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  1. mad

    Is Trump a flight risk?

    No idea. I was kidding but I wonder if the Pride of the GOP has contemplated that thought. You just know he has, especially if he thought it was free.
  2. mad

    Is Trump a flight risk?

    How far in advance do they have to file a flight plan?
  3. mad

    The Corner

    Mike's view of Oz
  4. The UK will be back in or still in some form of lockdown, or under travel bans.
  5. mad

    Inauguration Fuckery

    Its going to be so cringingly bad i'll have to watch.
  6. Where's he lurking at the moment?
  7. Boris pushing a very similar game plan in ways, the same disinformation, blatant lies, corruption. Hopefully part of the US clean-up will be a good look at Russia, that'll lead back to the UK. The knives are out for Johnson already from within and I'd be very surprised if he's still by the summer, probably Easter. No idea where this one ends.
  8. I'll agree that he didn't come to power by coup, but he's certainly taken over from within and with help from a faithful cabal and a lot of sycophants. Much like Trumps 4 years. The similarities are there. they've been partially brainwashed as a nation.
  9. mad

    Inauguration Fuckery

    His final act as the President is to hold one last finale spreader event.
  10. mad

    Phil  Spector  DTS

    Speak for yourself
  11. mad

    Prada Cup

    Its definitely been cut mechanically, and that's the shape of the internal structure.
  12. mad

    head like a hole

    Cup before last i ended up having to scroll over half a page or more, easier just to block the repeat offenders and the socks.
  13. mad

    head like a hole

    I have about 3 times more on ignore from AC Anarchy than all of the other sub forums combined.
  14. mad

    LONQR 2

    A ripple in the matrix sounds more entertaining.