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    Patagonia fly-fishing gear.....musto has let me down...Patagonia warenty is solid. Heavy goretex...rubber cuffs
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    Pukers United – For those that have

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    Pukers United – For those that have

    BONINE- take one an hour before going out and take a second when you get on the boat..[for really big wave days].. then one every 12 hrs.....no issues...works great. Sturgeron- cinnarazine- from canada pharmacy OTC -15-30 mg take 2 but need to take them every 6 hrs....if you forget it is not good. Patch... makes you hallucinate in your sleep...but does keep you from getting sick.... wash hands after for sure... or wear gloves... clean skin off with alcohol before applying.
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    i touch myself

    'Racing is physically demanding, emotionally intense and highly focused, mercilessly competitive with primal banter ' This is exactly what I love about it..... Don't care if you pee off of the side...don't care if you are foul mouthed, I am just as bad when back of the boat screws up. Female and part of the team ---not the 'chick' on the boat..
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    6 new wooden optis complete....need a bit $ to rig them up

    YEAH.... How about you all throw some $ to these kids...... step it up.... It is the way to get kids out.... https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/help-the-riverport-sailing-and-rowing-school-float-our-boats-for-youth-sailing-on-the-hudson-river/carter-blease
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    Manhasset Fall Series

    Photos up here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pt6zzfmmwrbn5rm/qsze_B5Apx?n=194051653
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    Manhasset Fall Series

    photos photos