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  1. hey wess tell us about the hidden fees, receipts or they aren't real
  2. yes it is. Still happily sailing and racing
  3. I will. Please do continue, it let's everyone see what a petty, bitter old man you are. When did you first notice that the world has passed you by?
  4. were you able to get a cost estimate for a new cast keel
  5. start with a large one
  6. Firefly-DC

    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    A little old school is a an O'Day Daysailer. Lots around, easy to single hand, sits well on a mooring, easily holds 4 adults but can still be single handed and easily set up if you get one with a tabenackle step. Not high performance but decent performance.
  7. Firefly-DC

    Greta Rides Again?

    LB 15 and VWAP appear to have troll as their goal. From the other things you have posted on this site, you do not I have offered my view from the outside, what you do with it is up to you
  8. Firefly-DC

    Greta Rides Again?

    no, I don't need to
  9. Firefly-DC

    Greta Rides Again?

    so are you and LB 15
  10. Firefly-DC

    Where were the Patriots?
  11. Firefly-DC

    NFL 2019

    nobody need to steal a playbook to beat the jets.
  12. Firefly-DC

    NFL 2019

    I'm sorry, what network carried the jets game this weekend?
  13. Firefly-DC

    Phrf rating for a non standard boat

    In my case I converted from a symmetric spin to an asymmetric spin because I went from sailing on a river with no waves to sailing on an ocean with sometimes big waves. the Asym with a fixed sprit allowed me to keep the same sail area but not to have to put someone on the bow, usually my son, in heavier conditions. PHRF-NE did give me a 3 sec/mile hit which is, in my opinion, within the tolerance band of any rating. I am probably slightly slower with the asym but much safer.
  14. Firefly-DC

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    Not so much, I used to have one but I paid a lot more for it ($200). the retractable keel has sort of a bulb on the bottom, it looks a lot like a swinging 110 keel. the retraction line is attached to the bulb and there isn't a way to remove it without swimming. the bulb retracts into a hole in the cockpit which tends to fill the cockpit with water when moving forward. It's not a bad little boat, but its not an undiscovered speedster.
  15. Firefly-DC

    Humane options to KILL Fucking Cotton Tail Bunnies

    send them to a nice vacation home near the vineyard