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  1. ARC 2017

    WHY NOT KITES for distance multi's a no mast no lever trying to flip you just strings and cloth eazy to get down and off deck too is it the RULES OR ratings or something else ?
  2. Hard vs soft dinghy

    sea gull tips if you got time heat up the sparkie plug on a gas stove then insert HOT if you don't [starting fluid] BUT SPARINGLY WARNING donot do that [starting fluid ] to normal 50 TO 1 2strokes outboards only seagulls with their 10 to 1 oil ratio seagulls are so oil soaked you can't wash it all off on a normal 50 to 1 or oil injection you can with BAD RESULTS the hot plugs work on any outboard 2 stroke may help a 4 stroke too and you can use starting fluid on a 4 stroke BUT SPARINGLY
  3. Inspecting a mooring?

    other peoples moorings can get you in years of living at anchor my only break away were from you guessed it other peoples moorings some areas eat iron and steel over time I have see 100 lbs fisherman anchors reduced to a rusty 20 lbs
  4. Hard vs soft dinghy

    btw the gators seldom get in salt water for long now we got crocks salt water crocks but thankfully they are rarely seen by those that live to tell anyway but I donot think ether a crock or a gator would make a good dink
  5. Hard vs soft dinghy

    we registered as a commercial fishing vessel as the cost was the same do to a local law that declared no commercial fishing vessel was subject to live-aboard rules even if in fact people lived on the boat and no matter if we ever caught a fish we caught some fish but never sold any so no my boat was not a yacht legally with intent
  6. Hard vs soft dinghy

    bet I have spent more time in small craft then you have mostly sailing just to get to work or home daily and have posted dink use data here and have built my own oars and rigged several types of sliding seats that are real boost to rowing want 9ft spoon oars under $20 ? sure the clubbies will lol but they work fine split a 2x4 of western red ceder or spurce or other lite strong wood 8ft stock 1'' to 3'' diagonally with a circular saw or hand saw cut down with the saw and round a bit with a router plane grinder or file the hand grip area on the 3'' end to fit your hand grip and slot the narrow end both about 6'' I use a router to do the whole oar shaft roundish but it does not need to be perfect work harder on the grip and the bit in the oarlock area split a 5 gal paint bucket into strips as wide as you want for spoon shaped ends 3 to 4'' works for me pick a strong stiff bucket some are too flexie soft leave a nub of the bottom of the bucket as an end part fence only an 1'' or less drill and screw the strip into the slot with 1'' screws 3 each oar leaving about a foot sticking out free to get 9 foot oar from 8ft stock sand smooth the grips and oarlock areas and row with your under $20 oars a sliding seat and real speed gains over hand rowing 6-7 ft oars will be seen
  7. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I always called my boat a working boat not a yacht as it was not a toy and had a real job to do [providing a home to my family]
  8. Hard vs soft dinghy

    incompetents who can't anchor or row need docks and blowup speeders I find many vets and others marginalized by stuck up ass holes like you far more interesting kind caring and more willing to help when needed then the yacht club types like you who think income matters more then their character
  9. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I had two boats survive ANDREW in the bay in place and in one piece while many of the docked boats were beat to death and sunk near by as a fascistic ass hole fuck you and your money is privilege attitude btw I worked for the county gov as a land surveyor while living at anchor for free but had little problem with those who escaped the job drudgery how ever they could it sure made for a more interesting place to live then suburbia where I am now AS A COMMNUNITY, we live aboards sure do not need the BS you spew ass hole
  10. Hard vs soft dinghy

    you are mixing condo bylaws with city rules the actual city rule requires an pump out rig attached to a live-aboard boat while not an out right ban it is a problem and makes a live-aboard boat cost prohibitive mostly but is limited to fort lickherdale city limits in miami dade the bay is mostly open to anchor and most canals and rivers have live-aboards I find the anti-live-aboards a very offensive fascist attitude that I did not expect on a sailing board but I guess ass holes are everywhere
  11. Hard vs soft dinghy

    this land is my land has been since the ancestors stepped off the speedwell take your pig loving BS else where
  12. Bowsprit and Dockage

    well I am the odd one but we lived at anchor to save on paying lot rent for the trailer first on a 24ft sb then traded on a 47 ft f/g houseboat
  13. Hard vs soft dinghy

    sorry yacht clubie I seldom dock as anchoring is free most places the club or marina types get upset if you head off their property with a dock cart and I avoid the fee grabbers like key west lots of other nice spots are still free while there are some decent water cops the ones who run around wanting to board, inspect or demanding papers are a pain and very common post 9-11 in south fla and come in fed state or local types in amazing numbers
  14. Hard vs soft dinghy

    sorry donot have pics wish I had the basic plan is a flat or near flat center area or an added flat piece of ply inside and some bungee cords to help keep the SB/seat centered over tighten the trucks so the board has less tendency to want to turn tight trucks also works when using the SB to move heavy stuff I don't ride it loaded just pull it added bonus you can use the SB to move the dink on land if needed