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  1. kass

    Sun Fast 3300

    "partner" has a name, and a pretty impressive CV, actually. Just sayin' from https://www.oakcliffsailing.org/bio/suzy-leech/
  2. kass

    Sun Fast 3300

    It certainly is! I'm racing the OSTAR this year (IRC), and for the first time it's leaving early enough to make it feasible for finishers to take part in the Newport Bermuda Race. I would love to do that (in the double-handed division), but don't have the resources (time, money, headspace) to sort out an ORR cert on this side of the pond. Pity really, as the OSTAR will most likely return to its customary late May or early June start in future editions.
  3. kass

    Sun Fast 3300

    How's your project progressing? I run a FB group called 'Au Large a Deux' for people interested in offshore double-handed racing. Members are mostly British, French or Dutch. You might find some interest there.
  4. That's how they tend to look to me!
  5. Actually the previous La Vaga was an ex-Sunsail Jeanneau Cyclades 43, quite possibly the one I helped deliver from the Aegean to the Ionian after it was taken out of charter at the end of 2012. It was frighteningly basic in terms of deck gear and other systems, not what I would choose for blue-water passagemaking, so I think they were quite brave (or, something) in what they ended up doing with her.
  6. Great interview, thanks for sharing! I was also given a copy of Adrift in my 20s by a 'helpful' friend who wanted to put me off doing the ARC. It worked for a time, but eventually backfired. I've never done a fully crewed cruise in company to the Caribbean, but am fully hooked on solo ocean racing. My favourite quote from the book is this: I was keen to see what else the interviewer had to offer on his channel, but sadly it is mostly about UFOs.
  7. Funny you should mention this, as it's the third channel (along with Fair Isle and Wildlings) that I mentioned in my latest PBO column (October issue). Very entertaining videos, but I fear his plan for taking that rib all the way around the UK is quixotic at best (speaking as someone who has raced a well-found yacht around Britain and Ireland). He so clearly doesn't know what he doesn't know. I'm tempted to put him in touch with some people who might clue him up a little (e.g. any of the guys who have recently broken records for sailing dinghies round, or Vendée Globe veteran Enda O'Coineen, who motor sailed a small Zodiac across the Atlantic a while back).
  8. I agree wholeheartedly Dylan, Wildlings Sailing is so refreshing, really a joy to watch. I would be more inclined to contrast them with Sailing Fair Isle (and in fact I do just that in my most recent column in PBO). Which is not to say that I don't appreciate Sailing Fair Isle's efforts, but seriously, I wish they'd just chill a bit already. Some space cakes might be just the thing for them...
  9. A bit pricey at USD137.53, but possibly something like this? https://www.rshughes.com/p/PIP-Temp-Gard-202-2000-Black-Silicone-Heat-Resistant-Apron-24-In-Width-36-In-Length-616314-86441/616314_86441/
  10. Welcome Jenx! I am extremely impressed by your diligence (reading this whole thread and watching all the videos). My one question is: how did you find the thread in the first place? I would also encourage you to get out and actually give sailing a go in earnest, it will either really increase your enjoyment of the videos, or really decrease it (because you now have something better to do with your spare time). Avoid buying your own boat for as long as possible, but I must warn you, once bitten by the bug this will be impossible. Sailing has ruined my life (in the best possible way). Kass
  11. Zest is a UK flagged vessel, but in the OSTAR it's the skipper's nationality that counts. I am now a dual US/UK national, but only acquired UK citizenship 10 years ago, so race as an American. Thanks, I really hope so! We assembled a great team to do the really skilled stuff, but project managed it all and did the bits we could. My other half wrote a really detailed article about the repair in the June 2018 issue of PBO. Sadly that is not available online, although the articles about the incident and repainting the hull both are: https://www.yachtingworld.com/features/36ft-zest-hit-14m-rogue-wave-dismasted-off-spain-77073 https://www.pbo.co.uk/expert-advice/paint-boat-like-new-60452
  12. I live in the UK and have done for half my life now, but I reckon if my mum can still claim she's Scottish after having landed in NYC in 1950, then I'm okay saying I'm American. I bought the boat here and she is based in Cowes. Historically American competitors have struggled with the delivery to the start of the OSTAR. It will be even more difficult next year as the start will be two weeks earlier than usual. Richard Lett (British, but now lives in the States) will be sailing over after the Bermuda 1-2, doing the Fastnet, and then leaving his boat in the UK for the winter. Wise move. It's a strange mixture of excitement and dread. The last one was pretty full-on, but I learned a lot and have a pretty solid list of issues I need to sort over the coming season, which will include an Azores and Back Race and a Rolex Fastnet campaign (both double-handed). My blog at sailingwithzest.me tells much of the story, but is a bit patchy. In a nutshell: I bought the boat in January 2013 and embarked on an ambitious refit to make her easier to handle shorthanded. I considered starting a video blog at the time, and emailed Dylan for advice, but turns out the refit was more than enough to keep me busy. Didn't finish that in time, which in hindsight is just as well, as I wasn't really ready myself either. A couple of years, many miles and some silverware (AZAB, RWYC RB&I) later I signed up for the 2017 OSTAR feeling much more confident in myself and the boat. My other half and I decided to go kick back in the Caribbean for the winter of 2015/16, but only got as far as Finisterre before having our asses kicked by a rogue wave 150 miles off the coast of Spain (coincidentally about 30 miles from where Hugo Boss was rolled 2 weeks later). We rescued ourselves and the boat, and spent the next year rebuilding her, just in time for me to get another hiding in the 2017 OSTAR, which had the most severe conditions in the race's history. Last year I made a good start at rebuilding my confidence by doing the Solo Fastnet. That work continues. Probably saved you an hour of reading with the previous paragraph. Have had more than my share of drama so far, honestly hoping there won't be any more! (yes, I realise that's unlikely) FOR SALE: Portion of side deck and main bulkhead. Teak on gaboon ply accented with steel chainplates. Measures approx. 2x1m. Will make a conversation-starting coffee table.
  13. Yeah, I reckon I'll prefer telling my story in written format as well, but that's going to have to wait until after the race. Don't worry, there'll be a book. Yeah, ideally I'd like to be the second American name on that board (and the first woman), but realistically I'm gonna need a bigger boat. 2024 maybe. I mean, Weld was, what, 66? I've got time...will just need to sell a lot of books.
  14. I think she's probably okay on that front, but if not I can coach her as I have years of experience.