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  1. Lono

    Newport-Bermuda Wx 2018

    Thanks Mark, appreciated your counsel last year as well, thanks for adding some sanity to the pre-race briefing that seemed to be a little overboard on the cautious side of the equation.
  2. Lono

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    hehehe cracked me up to read that.
  3. Wooba is correct. Sabre, I sent you a PM
  4. I believe that there is plenty of subscription data allowed, as long as it is allowed to be accessed by everyone. To be clear the PW and Squid routing solutions are an algorithmic analysis of data, where the calculations are completed ashore and the route is uploaded. The subscription Grib downloads and viewers viewers are perfectly allowable.
  5. To be clear, I am not trying to make the case the PW or Squid Routing is allowable under the rules... Just that I appreciated and agreed with the rule change for the 2016 Race that allowed it for the reasons Squiby outlined. Moon, I normally agree with you, but on this I think there is a big difference between what PW provides and a custimized solution provided by someone off the boat. I think allowing a routing system like PW evens the playing field and reduces the arms race. That being said, working on speccing a computer and buying expedition this weekend.
  6. Lono

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Great pic from the edge of the world!
  7. Hi Moon, I do understand why PWs routing does not comply with the "outside assistance" rule but the NOR or SIs were amended to allow for it in the 2016 race. PW is even cheaper than you quote, a one month subscription to pro is only $100. The 8km res i only $50 I think. It is interesting that they only mention PW in their amendment. There are several other services that include a Grib viewer, some sort of Nav program and a weather router. Squid and Avalon both have routing similar to PW and neither were singled out for approval or ban. I am trying to determine if either does the calculations on the boat. Perhaps the laptop based programs might while the ipad based ones do not? Open CPN has been discussed, however I get the feeling that one needs to have an IT consultant on board as opposed to a middle aged finance type. I recognize that none will offer the sophistication of Expedition, and I have used Exp a few times, but having access to the PW routing is a helpful illustration of tactical opportunities and issues coming down the track. I found it gets me looking at other competitive alternatives when naviguessing. I do not think it is a slippery slope and I think banning PW is the wrong choice. It is a cheap alternative, truly available to everyone, providing no advantage over the expedition based system but offering to close the gap a little. I think most agree the "arms race" mentality is one of the barriers to participation in our sport. This routing is more readily available than Expedition, it is a mathematical driven route without human interpretation. I think that is why Organizing Authority allowed it in 2016 and I hope they reconsider their decision.
  8. Well shit, I had missed that. They put in that line last race in the spring for exactly the reasons you stated. Thanks
  9. Thanks Samc, I have used Expedition before and understand the big pluses for sure. My thoughts are the same and we used the same approach in 2016. Point at the damn mark. Appreciate your insights.
  10. Its that time again. I started a fresh topic for communications and Nav for the 2018 race so that it didn't get bogged down by all the other topics regarding the race. I am interested in what people have used in the past and what they are planning this year. We are a 40' r/c operating with B&G Triton and Zeus, not quite top of the line, but effective and reliable navigation suite, though it has some limitations. We have not moved up to Expedition or OpenSource CPN and are not bringing laptop, so we are trying to make weather and routing work, recongnizing our limitations. Last race we carried both sat phone and Iridium GO. Used the GO to access weather and routing through i pad using Predict Wind Offshore. It worked reasonably well, though cumbersome. We do not want to rent both the GO and a phone (phone is required by race) so we are planning on iridium phone with sidekick from Ocens. Also the Ocens Grib Explorer for iPad. The interface seems to be very slick, direct download of gribs into the viewer for weather. Also, planning on using PW Offshore for routing, on download file per request so not too cumbersome. Anyone have experience with Avalon's ipad app? Still considering using an outside weather router and/or gulf stream specialist. We did not and have not previously, but welcome thoughts on those as well.
  11. Lono

    Newport Bermuda Race 2018

    Food: Over the years 30+ of offshore racing, we have gone simpler and simpler. We have devolved to mostly grab and go options as opposed to group eating on the rail for short races like Bermuda. 4 days, 8 crew, 4 hour watches, no one wants to have to cook something anymore, even just warming up a pot of chili mac or something equally distasteful meant serving and clean up etc. I know many will go on about the morale lifting benefits of a hot meal on a cold night, but on such a short race, with maybe some weather on 1 or 2 days, we have arrived at the conclusion that easier is preferred. In the 2016 event we picked up a bunch of carryout pizzas. We split them up into ziplocks a piece or 2 per and it made for an easy grab after coming off watch. Packaged lunch meat and rolls for lunches, crunchies, powerbars and chocolate etc. Bagels and cream cheese (or cold pizza) for breakfast and life is easy. It is only 4 or so days. For drinks, try freezing water and gatorade etc. and filling a cooler completely. Tape that cooler closed and do not open for the first couple of days. You will still have ice cold drinks on day 3 even if you do not have a fridge.
  12. Lono

    Adrift Movie

    Don't you dare bad mouth the original Poseidon Adventure
  13. Lono

    More for 1000 Days fans

    Please someone get there and record it!
  14. Lono

    What a money pit!

    Amen to the higher education. 2 private undergrad degrees, partial support in Med School for one as well... insane numbers...
  15. Lono

    What a money pit!

    Surprised no one has mentioned helicopter skiing. I have skied all over the world, have earned plenty of my turns through hiking or climbing, bt Heli skiing is like crack cocaine. It will empty bank accounts and break up marriages but damn it feels so nice.