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  1. some scrap buyers will sell alloy plate or find someone scraping/junking a f/g power boat and cut a flat bit off a f/g part should work fine
  2. nota

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    buy a cheap carpet cut to fit and go sailing
  3. nota


    we got a lite used Miele that was on a yacht off C-list it is an older push button unit no screen or computer just a clockwork dial I really like the simple older no computer appliances
  4. nota

    Life with a deep(ish) keel in Miami

    docks are at a premium because they can and the weather not much storm damage here last storm was west coast of the state/lower keys but lots of boats so few open docks some sell for a 100k in your size rent 500 to insane some private river dock at better deals but long motor in/out anchor or moorings both free or costly are out there mostly clubs or city/county for moorings but hard if out of town to do maybe local boat sitter/crewman ? south bay is ok at 6 ft lots of room and soft bottoms if you do get off course mostly grass covered muck or sand no real inside coral in the bay most hard reefs are out side the keys and there are a lot of deep channels to the ocean but I would go with a CB boat more for the keys bahama trips
  5. nota

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    I don't race or rate but drag racers have a dial a time system [self rated] and IF exceeded they LOST the race call breaking out of your bracket and as wind speed is a BIG factor I fail to see how one number can be fair in all wind speeds another stray thought money matters if J-xx class has a given rating based on older boats with older sails and a guy shows up with a brand new boat with new sails he gets the same rating as the older boats ?
  6. nota

    Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    we used a shop vac at the raft inspection station I worked at long ago also handy to deflate totally to get back in the canister there are small wet dry 12v DC car units that also can suck up water out of the dink or boat bilge or just use to clean up the boat
  7. nota

    How low can you go? Polyester

    I have used kerosene lamps on a beach after dark to get glass work to kick cardboard plywood or plastic sheets help to contain the heat but why not use 5200 or other flexible filler ? on both inside and out !!
  8. nota

    NEED HELP !!!

    two cheap ones they always break at the worst time we used 2 seagulls swap it then fix it when doing the intercoastal
  9. nota

    How much does areo drag matter?

    if you get a bimini right dead under the main does the end plate effect counter the drag ?
  10. nota

    Sports Marketing 101

    if you want to market to the masses you need to do stuff the masses are interested in well there is an excess of pickle dish and glory no value prizes something watchers don't care about but little real cash for winning that watchers would care about and unlimited cash spending by the racers with no control so big bucks wins far too often with no drama or suspense sure they rate a boat by complex formulas ONES that never adjust for spending on crew sails bottom prep electronics ect so two identical boats one new VS one 20 years old with old sails rate the same unless there is an [small] age allowance that may cover hull age but NOTHING ELSE gets worse when the pro crews and sail makers all are on the new boat with sat weather radar electronics ect the older boat lacks BUT RATES THE SAME AS if you want masses to watch the races need to be fair exciting with drama and suspense not he who spends the most always wins
  11. nota

    Understanding Tidal Flow - Biscayne Bay

    well wind is the other biggie in the bay as noted the bay is open to flow on three sides sorta but mostly east west in mid south bay where the races are north with the beach strip to key Biscayne is more north south except right by the inlets and Eliot blocks the south end the same way so wind can help or fight tides and currents esp long winter winds but most races are mid bay with little current with no real flow obstructions or effects unless very near the end of Biscayne channel and flats finger channels where there is a bit of funnel effects but they seldom go that far out the tides/currents are worse rowing out to an anchored boat near dinner key spoil islands then out in mid bay
  12. nota

    ARC 2017

    WHY NOT KITES for distance multi's a no mast no lever trying to flip you just strings and cloth eazy to get down and off deck too is it the RULES OR ratings or something else ?
  13. nota

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    sea gull tips if you got time heat up the sparkie plug on a gas stove then insert HOT if you don't [starting fluid] BUT SPARINGLY WARNING donot do that [starting fluid ] to normal 50 TO 1 2strokes outboards only seagulls with their 10 to 1 oil ratio seagulls are so oil soaked you can't wash it all off on a normal 50 to 1 or oil injection you can with BAD RESULTS the hot plugs work on any outboard 2 stroke may help a 4 stroke too and you can use starting fluid on a 4 stroke BUT SPARINGLY
  14. nota

    Inspecting a mooring?

    other peoples moorings can get you in years of living at anchor my only break away were from you guessed it other peoples moorings some areas eat iron and steel over time I have see 100 lbs fisherman anchors reduced to a rusty 20 lbs
  15. nota

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    btw the gators seldom get in salt water for long now we got crocks salt water crocks but thankfully they are rarely seen by those that live to tell anyway but I donot think ether a crock or a gator would make a good dink