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  1. Blue Crab

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    yeah yeah. I'll be 78 tomorrow. I can still get it up for younger women but that doesn't happen anymore. Women my age? No thanks. Ya gotta know that an old single guy like me is much in demand among the blue-haired set. Worse, I'm one of those folks aging well so I appear somewhat younger than my age group. I've always had a lot of great pussy, and married well to boot. Anything less just doesn't cut it. I'd really rather go without relationships I don't care about or need. You lot wouldn't believe it but I'm damn good company. And as a great listener I've already heard all the crap most have to offer. Still, it has occurred to me lately that I may live to be 100 or so, leaving time for a bright, thin, 50ish, active woman, should she happen along.
  2. Blue Crab

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    All things considered, I'd rather kiss an ashtray than listen to hens clucking. Fortunately, none of us have to do either. The smoking defect is easily avoided. The yakking can be disguised early on by clever women (most are) but the need to flap those wings and gums overcomes them. At the first sign of a man's boredom, an extra button gets undone, a touch of inner thigh … progressing to that inevitable blowjob. Done deal. In contrast, brighter women have things to think about and do. And no time to put up with dullards. Pro Tip: If your SO is a yakker, you are the dullard. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. Blue Crab

    Trump's Badger Obsession

    That's how I cook armadillo roadkill. Better when fresh but since tRump kicked me off food stamps …
  4. Blue Crab

    Trump's Badger Obsession

    I thought he was interested in beavers.
  5. It must be awful when every time ya get a good idea, some sumbitch tells ya it's illegal.
  6. Blue Crab

    Michael Avenatti

    I was late getting to Twitter but I've come to appreciate the larger pool of political respondents as opposed to half a dozen shitheads here whom we've all heard over and over. Hermetic isn't the worst -- that would be Jack -- and his latest post starts with a fuck you. If ya can't ignore him, maybe try not seeing his posts at all. Jack, and others, have mental issues that we're not able to help, overwhelm, or solve. Sol mentioned Susan Simpson @TheViewFromLL2 during the hearings and she is on top of things. There are very many others of course, and you'll find your own favorites. I would definitely suggest following Jo @JoJoFromJerz. She is just a hoot.
  7. Blue Crab

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Jeebus Mike. You'll be voting R soon. Insightful and patient? That's just dumb.
  8. Blue Crab

    Trump has Iranian general assasinated - what could go wrong?

    Like sand thru an hourglass ….
  9. Blue Crab

    'Fell Off the Front'

    Hey! No tattoos!
  10. Blue Crab

    Drip Drip Drip

    33 years in the Army. Think of the potential harm he's likely done.
  11. Blue Crab

    Lock her up!

    They are really getting back at the rest of us with our college degrees and homes and boats and cars n stuff.
  12. Blue Crab

    Mountain bike anarchy...

    Not to derail this thread but I like the trend of calling these "gravel" bikes for the rest of us.
  13. Blue Crab


    I only watch for the breast exams and the whining about how awful we all are.