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  1. Blue Crab

    sun rise

    Very convenient for morning prayer.
  2. Blue Crab

    Did Trump just win the Trade War with China?

    I saw the Sundowners.
  3. Blue Crab

    Did Trump just win the Trade War with China?

    Froze to death in Canadia?
  4. Blue Crab

    Did Trump just win the Trade War with China?

    I thought Darwin was in the warm part.
  5. Blue Crab

    Drip Drip Drip

    There's a straight line...
  6. Blue Crab

    Social Spooks

    I'll 'splain that to ya shorty if needed.
  7. Blue Crab


    Gotcha. Thx.
  8. Blue Crab


    Great drift dive off Palm Beach. Anti-sharkers should do it at night, when you cant see ALL those badass bull sharks.
  9. Blue Crab

    Are Walls Immoral?

    Works for me too.
  10. Blue Crab

    Social Spooks

    Peeping Toms don't have to mess with windows, weather, and dogs anymore. I love it when posters using their real names brag about it. Hey! The key is under the flower pot, and the pot is in the medicine cabinet along with the oxy left over from that last knee replacement I mentioned recently to all 7 billion of you. Gun safe is open this weekend for guests. Come on by.
  11. Blue Crab

    Are Walls Immoral?

    Big announcement today. Hope springs eternal.
  12. Blue Crab

    Media is Hellbent of self destruction by TDS

    He's got those bogus coins too.
  13. Blue Crab


    21' long is good but she's 8' abeam! And the dive gal can free dive for 6 min. I luv her.
  14. Blue Crab


    Good call.
  15. Blue Crab

    Are Walls Immoral?

    I hope Pelosi goes down for this too. She had a chance to be the adult in the room and is too partisan to stand up for we the people. Old fuckin hag is just as awful as McTurtle and Rump.