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  1. Sideways

    Fucking TeamWork Video

    Cool, can't wait. My ol' T27's splashing tomorrow!
  2. Sideways

    Fucking TeamWork Video

    Are you in the water yet? I'm hoping for some good footage this year.
  3. Sideways

    Fucking TeamWork Video

    Keel: Sadly you're about 15 years too late with T27 racing. At the time I was racing one port over from the Tartan factory and there were around six T27's racing in their own class on weekends. On light air days, they'd start them about 20 minutes ahead of the other classes. Now they can't even get six boats of any type to race!
  4. Sideways

    Fucking TeamWork Video

    That was video was great! As a fellow T27 owner, I can say that it is very frustrating to race the boat in light wind. Basically you're always in last place trying to keep your time on everyone else. The boat is a fantastic reacher sailing way above it's 237-ish rating. However, it's doesn't point worth a shit. Keeldragger: Going to post this in the T27 site? Might be a little much for that crowd. A couple things, the Mac26 mentioned isn't the same as the one everyone always goofs on in this forum. Apparently a version when it was an actual sailboat. And, you don't really need a tiller extension on that version of the T27 because the cockpit is really small.