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  1. J 105 charter for Chicago mac

    jabrams, Contact the Fleet 5 class president and he will hook you up with some leads. There are a ton of 105's on the lake many of which don't race. We have seen great participation in the 105 fleet for the Mac race over the past 4-5 years, 20+ boats making us the largest one-design class the last two years. We have had crews from TX/MN/CA/MI/WI/MO to name a few. Great race and great fleet and a good time on the island afterward. (I can almost smell the horseshit now!) Hope to see you on the line! * The NA's are slated to be the next weekend in Harbor Springs (day motor/sail away) if you have an interest in that sort of thing. Steve/USA 104
  2. Chicago Area III

    Share away. Note that it's 2015, the CYC Race to Mackinac was excluded (the premier event), and it's only Area III - there's club racing, MORF, beer cans, dinghy racing, etc. The main reason I did the summary was to verify how port to ports are way more popular than buoy racing. Like everywhere, racers are getting (way) older and new blood (owners, crew, boats) isn't close to keeping up. The few areas I've seen that claim to be growing sail racing have done so in recent years (less than 10?), the longer term story is one of decline pretty much everywhere... Kind of a sad reality. It also goes to how Michigan City screwed the pooch with the Tri-State, after years of grumbling by the fleet about how they were treated at MC with no improvements many boats voted with their feet and started the Bi-State. It is next to impossible now to get those boats back to do the 3 legs.
  3. Is the NOOD Chicago Dead?

    Wow, 15 of the 18 boats in the J105 section are not here anymore. Some new boats came in but overall participation has declined as well. We get between 9-12 for the NOODS now when we used to see 17-19 before.
  4. Chicago Area III

    You forgot that the article also says that this is the lowest occupancy rate in 15 years. My unofficial observations say this this number is probably lower from my visits to different harbors. To be fair- So is Indiana- Hammond marina is a ghost town. Winthrop harbor is close to 60%. The only ones that seem to be doing well are Racine and Kenosha. Even Racine has vacancy as one of delivery trips back from the Mac last year- I was able to call day of and had my choice of quite a few spots. Truth be told- boating and especially sailing have problems. Too white, too old. With all the frac/lease/ bnb/peer2peer stuff- many only see it getting worse. We've seen a dent in the buyer market in California. "Too white, too old." Love that response, like it is a diversity issue that is hurting sailing. As far as too old all of the millenials can step up and start buying those boats to save sailing from "The Man". That is if they can move out of their parents basement first.
  5. Artemis?

    Terry has been making the big bucks for quite some time now, so get to the dentist and get some bleaching work done man!
  6. Chicago Area III

    Absofuckinloutely!! HJ, Evan, Gerb, Matty, Scott, Joe, Bill and the rest of the team, outstanding. In honor of Tom Neill they were going to wear their "Nitemare red" shirts today. Don't know if the weather cooperated for that to happen. Nice touch. Tracker was pretty awesome. Chicago represents! If you watched tracker with enough magnification, you could see the boats gybe, tack, etc. Would have loved to have seen the penalty turns. Must be really nice to win a world championship period. But when it is in your backyard and your YC is hosting; got to make it all the more special. Had a chance to go out on the course Sat to watch pre-worlds-very cool. I can only imagine what it has been like out there the past few days with 20+ and wave action. Good stuff.
  7. Chicago Area III

    Absofuckinloutely!! HJ, Evan, Gerb, Matty, Scott, Joe, Bill and the rest of the team, outstanding. In honor of Tom Neill they were going to wear their "Nitemare red" shirts today. Don't know if the weather cooperated for that to happen. Nice touch. Tracker was pretty awesome. Chicago represents!
  8. Chicago Area III

    Big shout out to FLASH GORDON! Kicked some ass.
  9. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    That was quick!
  10. Chicago Area III

    The Chicago Area III thread on page 3 during the season? Participation is down even on SA! Party at CYC seemed pretty tame compared to past years. Thanks to the race committee on Circle B, they did a nice job all weekend.
  11. Chicago Area III

    What ever happened to the J125 Jeannine? They still in Chicago?
  12. Chicago Area III

    Big props to the race committiee on Circle C. Smooth and by the numbers. That had to be the best 3 days of weather I have seen on a Nood in a decade. Awesome. Congrats to Blane and the boys on Striking, you guys were fast and smart.
  13. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    No disrespect intended toward J-Dream. I like the boat.
  14. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Just a thought on J Dream, why not Jream with the J logo as the J?
  15. Chicago Area III

    What boat were you on?