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  1. Blue Crab

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    They haven't done the math. The blacks and browns are here to stay.
  2. Blue Crab

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    And Tom, with nothing better to do, keeps tabs on all threads/forums with his extensive database of his own posts. He gives new meaning to "mark my words..." Where is Jocal when we need him?
  3. Blue Crab

    cockpit drain hose

  4. Blue Crab

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    In Florida, 8% of the overall voting-age population can't vote because of criminal records. And pythons
  5. Blue Crab

    Old Cordage

    Ditto. Back when we had a creek load of liveaboards, disposal of stuff was easy.
  6. Blue Crab

    Sandra Brown Thrillers ??

    I may or may not be the hunk a little rough around the edges yet smooth and strong like titanium where it counts. Just sayin.
  7. Blue Crab

    Sandra Brown Thrillers ??

    I cannot confirm nor deny reports that I bedded the author herself (30 years ago). It was dark, we were drunk, ...
  8. Blue Crab

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    "Once is a habit."
  9. Blue Crab

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    It's not really about the fruit. It's the trespass. Between wives I always move back aboard. I cannot tolerate rudeness. Too bad the Gadsden flag has been co-opted because I sure agree with the sentiment.
  10. Yep, and a 2x6 is a buck forty a board foot. Fender boards are consumables. No naked pilings up yer way I guess. Must be nice.
  11. The really experienced folk carry fender boards all the time.
  12. Blue Crab

    Is it ok to furl... or not?

    crap sails take the fun out of things
  13. Blue Crab

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    A happy "BEFORE" picture awaiting surprise ending: