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  1. B&G T12 Touchscreen - No Power

    If the Zeus Touch was programmed to power up as a slave, you also have to apply 12V to the yellow wire (pin 3) of the same connector.
  2. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    When I first ask for a quote from North, they included a mid-summer discount valid until end of July. I ordered my sails from them 7 month later and had a discount because they were present at the Montréal Boat Show. Go figure...
  3. Turn signals; why are they installed? Nobody uses them

    I always tought that blinkers where an option on high end cars. Rolls-Royce dont have them (never saw one blinking), BMW some times, crappy trash car everytime...
  4. Show your boat sailing thread

    Some boat of our club during the last race of 2016. Mine at the beginning and at 0:57
  5. B&G Tritons Showing Different Readings?

    Yes, each does it's own calculation. And they are usualy pretty close. But if there is a second source of TWA on the N2K bus, one can select a different source that has a different damping. This is what happend to me when the autopilot (AC12) is running. The AP has more damping than the Triton display...
  6. Clear rust protection

    There is a clear version of POR15.
  7. Touchscreen plotters & Wet Boats

    I have a Zeus Touch and it work fine even in porring rain.
  8. B&G Hornet 4 say boat speed is 0.00

    Thanks LeCanard. Just got an answer from Tinley. This paddlewheel is also a coil, so my high resistance reading mean that the transducer is dead. Also got a quote from Myles for a replacement (SEN-SPD-HP) and schematic to make it work with my Hornet 4. Now, only thing to confirm is if it is gonna be a drop fit in the actual through-hull housing. Looks like it as my housing is a B17.
  9. B&G Hornet 4 say boat speed is 0.00

    It is really a paddlewheel sensor that I have. Six blades paddle and the sensor extremity is red (part # 202-00-036). This is one of the only B&G sensor with a body diameter of 40mm. 1- What type of sensor is that red end sensor I have: reed relay or magnetic pickup? 2- Should I be reading any voltage at terminal 1 & 2 of the Hornet 4 unit when the speed sensor is not connected? 3- What other speed sensors from B&G can be used on a Hornet 4? Thanks,
  10. B&G Hornet 4 say boat speed is 0.00

    I will send this question to Richard. I already know Tinley as I have their Hornet4_to_NMEA black box combined with an AT10 to provide data to my N2K network (Zeus Touch, Triton and AC12). Still looking for LeCanard opinion.
  11. B&G Hornet 4 say boat speed is 0.00

    My B&G Hornet 4 boat speed started do display 0.00 kt while crusing (and boat log does not increment), and never went up again. Paddlewheel is still there and turns freely. I disconnected the paddlewheel from the Hornet unit, and jumping terminals 1 & 2 with a piece of wire gives me boat speed (proportionnal to my jumping frequency). Looks like the Hornet unit is fine. However, I cannot read any voltage at the Hornet paddlewheel terminals. I imagine it is normal, as the paddlewheel is not a reed relay but a magnetic pickup (30000 turn of wire according to LeCanard). Measured the resistance of the paddlewheel and is reads over 200000 ohms. LeCanard wrote that it should be aroud 10000 ohms, so it does not look good for the sensor. What other paddlewheel will work with a Hornet 4 system? SEN-SPEED-H or P? If I can find another Hornet paddlewheel unit (2 wire, part number 202-00-036 red), will it be compatible with a eventual H5000 system? LeCanard, please help...
  12. It is the same address as Tinley Electronics. I have a Hornet4 to NMEA0183 device from them. Good product.
  13. VO65 boats - what happens to them now?

    DF tracker is still active. The boat Is back to Southampton.
  14. When I die...bury me in this

    What? No elevator in the mast?
  15. Any try a Garmin Nautix In-view Display

    Don't know for other watch, but the Quatix can connect to the GNT10 (N2K-Ant+ transceiver) also. But they don't list the GNT10 as compatible with the Nautix.