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  1. Firefly-DC

    Is Trailer Sailing Dying

    Not so much, I used to have one but I paid a lot more for it ($200). the retractable keel has sort of a bulb on the bottom, it looks a lot like a swinging 110 keel. the retraction line is attached to the bulb and there isn't a way to remove it without swimming. the bulb retracts into a hole in the cockpit which tends to fill the cockpit with water when moving forward. It's not a bad little boat, but its not an undiscovered speedster.
  2. Firefly-DC

    Humane options to KILL Fucking Cotton Tail Bunnies

    send them to a nice vacation home near the vineyard
  3. Firefly-DC

    Space Travel... 50 years later
  4. Firefly-DC

    Space Travel... 50 years later

    use these to get there faster
  5. Firefly-DC

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    understood. thank you for the clarification
  6. Firefly-DC

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Does this mean that the Aero has replaced the Laser in the Olympics or is this just the evaluators ranking? I don't think I saw an explicit decision in that document
  7. Firefly-DC

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    not so much in D fleet
  8. Firefly-DC

    Craigslist Finds

    I believe someone "rehabbed and updated" a 110 a few years ago and it included a retractable keel, carbon mast and an extendable sprit. I wnat to say Forte composites was involved bu I can't find anything on their website
  9. Firefly-DC


    If only that was the worst thing that could happen. It was supposed to carry a delta-2 class LV. the first stage of the delta-2 carries 100 tons of liquid oxygen and kerosene (think small tactical nuke). stage 2 is 3 tons of N2O4 and aerozine (instantaneously deadly). and then there is the satelite carrying a few hundred pounds of hydrazine (also causes instant death). Why is this a problem? the aircraft flies out of Mojave, just like Orbital Sciences solid fuel pegasus rocket (retired because it's not profitable enough). the only real advantage to this type of launch is that by launching over the ocean you can have unlimited orbital injection parameters (you can point it anywhere). but to get there you need to fly this giant bomb filled with stuff who's other use is chemical warfare over the west coast of the united states, some of the most densely populate areas of the country. if things go pear shaped on the way out over LA, SD or SF, you can't ditch the rocket. do you try and ditch the fuel? maybe but most LVs get a lot of structural stiffness from pressurizing the fuel, loose that and its a wet noodle. do you want to try and land with a 250 ton, 130 foot long bomb strapped underneath? an earlier version had the cockpit at the top of the port vertical stabilizer, I assume so the pilot could see all hell breaking loose right before he (or she) died. what could possibly go wrong
  10. wrong coast but if you are up for a road trip
  11. Firefly-DC

    Vanguard 15 (Looking to Buy)

    not my boat. Don't know what shape its in
  12. Firefly-DC

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    1 sigma standard deviation of 3.68 sec/mile across the US would indicate otherwise
  13. Firefly-DC

    NFL 2018

    that's just mean
  14. Firefly-DC

    NFL 2018