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  1. if the sock is set up for a port side set and retrieval, is is better to have the retrieving line on the inside of the spin or the outside, or should it not matter?
  2. and wasn't that one of the many complaints about Dogzilla vs Allenghi?
  3. but it does have an engine running continuously to pump hydraulic fluid to cant the keel (pumping oil)
  4. JS as the coach with Slingsby (who holds an American passport, being the son of an American mother) driving, Bora Gulari with his moth and Nacra 17 experience on tactics might be a pretty good core to start with
  5. well JS has an American wife, 2 American kids, an American residence, in all likelihood has a green card and would therefore legally qualify as a "US Person"
  6. a lot of us are feeling that way
  7. http://www.nbcsports.com/
  8. thank you
  9. does anyone have a link to today's press conference
  10. you're asking about shit slinging?
  11. it does well in light air, it's not a sport boat but it's on the sporty end of keel boats. being as light as it is it accelerates well in light air and the relatively high aspect keel lets it point well. I have been out in 35 gusting to 45 with a reef and the self tacker and the boat handled well. we were able to plane on a reach and got up to 14 kts but it definitely need that kind of breeze to plane. it suffers a little around 8 to 15 when everybody is powered up and moving at hull speed. I rate 177 in PHRFNE and PHRF Chessapeake so I am typically racing against boats in the 27 to 32 ft range so I suffer from waterline envy. the real Achilles heel for the boat is choppy conditions. Its too light to plow through chop and motorboat wakes and just stops. it does surf downwind well in swells.
  12. Ranger FUN23. 23 ft 1875lb so it can be towed with a small SUV. Swing keel 5ft down 18 inches up. Pictures from last years Offshore New England Championship. https://flic.kr/p/LBHVWA https://flic.kr/p/LJfZgs https://flic.kr/p/LBHBC1 There was one listed for sale in Orlando last April but no indication that it sold
  13. Celestron http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/astronomy/telescopes/series Meade http://www.meade.com/telescopes.html?activity_filter=103 you can probably find used hardware on Ebay for a significant savings
  14. not mine but $12K seems a bit much for one of these no matter how well it was taken care of https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/boa/6057345967.html