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  1. it's so easy to trigger snowflakes like you
  2. there must be something about being a Lt General
  3. Firefly-DC

    BENE slow first 235

    174 PHRF-NE great daysailer and round the buoy racer but don't even think about weekending on it unless you are going to stay at a hotel when you get to your destination
  4. Firefly-DC

    Still Sailing?

  5. You said I should be sanctioned and barred from racing for 2 years for using an intensity sail at the club level.
  6. all evidence to the contrary
  7. see, I knew it bothered you
  8. Ah wessy, bless you're little heart. if it didn't annoy you, why do you keep complaining about it?
  9. you annoy me just as much as I annoy you.
  10. Firefly-DC

    Towing with a rental truck?

    when you say its a scam do you mean because most peoples car insurance would cover it or that if something does happen they won't pay out?
  11. then why did you state "you should be brought before a hearing committee and banned from all sailboat racing"? do you routinely try to intimidate people? the sticker on the hull says it is a laser and it was built by a company that at the time was an approved laser builder. there is no expiration date on it. it is a laser, and i race it.
  12. Firefly-DC

    Towing with a rental truck?

    U-Haul has no problem towing boats or other things if you tell them first. I tow mine (2500 lb boat and trailer) twice a year locally with an F150. if you are going long distance they may require a larger truck. When towing from DC to MA they required that I use a 20ft truck to tow that distance. get their insurance and no repercussions
  13. then it is your obligation to bring me before that comittee
  14. the laser has been an olympic class for as long as I have owned one, and ILCA have never tried to hide that from me or anyone else. I knew just what kind of class I was buying into when I bought my USED boats. there are no hidden fees for used boats and that's what most grass roots sailors buy. the difference between $7k and $10K is alot more than $300. so where is the missing $2700, or is ILCA secretly taking that too. A class made up of people who will pay $10k for a new boat and complain about $300 to the class is not one I want to be a member of. I on the other-hand don't believe you will ever speak with any intelligence but keep demanding those fruity laser puffs
  15. incomplete about 3% of the cost of a new boat oh, the horror