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  1. Oyster Yachts gone bust

    This is true, or least is the current situation.
  2. Yeah, but he’s our cunt, and a good one as well. That’s what counts.
  3. Are your mob still invading Earls Court?
  4. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    And I’m sure, to most of the owners, no reason why they should. Maybe severly restricting all new sales would be a slow start to the long term goal?
  5. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    And by the same token the extreme on the other side is “BAN THEM ALL” There have been several posters here with good suggestions or at least the basis for a discussion from both sides, including Jeff at times. The violence will be there for many generations more unless both sides sit down and talk.
  6. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    I’ll take a look, apologies, there’re quite a few threads and it’s not easy to keep up and follow all of them. Edit, can you point me the link? Or do I have to wade through 400 plus posts to find it? Thanks
  7. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    Read back MBL, I’ve been saying just the opposite all the way through.
  8. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    Sorry, was I addressing you before?
  9. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    Maybe we should start a new thread to look at both sides proposals?
  10. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    Exactly, he proves the point with every post.
  11. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    I don’t stroke or own a black gun.
  12. Just Another High School Shooting

    Well I can’t think of an example. You?
  13. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    It’s bullshit like that, that ensure nothing will change. Grow the fuck up and discuss it, or shut the fuck up and let the grownups talk.
  14. So what was his background, training and equipment to deal with this type of situation?? ex-swat, special forces, FBI anti terror unit, DEA agent? What is the protocol for one man to face one or possibly more assailants armed with weapons unknown? Average joe is just not equipped or trained to deal with this.
  15. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    So they refined and perfected the design until it became what it is today, I agree that it shouldn’t be in the hands of 95% of the population. So what next?