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  1. The UK observes both the 11th, Armistice day and memorial Sunday, which I believe is a similar practice for the US, europe, the ANZACS and most other countries involved. Trump managed, in a very half hearted way to attend a ceremony of his choice and probably only because his minders pressured him into it.
  2. I read somewhere that he attributed inspiration for his role from there.
  3. mad

    I still call Australia home

    Tell me about it! I was 'escorted' from the UK home office building after waiting 6 hours to find that they had lost everything 3 months prior to me turning up. Really fucking useful when you need to be on flight to NZ for a family funeral.
  4. mad

    I still call Australia home

    Well good luck with it, especially if their website is anything to go by.
  5. mad

    I still call Australia home

    Oh well, try and search it for yourself.
  6. mad

    I still call Australia home

    The first link works, the second link gives you the 404. Aussie government needs to do some house cleaning on their website. Click the link to go further and then you get the 404.
  7. mad

    I still call Australia home Well that's a useful result!
  8. mad

    Stan Lee DTS

    WTF is Howard the Duck?
  9. mad

    I still call Australia home

    Well it'll only be 1 passport soon, the EU bit won't be valid for much longer
  10. mad

    I still call Australia home

    Try a stairwell
  11. This^^^^^ Is it just me, or does Jo appear to be going through some minor mental crisis? The only time I’ve seen this was when a sub-contract guy was desperately trying to hide something and twist and turn his way out of it. (On that occasion, a drug addiction issue) Or He’s now so desperate to win this argument, he’s going to tell any tale he can think of to score a point? Either way, he’s becoming as about as coherent as Woody in his posts lately.