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  1. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    Good call. Liberals and do-gooders don't go together if the latter refers to the religious right. Both groups do 180s from birth to death. And consider, it's psychopaths at 1 in 100. Sociopaths per a five second Google are 3-5%. My ruff read is the psychos are the murderers. Socios the crooks, give or take. Huffposts reports that the total costs of incarceration in the U.S. is ~ one TRILLION per year. 1) I'd rather see that go to something of national benefit, and 2) I think a life sentence for a young person is a cruel and unusual punishment; especially if these mass murderers are in solitary all their lives with an hour a day out of their cells. Moreover, i read somewhere that it only takes a few weeks in solitary to drive one completely nuts even if you weren't before. What's humane about that?
  2. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    If we had an in vitro test, they could be put down early. The do-gooders and bleeding hearts will never agree, however. Apparently allowing crazies to ruin lives and then keeping the nutcases in cages for decades makes them feel better about themselves. As I've mentioned previously, with 7 billion plus and growing exponentially, people are not that precious. Especially not murderous ones. Per CBS: A report by the organization, "The Price of Prisons," states that the cost of incarcerating one inmate in Fiscal 2010 was $31,307 per year. "In states like Connecticut, Washington state, New York, it's anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000," he said. Yes - $60,000 a year. How about this: https://www.themarshallproject.org/records/849-costs-of-incarceration At $75,560,* housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard At $75,560 in 2017. I'd like the dogooders to think this thru. I'd prefer my tax bux spent on something more productive. * That's $207.00 per day!
  3. Is this bad?

    Is it transgender? I've heard A4s called worse.
  4. Respecting your allies?

    Sounds unlikely plain ol' fukin crazy. Even Trump isn't that stupid. Whatever Ambassadors did all day ... those days are over. Like the "State Dinner" for Macron here. It's time we face it: There aren't any big shots. These are just jobs to fill, fot a limited time.
  5. Just another drive by shooting

    "... All but two of the other suburbs ranked among the top 10 areas with the most incidents of gun violence outperformed the Sydney market as a whole." Single non fatal incident makes national news? Let's call a spade a spade fellas. Sure, your stats are way better than ours but you didn't start with a 2nd Amendment, and you damn sure didn't start with 300 million guns on the street. My takeaway here is that bad guys don't turn in guns like lawful citizens, and guns are available worldwide under the table. People are people even when they talk funny. And people shoot people. Or cut them with knives. The problem is people. Google indicates 1 in 100 people are psychopaths.
  6. Respecting your allies?

    Why would we bother for allies? Cell phones changed the game. ... Hello
  7. Black in America

    West to head Veteran's Admin?
  8. Pompeo confirmation thread

    I'm agreeing with you that he does have qualifications for something. I was being facetious. He is an evangelistic Christian soldier. A damn smart one. He believes in the Rapture. Such men are dangerous. And marching in lockstep with a narcissistic moron. Everything could go wrong.
  9. Pompeo confirmation thread

    Yeah, for the JAG corps.
  10. Pompeo confirmation thread

    Even a quick wikipeek suggests he is a complete political hack with few qualifications for any job at all. He is not a spy nor a statesman.
  11. Banning Gun Stores

    Tom apparently doesn't realise how this one annoyance diminishes his bona fides on everything else. I've begun to think his insistence on repeating that dumb crap in the face of constant derision is, in fact, a mental ... um... Maybe not illness, per se, but if it sounds like a duck....
  12. Is this bad?

    That's a good thing.
  13. Just another Sidewalk Mass Murder by Truck

    Wait til the high schoolers hear about this.
  14. Harken now make... sunscreen.

    It's the same goop as their winch grease.
  15. Banning Gun Stores

    Thanks. I can't read that .22 "transfer" crap even one more time. Tom, I'll plug you back in for the Everglades Challenge. You were very helpful last year.