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  1. nota

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    to me any non dollar adjusted system misses the point it is all about dollars he who spends the most should have that reflected in any rating system both on the hardware and the other expenses like paid crew, el-tricks, bottom prep, and many other costly tricks
  2. nota

    ISO 32-36' Cruiser without Mast / Sails

    good use for a old hunter very low stress future in her plan
  3. nota

    what is it?

    if and only if you make tooling [molds] and hire pro labor a lone guy doing his own boat no where near that
  4. so you want a party to the left of the center-right demo's ? or a party between the far far right Gop and the center-right demo's ? witch ?
  5. nota

    Lay Down Sally...Please

    most other areas in fla came up to the sfla code but the sfla code increased only a little thank to very cost concise developers who bribe/support the local law makers I watched a house built in 2019 next door with one layer tar paper no tar and shingles nailed on improved areas cbs wall corners now have rebar and concrete reinforcement windows have to be ''hurricane rated'' tested with ONE HIT but they broke out totally in in Dorian with many hits doors also but most still have cheap soft wood frames roofing not much tile is required to have one nail in it now vs none improved but still very inadequate truss and ply standards up from 1/2'' to 5/8 really 17/32 nailed my roof is 1 1/2'' screwed and glued they only want nails no glue and one layer of 17/32 only for the decking roof truss uses 2x4 braces and 2x6 longs to code now my 40's built small house had 2x8 and some real 4x8s and 12x4 main ridge beam on full 1'' tongue &groove +barrel tile and standards are for claimed 130mph most think 100mph is more realistic for the latest codes
  6. nota

    Lay Down Sally...Please

    about the same or less total weight as concrete/clay tile that others have on the same beams/structures but the tile has no real structural strength or load spreading just weight cbs walls here as wood frame is a no no in hurricanes and that is why the 1/2'' SS cables just to be double sure the roof stays in place I have seen what a cat 5 does to normal code roofs I worked in south dade after ANDREW rebuilding
  7. nota

    Lay Down Sally...Please

    metal galvanized steel is the wind load resistance peal&stick is water sealer plastic in place of tar/paper worked with two structural engineers who were friends on the ideas before I started idea of laps and bends is to not allow open ends of the metal to flap and come off idea of 3 ply layers with screws + glue not nails is from bahama houses that survive cat 4-5 storms cbs walls have concrete caps with metal strapping to tie down the beams
  8. nota

    Lay Down Sally...Please

    build codes don't help as they define the minimum standards and make for a problem if you want to really storm proof a roof I got lucky and pre-cleared my plan with the local head of the city dept after the inspectors said you can't do that and no pro roofers would bid the job at over code minimums I did a cat 5 roof 3 layers of plywood screwed and glued by myself with hired locals as day workers code is one layer nailed no glue no tar no paper only modern plastic base called shark skin and ice and water hi-temp peal&stick plastic roofing that self seals the screws the doubled every other sheet metal roofing 5v and lapped them over the peak about 6 feet each way 4 layers of metal at the peak code is only one layer only no lapping allowed bent down the edges of the metal over the 2x6 fascia and screwed them down code is 1x6 fascia no bending the metal allowed nails to attach the fascia to the beams then added 1/2 SS rigging wire tied to the ground slab 23k load rated to hold the whole roof in place not even thought of in the current toughest in the USA local code we are in the 1992 ANDREW eye wall strike zone and saw what a cat 5 eyewall does to roofing so built for that wind load level something no code comes close to we are on a ridge so no flood zone [did NOT flood in ANDREW] SO ONLY WIND LOADS ARE THE RISK and can't afford hurricane insurance at 5k pre year so spent double the avg roofing costs once all windows and doors inc garage covered by steel shutters
  9. nota

    What's at your bird feeder?

    peacocks the area is infested with them
  10. nota

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    brin uplift war and Brightness Reef dies the fire by S. M. Stirling that is the first one there are a lot of them in the Emberverse even sailboats
  11. nota

    What is it?...and why!?

    here is an other version
  12. nota

    What is it?...and why!?

    newer version of a beachcomber 25 a boat inspired by Commodore Munroe's presto c/b boats of the 1890's I have one that was a zombie/free hurricane boat I am slowly restoring my boat was surge flooded and beached trashing the interior but sails rig ect in very good shape in my opinion a good fla bay's / keys boat for an older sailor and worth fixing
  13. had an older chrysler board boat hull that made a decent rowing dink I don't remember any directional problems rowing it and it was fairly fast longer is better for rowing
  14. nota

    Best Porsche 911??

    second generation MX-5 Miata revised with vvt first gen NA then NB then NB2
  15. nota

    Best Porsche 911??

    mortals can't afford the good ones anymore 944 turbo is a good car for most or an 944S2 or 968 pre-smog 911 are nuts the S models 1/4 million $ my dad had 6 356's inc a 4 cammer and a speedster when they were newish they rust