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  1. BJ like your spaghetti riff to K state's school board but have to point out the numbers of active pirates is exponentially increasing of late not decreasing as your chart shows, decoupling any relationship with warming

    https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/feart.2017.00004/full Humans as Agents in the Termination of the African Humid Period Sahara a man made desert?

    if you know a bit of history of the deniers and who is funding them it becomes very clear who is corrupt and has a history of lying for pay to support corpRAT PROFITS HINT IT AIN'T the researchers too many cat 4/5 hurricanes are only one clue there are far too many others also

    it is the major change and is driving the temperatures cxhanges and no , errors or omissions in models donot prove what YOU WANT the other assumptions are tracking the events better in newer models only fools think 7 billion people can't screw up our planet or that science is corupt
  5. Inland Waterway Bridge Clearance

    ain't them antenna tips meant to bend a bit when they tap something ? or sail the damm thing so it ain't strait up btw king tide this week-end may be over the records for hi-water

    btw water vapor in the air is self limiting by 100% H that produces RAIN and the water falls out of the air there is no such limit to CO2 it collects in the air and does not cycle out quickly

    proof of GW or CC is fairly simple if you know the facts the models used at first had no idea our sun was going in to a slow down no sun spot phase those models assumed a steady state in solar output that didNOT happen so it follows the model predictions did not line up with real world numbers our star is only very slightly variable but it's output does change in sun spot minimums with that happening now here is the simple proof of GW the temps are still slightly increasing NOT DROPPING AS THEY DID IN EVERY OTHER RECORDED sun spot minimum WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME ? MORE CO2 IN THE AIR PROOF CO2 RETAINS HEAT IN THE REAL WORLD IN REAL TIME THERE IS LOTS OF BS BY THOSE WHO FEAR A LOSS OF PROFITS THEY WILL TRY TO SHIFT OR DENY OR LIE TO PROTECT THEIR PROFITS
  8. Fuel polishing systems onboard

    tip from buying a MB car that sat a few years and had a thick bug coat in the tank/intank filter was black with the bug goo startron bioside tank cleaner is the same as the fuel conditioner and cheaper in the big bottle
  9. Irma

    palms are a grass not trees fiber but no wood so they bend and seldom break but they do go down some only 1/2 or 2/3 of the way and regrow if let be
  10. early experiment in eazy launch and recovery of the kite I see no need for that kind of contraption I am sure that is not required to fly a kite just to make it idiot proof there are better ways lighter simpler to do it
  11. wide base to better control stable flight of the kite shallow draft and lighter boats more deck space for solar less rolling eazy to beach
  12. no comments on the multi+kite to limit the flipping to almost never ? I see the mast as a obsolete way to get an airfoil up in the wind and unnecessary cost and liability vs a kite that can be depowered instantly money better spent on several kites for different wind ranges and angles of attack and development of computer control of the kite for course keeping I could care less about ratings and races the future is kites not lever arm masts to make your boat flip
  13. Nowhere to Hide

    you can get a HD CAMERA in a cheap tab or netbook now UHD camera for a few bucks more the size of a match box now a good lenz and aiming gimbals cost a bit but not nasa money anymore so they can stack them on a small sat add a few tricks I don't know of maybe a million or two plus launch each sat start up money not nasa money
  14. Maria

    only at hi tide or when a cat 3-4-5 comes near
  15. Irma

    the wife of 46 years is shrinking a bit of late the gf was expanding after limiting her smoking and was dropped