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  1. Ahh. The Bras D'Or. Fantastic place. But if you want austere beauty head to the sout' coast of The Rock..... a.k.a/ Newfoundland.
  2. I found my boat in Scotland. Had a documentation service that knew about the appostille deal with that end. Older boat, pre-HIN so none of that. Previously USCG documented so only some of that. I had fun with the logistics. I kept a spreadsheet of contact numbers there were so many. Duty was nothing compared to Mass sales tax and shipping cost. This list is from memory and I am sure I have left off a few. Me Scottish owner Scottish broker US surveyor (yes it was worth flying him over) UK insurance for delivery to ship Scottish delivery crew (1) required by UK insurance US delivery crew (3 + me) for North Channel to Southampton Southampton Marina while waiting for the ship UK help for loading UK port agent for shipping company UK customs broker US contact for dutch shipping line UK contact for special shipping insurance Netherland contact for the shipping line Netherland cell # for the shipping line loadmaster US customs broker US port agent US Marina for customs inspection US Customs officer US Insurance agent US insurance company US documentation service US Surveyor for inspection on arrival Multiple bank contacts in the US and Scotland for deposits and payment US marina while waiting for delivery crew home AND don't forget to pay attention to the possible EPA issues with the engine. Depending on your port of entry and the specifics of the boat you may be in for a shock. I was lucky to have both a port of entry that did not care AND a late model re-power that met EPA and was labelled correctly. Your US customs agent is your friend here. Giving you advice about this kind of thing is their job and they will help you long before that contract is signed if you are open friendly and enquiring. If you are not ready for the logistics hire someone to do this or don't do it. Everyone I dealt with along the way was helpful and enthusiastic and professional about the project. Not at all painful or difficult just complicated and fun. And for Rejected -- US designed and Dutch built.
  3. So the Macchi-Castoldi M39 was gorgeous, and bright red. But not as fast as the Sea Dart (not a Schneider cup entrant, far too late)
  4. Moonbeam, Off Halfway Rock , Salem Mass
  5. wow. Revisionist much? Spend a few and find out when the 720 was instituted and why. It was the '60s And you think freshmen in college didn't fuck up and binge back in the day? I sure as hell did and that wasn't last week.
  6. For my new (44 yr old) boat - Assuming units of feet and inches and gallons where appropriate. cup holders to berths =1:8 This is a significant problem that will be addressed clutches to DWL - 3:34 hmm.... The hull is too deep and rounded to sit on so in reality -- 0:whatever, but if the keel falls off so will the rest of the hull Cockpit length to headroom - 1:1 but with 7' headroom, that's enough 12:8 not counting liquor storage winches per seacock - 9:8 SA per berth: 130:1 shit-to-stick 16:62 Displays per LOA: 6:46 above deck 12:46 including the nav station Wheel diameter per loa 34:46
  7. Eight or twelve years ago everywhere in the BVI we went was kid friendly. Civilized like most everywhere. The questions was what did YOU want your kids to see. Likely still true today. PS. My kids are OK and the BVI are in their memory banks as a plus. PPS I just checked with my now 20 yr old who says "Take 'em its fun as shit." He was 8-12 then. Other was 10-14. Snorkeling. Dinghy. Barracudas. Foxys. Willy T. (early eve.) Soggy Dollar. Road Town. Bitter End. Sopers Hole. Cane Garden Bay. The Indians. The Baths.Bellamy Cay when Tony Snell was alive. bla bla bla. Enjoy.
  8. As a marconi ketch owner my first thought was main, reduce that weather helm (if it is there) but +1 on the mizzen staysail. The best part is every time you hoist it it is fun. And that ties your uncle to fun. For a long time. BTW, my mizzen staysail halyard is run internally. I kind of wish it was external and double ended 'cause it is a PITA to get it across the wind generator when gybing. (if someone here does not know the mizzen staysail has to be dropped and re-rigged and re-hoisted on the other gybe) Plus the mizzen staysail is ideal for confusing the hell out of non-ketch/yawl/schooner crew.The grins on the crew when it goes up and fills is awesome.
  9. Just a tidbit for those who own the four screw Lewmars - The 'Phillips' screws are not. They are Pozidrive. There are little hash marks between each of the four slots. It is not too hard to buy the right screwdriver. It makes disassembly and reassembly of that bit much easier. The Pozidrive does not cam out. Once you know the bit about the markings you will see them everywhere.
  10. And do you ask for comments from competitors? Like do they maintain and prep their boat? Do the start properly? Do they over stand the weather mark layine? Do the over stand the gybe layline? Do they round the mark in a seam like fashion? Do the really know how to sail? Oh yea, are their sails good or shit? There are many things that go into the question, Is a boats rating Fair? I know many of these questions should be asked at the local level but many times are not, I hereby make a motion that you ask all those questions. Is there a 2nd? Wait, before calling the question there should be more discussion. The questions listed cover the important objectives, but miss the MAIN ISSUE which is entirely subjective. "What is FAIR?" Many PHRF racers assume the goal of the system is a FAIR race, meaning that all competitors have an equal chance of winning. That is, in fact, impossible for any given race in a given set of conditions. PHRF would need to be hellishly more complex to allow for factors of wind strength & chop & percentage on which points of sail (this last issue is why many clubs have different ratings for distance races vs round-the-buoys). The goal of many local PHRF committees is to attempt a fair series or season, so that over a variety of conditions every type boat will get her chance to win a share of races. No individual race is really fair, yet everybody gets a chance to say "well my boat does poorly in light air/upwind/reaching parades/whatever, so this wasn't our race anyway." Everybody is a winner in their own mind. Everybody should be happy with the results. It's a social event. FB- Doug As an ex PHRF Handicapper, the conclusion I came to is that if PHRF is working well, everyone gets screwed equally over the course of a few seasons. That's the best you can hope for in a mixed fleet with random weather and arbitrary courses. Go sailing and have fun.
  11. This. It's all pickle dishes that corrode. For me, now that I am not quite the angry young man I used to be, any racing is fundamentally social. One Design, Frostbite, PHRF. I want no one on my crew I don't like. I don't want to sail with anyone I don't like. Simple. get your ass out there and have fun.
  12. I've been through documenting a boat whose doc had expired two owners before. It was 11 forms. 4 months. I just bought a boat in Scotland. I paid an expert to deal with the documentation. The pro knew all kinds of things I had never heard of. She talked and e-mailed the UK broker through the process. For example: USCG Bill of Sale requires a US Notary. in the UK that means going to a consulate. Except if the document is apostilled. That can be done by mail in the UK USCG recreational documentation takes many months. Except in unusual cases including if the vessel is in international transit. Lots of things that the experienced competent pros know that make it worthwhile hiring them. And an admiralty lawyer for advice doesn't hurt either. Make sure the pros are educating you too. You will still have to manage it all and be on top of it.
  13. Hey, Remember it was a link to the photo, not a copy of the photo. I would certainly check, but last I heard EU law said that's OK. Dylan - Ignore any legal advice here, especially mine. It's all worthless except the bit about talk to a lawyer (solicitor for you I think) ps did you go through the canal to Lochgilphead?
  14. let it go or stuff sardines into his fresh air vents
  15. Hailing port needs a post office. For USCG documented vessels.