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  1. What type of boat, age, condition etc? Race boat, cruiser, classic. Does it have all the safety gear, auto pilot etc, etc.
  2. Are you aware of the prevailing wind and currents for that route? I doubt that many delivery crews will take the route you’re proposing. Put it on a ship and save the wear and tear on the boat.
  3. mad

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Fuck trying to sail those on the Thames.
  4. mad

    Building A Bridge

    Not if you’re using your own power tools, it’s a bastard and blunts just everything known to man. But, it will last for decades, or more.
  5. What’s with the Malarky of not posting a link or cite?
  6. Another spineless cop out. State your opinion, rather than hiding and making excuses. Gutless, disingenuous fucking coward.
  7. mad

    Brexit, and all it entails Expect as much you want, it ain’t going to happen
  8. mad

    Cool fairing tool

    Holy shit, that’s a fairing job from hell. Thankfully I never got involved in the casting, heard some scary stories about impurities over the years.
  9. mad

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    Very cool.
  10. mad

    Cool fairing tool

    Same as us, we just wrote the deposit off as part of the rental cost. Especially after a pile of lead shavings fell out of the planer on the returns bench. The 9 inch disc cutter died on another job.
  11. mad

    Cool fairing tool

    Good link, yes I’ve power planed and even routed fairing compound to the right profile. Don’t ask how or why I learnt this skill? Edit, putting epoxy fairing compound on that boat is sacrilege.
  12. mad


    My money is on the timber
  13. mad

    Whacking The Children

    To be fair to the nuns, the Jesuit priests were no better either according to my uncle. Quite possibly explains my complete aversion to most things with religion.
  14. mad

    Cool fairing tool

    Done that with polyester but never epoxy. I’d rather be a neater than resort to the risk of shaving and missing the window, especially with that mix!