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  1. in all seriousness, was there ever any verdict on the islanders court case??
  2. mad

    I still call Australia home

    I don’t give a shit or have any real thought to holidays in the UK, it’s just an excuse for a long weekend, suits me. Might as well enjoy it. If you don’t want to participate? Fine! Just don’t piss and moan and spoil someone else’s
  3. mad

    I still call Australia home

    Well then don’t participate then ya wog I always observed national holidays in other countries, it just seems polite to me. Is it that disliked?
  4. This could be fun in the northern hemisphere winter. Jack and LB entering the SA boxing ring.
  5. mad

    Best use of carbon for fast cruising cat

    Get a good structural engineer. mast, beams and then daggerboards makes the most sense. Depending on budget, putting some in the hulls along the shear and keel line May work, as mentioned, get an engineer.
  6. mad

    A fond welcome to Woodruff the Troll

    Did he invite you for a midnight stroll?
  7. mad

    A fond welcome to Woodruff the Troll

    Sock anarchy, a new thread. What a great idea.
  8. mad

    A fond welcome to Woodruff the Troll

    Dubs just stopped didn’t he? He didn’t do anything to get flicked, he should have a medal in the SA hall fame.. services to comedy.
  9. mad

    Social Spooks

    This is probably more useful.
  10. mad

    Social Spooks

    People get googled online all the time, for professional and personal reasons. If they’ve put something online in the public domain, it’s up there for the world to see. Don’t like it? Don’t put it online.