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  1. Chicago Mac Race

    Having sailed on a OD 48 for a few seasons (48007), I remember it being like a big Star boat. Huge main, great backstay adjustments, the wheel drove like a tiller. Very sad to hear this news, happy to hear the crew is safe. ID
  2. Chicago Mac Race

    Boy is that the truth! I wonder how many crew didn't pack warmer clothes, as it looks like they had some chilly times so far.
  3. Chicago Mac Race

    Has anybody asked Dry Armour his thoughts? I'll send him a pm.
  4. Chicago Mac Race

  5. Chicago Mac Race

    I hope Rowdy wins it all!!!! Tim which 'burb are you moving to?
  6. Chicago Mac Race

    $25/bag, $50/ per sail? Might be feasibul. Plus someone sitting at the pick-up location waiting for the T-10's to show up on Tuesday...
  7. Chicago Mac Race

    All the best to my friends and all in this years' Mac race. One of the two rods in my lower back (surgery in June '10- Ike and Rich waited for 8 hours til' I got out of surgery- awesome!)- well I just found out that the right rod is broken in half- fuckin' titanium!!! Lawsuit?? I went out cruising a couple of times but I really miss racing. Cheers and God speed to all. I'll be thinking of you. ID p.s. As my daughter says, "Dad, you've done 30 of them, and 8 Bayview Macs, take a break!!" Smart young lady!
  8. Chicago Area III

    America's Cup- I have 2 General Admission tickets for Saturday, and 2 for Sunday. $25 each, PM me if you'r interested. ID
  9. ACWS Chicago - June 2016

    Any one need General admission tickets for Saturday or Sunday? I have 2 for each day. PM me if interested. $25/per ticket
  10. Best Bars for Sailors - USA

    Been to 1,2,5&6. And I agree about McGarvey's, should be there. ID
  11. Chicago Area III

    A friend of mine was just given a Sunfish. It has everything EXCEPT a tiller/rudder combo, and a daggerboard. Any help would be much appreciated! PM me if you have any leads at all. (New ones are expensive as hell!). ID
  12. Old School Anarchy

  13. Chicago Area III

    Blub, once again a masterpiece! It is hard to get Nickleson's image out of your head while reading! Well done! ID
  14. Chicago Area III

    T let me know if they need a main trimmer/driver. Just went online now and saw this. Cheers, ID T let me know if they need a main trimmer/driver. Just went online now and saw this. Cheers, ID
  15. Chicago Area III

    With you there T! Wassss up in Chicago racing?