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  1. Blue Crab

    Bristol 29 v Morgan 30?

    Thanks for the analysis. I do want that shallower draft. Bristol is not the cb model. On that last, the Morgan rig appears brand new. Duh ...
  2. Blue Crab

    Bristol 29 v Morgan 30?

    Both late 60s, both repowered w Uni30 diesels, look ok and both cheap ... guessing noobs want more bells and whistles. Comparison thoughts? I may just sit at the dock but maybe not. It's day by day.
  3. Blue Crab

    Is this a racist comment?

    I was asking for a friend.
  4. Blue Crab

    Is this a racist comment?

    Is this still about Joe saying that blacks are more prone to violence or gun violence, and then claiming Tom is the race-baiter? Don't want to miss a moment of saga.
  5. Blue Crab

    The Stray Goat Julie B

    It comes at the end.
  6. Blue Crab

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    It's awful but it was always a question of when, not if, in the entire region.
  7. Blue Crab

    Yanmar v. Universal

    Thanks for your view. AND I have lots of Yanmar spares.
  8. Sissies! I'd have had my 60th reunion if there was anyone else still alive.
  9. Blue Crab

    Who Would You Like To See Running In 2020

    Our yot clubbe bar had a sign: we don't give a fuck how you did it up north! Some bastard stole it.
  10. Blue Crab

    Yanmar v. Universal

    I've only had yanmars. Guess I'll stick with them. Thx
  11. Blue Crab

    Yanmar v. Universal

    Looking at a couple choices, one with a familiar 2GM and the other with a M4-30. Thoughts on the comparison?
  12. Blue Crab

    Giuliani - The Gift That Keeps Giving

    My fave is truth isn't truth.
  13. Blue Crab

    the potential of civil war

    I believe the animals are mis-labeled: it's actually the evangelicals and rednecks against all the rest of us.
  14. Blue Crab

    Anybody use dash cams?

    When moored for H Dorian, my buddy, moored nearby, caught the 50ftr that nailed me on his mizzen gopro. impressed the ins adjuster.