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  1. too bad the REAL FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW will never be applied to these fools if they were ghetto kids who committed a felony and someone died with a connection to the crime they would be facing murder charges as that is very common locally even when it is a BIG stretch to connect the crime to the death state pigs will try hard to do that with this mess being middle aged white guys I see little chance of it happening here
  2. nota

    Nigel Calder’s Integral Generator Replacemant

    what is the percent of sailors and sailboats that are used for local sails vs distance I have owned about 2 dozen boats and only 2 of them went on distant trips so less then 1 in ten went distance one had and used a outboard miami to NC ditch part and offshore also and back the other did miami to key west and back withOUT any motor pure sail I feel the majority of boats day sail or week end vs the few that need and use extended range of a diesel
  3. nota

    Nigel Calder’s Integral Generator Replacemant

    granted not ready for prime time yet but el car use will provide cheap wrecked parts battery motor controlers ect to play with and development of better units in the future and not for long range under power if you need that but it is a sail boat we are talking about and most boats do not do long distance most day sail or weekend and need power in short random uses to get off/on the dock out a channel /bridge and MOSTLY SAIL so no need to use all day long or desire to do that no stink or fire danger from fuel
  4. nota

    Nigel Calder’s Integral Generator Replacemant

    room cost maintenance instant power I think a el motor/gen attached to the prop is not used much but an idea that needs investigation why not use the free power of the boat sailing to spin the prop/generator ? and that same free power to move the boat instantly available at a flipped switch windmill and solar for times not sailing and invest the funds not spent on the multi Ks diesel on a huge battery bank lipo or what ever you think is safe or can afford to bad there is no real way to use battery weight as ballast yet to be a perfect solution a water proof low mounted battery would be idea or a practical way to move batterys like water ballast tacking with too much rube goldbergish stuff
  5. do the feds have felony death law like some state do ? where any death in a felony is first degree MURDER as breaking and entering is a felony and one cop died and the chic got shot dead so everyone involved from the glass breakers to the last one in is guilty and anyone who aided abetted or other wise involved even if they did not enter the building is an accessory
  6. cubans in miami shot and killed with bombs other cubans who were deemed not rightwing enough ie moder-rats while commie cubans invaded african country's to support wars of so called liberation bay of pigs CIA cubans did the watergate break in and the 80's cocaine distribution for st ron of raygun to finance the contras and the miami river cops who killed a bunch of people and stole tons of cocaine were all cubans lovely bunch of people I just wish they were else where and not in my home town and support all efforts to limit any more of them here
  7. nota

    is Putin Q

    is Putin and or his minions the source of the Q delusions ?
  8. you think trumpers are rightwing nuts ? the first batch of cuban refugees in miami post castro were 10 times worse then the Q faction of trumpers and they have NOT got much better over the last 60 years just more numerous and vocal now over a million of them here cubans turned miami into a third world rightwing city where english is seldom heard
  9. nota

    RaspberryPi - OpenPlotter

    our GPS has/had a random deviation that changes over time they can change it depending on what ever current crisis or not that was done to prevent exact targeting by hostile forces using our system [our military has better systems] that is why survey GPS uses RTC [real time corrections] from a known fixed location to correct the random deviations by radio link to a remote user
  10. what is the current cost for starlink ? per month and equipment cost/rental ect ? does the ant receiver move to track the sat ? would the normal movement of a boat roll pitch ect effect the ant receiver reception
  11. nota

    Engine Troubleshooting Help

    that is the shade tree mech test for bad rings oil and leaking down no but diesel in the oil will cause the ring wearing as it reduces the oil viscosity [thinner/weaker oil film = worn rings] anyway the upper rings are compression lower rings oil control wipers plastic gauge the rods and main bearings as thin oil will get them also
  12. nota

    So Cal Trailer Paint

    anyone use the spray on zink ? I have used it on metal roofing cuts or PRC or similar anti rust paint other then rustoleum
  13. nota

    sea sponge lattice strength

    not a solid chunk of foam/balsa/nomex inside and one layer of carbon outside but thicker walls 2 carbon layers with something between on a tapered mandrill form that is removed so space for halyards wires ect but a thicker stiffer wall of the mast after the mandrill is pulled add local inside webs if needed where needed to get the increased bending stiffness with out the weight of a solid thicker carbon layer [except where higher loads like boom mount spreader area or at the deck] much like a deck sandwich with foam balsa or plywood inside the wall to save weight but be stiffer
  14. nota

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    was sitting on a seawall at the boat yard having a smoke water was about 3 ft deep at high tide maybe two feet below the wall first a single cuda swam by about 3 ft then it got spooked and swam off fast as two much bigger cudas came by 5 ft at minimum then they got spooked and swam off fast and here come a full grown hammerhead who's body draft took all the water fin fully out in the air we pulled up our feet or we could have touched the fin hammerheads love the shallows and often bite people in very shallow waters
  15. nota

    Pink Floyd - History

    welcome to the machine first heard as we returned to miami after our first extended cruse first saw them live in 68 at the pop festival at gulfstream