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  1. How to watch live races?

    The NBCSN app doesn't allow for replay or even long pauses of real time play. During the pitch-pole race, I got behind and the app turned itself off.
  2. Lake Erie Options

    What do you plan to do with the boat when you are not sailing it?
  3. Lake Erie Options

    The Craigs List link seems to be broken.
  4. Lake Erie Options

    The entry level boat for a larger person in Cleveland, would be a Highlander. They race with a crew of 2 to 4 people, it's total crew weight that matters.
  5. America's Cup on US cable TV Sunday May 8

    When you set your VHS tape recorder, add some extra time. As it's following some live soccer/football games. I don't think that it's scheduled for a repeat airing.
  6. America's Cup on US cable TV Sunday May 8. NBCSN 2PM EDST
  7. America's Cup on US cable TV Sunday May 8. NBCSN 2PM EDST
  8. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    This may have been the first CRW that had more boats racing in the One Design weekend than in the off-shore races.
  9. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    That's true, but if you can get to the West Blvd. parking lot, then you can get to the W49th ramp. Once you get to the ramp it will be something like when they run a triathlon. The problem will be for east-siders, down-towners and south-siders to get anywhere near Edgewater at rush-hour grid-lock.
  10. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Edgewater YC, 'Captain America' filming, CRW/OD and West Shoreway closing. With the closing of the West Shoreway for the movie filming and of course the possible construction work on the alternate routes I-71 & I-90, rush hour traffic will be total grid-lock. So Wednesday night races from the east-side will have to start heading towards the club mid-afternoon. The have extended the closing dates to interfere with CRW/OD. Does anyone have real details on how the closing is going to happen? As a west-sider I'm glad that I don't work downtown.
  11. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    After watching the Monday Noon news weather forecasts, I would say that my above chart is optimistic.
  12. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Wind at Midnight Monday evening.
  13. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Subject: Drew Wanenmacher - Thursday afternoon update: Not sure if you have already heard from others - Drew was moved to Cleveland Clinic around midnight. Both his brother Mike and sister Kate are here. The report this morning was that there was slight improvement in both liver and kidney function, which borders on miraculous! Please continue to pray. (no other information)
  14. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I just received this: Subject: Drew Wanenmacher Please lift up a prayer for Drew who is in serious condition, fighting for his life, in Fairview Hospital and will be transferred to main campus Cleveland Clinic. Not sure of the details, will pass along as received. He has received 2 blood transfusions, and has internal organ damage. Blessings, Robin Richards
  15. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Bob Nash Memorial Race July 4th, 2012 Edgewater Yacht Club $10 entry fee. Skippers meeting 10am on the patio. First warning 11am. Pursuit start from the Pavilion awards & special events following sailing. Open to all boats, from any Club in the spirit Nash would have wanted. So is there any further information like a "Notice of Race" ?