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  1. Blue Crab


    Astrodome available:
  2. Blue Crab


  3. Blue Crab

    Breaking up is easy to do

    For want of a nail a shoe was lost ...
  4. Blue Crab


    My small mostly rural county went from 81 to 100 in a day or two. Methinks that might mean 200 counting the folks still "just not feeling good, probably a summer cold." Invited to a big bbq an beer bash today ... that I won't be attending. last outing: St Pat's. for 20 min til it got crowded. We now have mandatory masks in stores. The usual suspects are behaving quite usually. I also see I misjudged a few acquaintances and small businesses... good to know.
  5. Blue Crab

    V-berth anarchy

    The V berth is for kids and sails.
  6. Blue Crab


    We see what you did there Ed.
  7. Blue Crab


    This ^ HL: Thanks for the serious response. I certainly agree about the big pic of life and death numbers. As above tho, the fact the virus can get in/out/thru coverings doesn't mean it's trying to get thru. If wearing a brown paper bag helps, let's do it. A cardboard box! Plastic bags would be even better but for the breathing thing. I don't want to spend the last 11 weeks of life in the ICU.
  8. Blue Crab


    I think you eventually will come around to see the logic in masks. Please share with the group when that happens. TIA
  9. Blue Crab

    POS found DTS

    She has to be major league kinky herself. Someone on Twitter remarked they were tired of reading "underage women." They preferred the term "child."
  10. Blue Crab

    POS found DTS

    You filled that assistant slot already?
  11. Blue Crab


    I vote that Hatin'Life change his moniker to Viral Load.
  12. Blue Crab

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    And he posted about the new unannounced river downtown just last week. What a shithole state.
  13. Blue Crab

    What's at your bird feeder?

    You can tell a real VW man by 36mm socket ownership.
  14. Blue Crab


    Dumb post of an already bad year.
  15. Blue Crab

    What's at your bird feeder?

    Well played.