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  1. PeterSailor

    Random PicThread

    Miss body and fender, lol
  2. PeterSailor

    B and G zeus vs triton calibration

    You were on the water yesterday, lucky you. I dont think calibration factor are send to all the devices on the NMEA network. The source of data, speed transducer, wind instrument, must be calibrated, or put the calibration factor in the principal source of data (Zeus) and select that source for the Triton. Calibration in the Zeus are in Settings/Network/Calibration. TWD need all data to be good, even compass.
  3. PeterSailor

    Random PicThread

    Quote from hobot, close to the real thing...
  4. PeterSailor

    The one positive that has come out of this Pandemic

    It is actually hard to get in or out of my neighborhood, so many people waking in the street. We'll ether be in good shape, or dead.
  5. PeterSailor

    First thing you're going to do?

    Go remove the winter cover off my boat, wax, VC17, lauch and sail for 2 months.
  6. Took 5 pounds just looking at the last page.
  7. PeterSailor

    For Canadians only ...

    Dont apologize, you are actually right. Quebec spring break was the week before the great closure.
  8. PeterSailor

    For Canadians only ...

    Two reasons why that high case number in Quebec. Half of the people are in one region, Montreal is the hot spot, and they test more. More test gives high cases number, but also a lower death ratio. Half of the death are also in senior care facilities.
  9. PeterSailor

    ‘No Canadian’

    Our mosquitos? They drag us from the trail to eat us in the wood.
  10. PeterSailor

    BVI on a cat in with route etc

    I was there 2 weeks ago. Lot of Sunsail and Mooring, but we were with TMM charter. Well maintained boat and installation. Other than Anegada and the south gap of Mosquito Island, there is enough water. There was super yacht everywhere except Anegada.
  11. PeterSailor

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    We saw Il Mostro going down the river at Brockville, Ontario last september (2019-09-21). Probably going to the new owner.
  12. PeterSailor

    VC17 (Premixed 1yr old)

    I mix my VC17 in a Ketchup bottle and poor it directly on the roll. A bit like your soda bottle. I always have a leftover in the bottle when the boat is done and always managed to remix it the next spring. Sometime I use a stick to free the copper from the bottom before shaking it.
  13. PeterSailor

    H5000 Websocket Data Logger

    Try that for Windows Laptop
  14. PeterSailor

    B&G zeus to simpard tp22?

    Quick look at the TP22 manual let me think it will.
  15. PeterSailor

    B&G H5000 2018 update issues

    It was not software update related. At first, when I changed my Hornet4 for the H5000, TWA was fine for few month. Then, crazy TWA values. In the H5000 web page, check the red, green and blue phase value of the Wind angle. In my case, blue phase was jammed at 8.5V