after he is backed into a corner. Don't ya just love winning?
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