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  1. Rackham LR

    Bull 7000 - Help

    Thanks a lot
  2. Rackham LR

    Bull 7000 - Help

    Thanks Geo I know the Bullit website where there are some documents, however no UK sailing tests, and had a look on the Greg Young website, which is quite limited when it comes to the Bull 7000 However I did not think to ask Greg Youg directly ... Obvious ans easy solution that I should have considered before... Thanks to have raised it.
  3. @Asso


    I understand from your profile that you're located in Bulgaria and sail a former German Bull?

    1. asso


      I'm located in Bulgaria and sailing former UK boat.  She was trailered to Bulgaria directly from UK by previous owner.

  4. Rackham LR

    Bull 7000 - Help

    Hi everybody I own a Bull 7000 for a few months, and am interested in documentation and tips on this boat. The website search engine provides limited results, and is not efficient on archived topics. Whereas I’ve identified a couple of old topics with Bull 7000 in the title, I’ve not read each and every post of the other topics... The Class Association website is closed for a long time, and I’ve only found the Bullit blog http://bluebullitt.blogspot.fr/ in Swedish with some English documents. As I’m trying to set up a (limited) French website (www.bull7000.fr) and associated blog (blog.bull7000.fr) to consolidate information, I would be interested with any review, data and link to forum topics related to the boat. Thanks for your input.