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    never fuckin' mind

    I'll tell you what I am - I'm the damn paterfamilias!
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    espo is a dick

    Nah... It is more of a smackdown of Jboats in general... save any of them that end in a 5 or is called a J90, they are remarkably dull boats. The racing is tight and is usually fun, but watching them is worse than watching paint dry. At least you'd have the contact buzz of paint fumes to make that prospect more interesting. And yes... I have sailed JBoats... more than nearly anything else, so I do have a few cents of cred to spend here. Not much granted. Now a Snapper/Espo showdown in Melges 32s, Mumm 30s or anything with some serious speed potential... Also... in case anyone is really curious... both Snap and Espo would do extraorindarily well with the boats I mentioned above. It just strikes me that if we are gonna hold this world class drinking contest, we should probably bust out the good stuff. Trying to lighten up this thread folks. This is just sailboat racing (aka the least popular sport in th US).
  3. nemesis

    espo is a dick

    This is perhaps the most amusing thread I have ever read on SA. Rather than J29s at some dumbass regatta, I think we should have a fightothedeath cage match in Mac 24s. We can do a left and a right coast show. Before the race, you draw the name of one of the crew from a hat and the other team has to drink the dude's weight in malt liquor. I'd pay good money on PPV to see that one. Watching good sailors dink it out in 29s is about as thrilling as watching good sailors dink it out in 105s...