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  1. PeterSailor

    B&G zeus to simpard tp22?

    Quick look at the TP22 manual let me think it will.
  2. PeterSailor

    B&G H5000 2018 update issues

    It was not software update related. At first, when I changed my Hornet4 for the H5000, TWA was fine for few month. Then, crazy TWA values. In the H5000 web page, check the red, green and blue phase value of the Wind angle. In my case, blue phase was jammed at 8.5V
  3. PeterSailor

    B&G H5000 2018 update issues

    What type of mast head unit do you have? I had the same TWA crazy number going upwind. If you kept your older 213 MHU, wire orange should not be connected to pin 2 of the H5000 masthead unit connector. This pin is 12V, and to high for an older 213MHU. Orange wire should be on pin 3 (5V).
  4. PeterSailor

    Garmin Quatix 3/5 vs... ?

    Correction from GOGO Gadjet, beta app on Connect IQ for Quatrix 5 to work with the GNT10. Some Fenix 5 model also.
  5. PeterSailor

    Garmin Quatix 3/5 vs... ?

    If you are thinking about the GNT10 NMEA2000 transceiver, it is basic ANT and is compatible only with the original Quatrix. Quatrix 3 & 5 are ANT+ and are listed compatible with GNX Wind instrument and a lot of GPSMAP model, not the GNT10.
  6. PeterSailor

    Weird B&G pilot behavior

    Does all the heading sources have the same N2K instance?
  7. PeterSailor

    C&C 39 Rudder lost at sea...

    You can also look at Their C&C39 rudder is a Robert Perry design.
  8. PeterSailor

    H5000 Measured Wind Speed Calibration

    There is damping on AWA, but AFAIR, there is no damping on the Measured Wind Speed. Two different thing in the H5000. No problem with my bearing, I had my unit in my hand last Week, and with non cup installed, this shaft turn like forever. And jammed bearing would just help for that calibration, as I am talking about offset (not turning = 0 Kt).
  9. PeterSailor

    H5000 Measured Wind Speed Calibration

    Ok, that would be a good Reason. And who would go sailing when there is less than 0.5 Kt. Still, for display purpose, real value could be used, and non zero value for internal calculation. To be sure it is not just me, to owner/user of H5000, what does measure wind speed say when your cups are not turning (or violet wire disconnected)?
  10. PeterSailor

    H5000 Measured Wind Speed Calibration

    The Autocal in measured Wind is for angle only. I am looking for the way to ajust Measured Wind speed offset. The note I have read is this one: "The calibration values are factory set based on Wind tunnel tested sample and it is not recommended to change them. The option to change them exists for advanced users."
  11. Since I installed my H5000 Hercule CPU, I never had a no-Wind day. But now, with the cups not turning, I have a measured Wind speed offset of 0.45 kt. To be sure, I disconnected the pulse wire (violet) from my 213MHU, and still 0.45 kt. The manual say "no calibrations are applied except the factory set offset and Hz/Kt values". I have read somewhere that those offset and Hz/Kt can be changed. Does anyone know how to do it?
  12. PeterSailor

    cleaning spider poop off gelcoat

    Aurora Boat Scrub with a hard bristle brush. After I wax the deck with Aurora Sure Step, spider poop stain go off with only a wet mop.
  13. PeterSailor

    Let's pick on Canada for a change.

  14. PeterSailor

    Hornet 4 and Hecta add a Vulcan 7 will it work

    All the transducer stay connected to the Hornet 4. The Tinley box connect to the Hornet data repeater bus (as per the instructions) and convert the propriatary data to NMEA0183. The AT10 convert 0183 to 2000. The Vulcan do not provide power (12Vdc) to the N2K cable. You will have to add a tee and power cable.