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  1. Seascape 27

    The GPH is only good for a direction. For better comparisons you have to know the wind conditions of the preferred arear and the preferred races. (Up and down or long distance) Then you compare the Triple Number for the predominant conditions. For example, on Lake Constance I would compare with "weak" and "medium"
  2. Seascape 27

    Upwind 5° less than the Saphire? Is that really so? Than have fun with a windward start in a great, mixed field. Will feel like many 5.5 in leeward
  3. Seascape 27

    The base price for Switzerland 10/2012 was 48.000,- EUR excl. VAT The new base price for Switzerland is apparently now 53.000,- EUR excl. VAT (Philen) Prices for Germany including VAT, excluding transport (600,- EUR / 500 Km, 75ct/Km) Boat 64.690,- Sails 11.440,- Toilet 1.090,- Antifouling 1.830,- Roadtrailer 6.997,- Electronic Bidata and Helmspilot 6.250,- Sum: 92.297,- EUR In germany, with accessories you should expect 95.000,- EUR incl 19% VAT
  4. Seascape 27

    Mr. Brown, the founder of Saphire, was on the board of Mammut outdoor clothing, I mean boss of sales. The people of the SSC27 are mechanical engineers and thoroughbred sailors. The Saphire is not a bad boat, but each have to decide for themselves whether they want to buy a boat with a perfectly marketing or a perfectly constructed and build boat. The Saphire has certainly also a slightly different audience as the SSC27 With the flow of information should I give Philen right. That's one reason why I lean back slightly, wait and see how Seascape handles with the success. I don´t think I'm the only one. That Everything goes a little slow, that can suggest that Seascape work under pressure conscientiously. The first production boats will show it. I'm curious! What I don´t like, when I retrofit the boat with backstays for a Code-0, I can´t sail in the class. Even if I tie the backstays to the mast base. I have changed something on the mast, which is prohibited. I would hope that the needs for a light-wind districts be more taken into account. A lift up system I lack too. With an experienced racing crew, to rig up the boat in a box is not a problem. For a family man with wife and child, it's much easier on shore.
  5. Seascape 27

    @girl-gone-mild and you? When was the last time you have had sex, not only with you?
  6. Seascape 27

    Andraz, the SSC27 is certainly the most interesting boat in the 8m class. But I think for light wind areas, such as Lake Balaton (8mOd and Co. there also be retrofitted with a Code-0) and Lake Constance, a Code-0 should be possible. I understand the reasoning because of the costs. But if I spend 75-80k EUR for all, the cost for a Code-0 is not so important. The first SSC27 for Lake Constance is already upgraded with a Code-0. And the class rule? When retrofitting for a Code-0, I see the problems by the waterstay and especially for a backstay. The backstay could be as a runner only when necessary. But retrofitting a carbonmast is not without problems. Scheduled by the shipyard, this would be no problem. The perfect 8m boat I see it in the SSC27 and parts from the Code8.
  7. Seascape 27

    My last info was may / june 2014
  8. Seascape 27

    On Lake Constance is also working on a project like this! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/BodenseeEinheitsklasse?fref=ts
  9. Seascape 27

    ...why I throught the B/one will win.
  10. Seascape 27

    how many boats per year can the yard produce? Right now they are doing 15 but I would expect they will ramp it up as sales increase I mean they have currently only one form. Then they are unlikely to provide more than 20-25 units per year. If they have enough orders, they will certainly build a second form. Because Seascape will definitely earn something and that they do not with a waiting periods of several years. I hope so at least
  11. Seascape 27

    Never grow faster as you can buy new shoes!
  12. Seascape 27

    @GybeSet, most people do not understand, money where is left over from salary and with which they can pay sailing, is also profit. Will you waive on this profit? If not, why not? But why should others do so?
  13. Seascape 27

    The categories for “Yacht of the Year 2013” are: Family Cruiser: Luxury Cruiser: Performance Cruiser: Multihulls: Special Yacht: Archambault A27 Bavaria B/One Code Zero Seascape 27 Vismara 50 Hybrid Archambault has economic problems. Vismar and Code Zero could not compete due about technical problems. Therefore, the J70 is nominated. The Left Coast Dart would fit well in a comparison with the ELAN 210. But as a special boat I do not see it.
  14. Seascape 27

    I too have a bib for the SSC27 and actually have one coming. So you now know how I feel. I think overall total concept and design the 27 is great. I have sailed the J70 and think it is a great little boat and having a one design background i think the 70 fits a great niche for a lot of sailors, although a bit expensive, but better than a M20 and more versatile. But I also think the 70 will struggle in some handicap fleets. 1. SSC27 2. J70 3. B/One What did you think of the 27 in light air? Difficult. The SSC 27 is really a special boat. The original nominees have fitted better into this category. At B/one and J70, I don´t see anything special. But the J70 has won the US competition and Bavaria has a very large advertising budget.
  15. Seascape 27

    underwater docking for a nuclear submarine? surely is practical for discreet plutonium fuel trafficking. i have such misfortune..caught on here on a 27 feet racing machine..with naughty crew who put me exactly where they want me so badly..on a position no. one to six..a chick handy for all.. exposed to gusts of storm blowing.. have no idea exactly what view they get from cabin out to cockpit ..on an only chick among us Lol! Read the posts before this, that should be a joke with the "underwater escape hatch for docking for a submarine" !