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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Are you kidding ?? Who in their right mind Buys a "Race" boat and wants a fuckin sunprotection dragging in the breeze ??? If you want that go buy an Island Packard.....this is being marketed as a Race Boat so everything is light and spartan below. There is gonna be NO netting the whole boat for Children.....the only Child allowed on this boat is the owner after he losses in IRC....

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I don't own a J-Boat but have always liked most of their boats. They are mostly very well built and designed Race boats. Go to any major Regatta and J-Boats has built more than any other builder there......1 million China man cannot be wrong (or something like that). Yes they are more $$ than similar boats but you get what you pay for. In the last few years they have been developing their boats more Racer than cruiser. As for the IRC number only time/racing will tell if it can perform to the guess will be 1.129 and the PHRF number of an ID35 of 36 is gonna be REAL tough. I'd bet the ole Mumm 36 would win in an upwind leg (only to be creemed downhill). I would think a number around 56 would be fair. PHRF can give real gifts and impossible handicaps to J-Boats depending on where the boats start out I like l look of the boat but HATE, yes HATE the Wheel......totally idiodic to have one on a small race boat. This is one of the BIG points that I really don't like about J-Boat's......they try an put a wheel on almost every boat. I know why they do it but a true race boat should NOT have one at this size. Good post show us your Wife's TiT's......laugh!!!
  3. Hey man,

    Thanks for the support, you are 110% correct all I am looking to do is sail with my dad on some nice days.

    I would take another 3 sec hit if he would sail all the time he just wants to come out about 6 times a year or when his arthristis doesn't bother him.