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  1. They also have more crew than Scallywag, who are also a crew member down due to injury. Anything is possible at this stage.
  2. The Ashes 2017

    I’m doing what our cricket team do so well......... I’m off to the pub for a Sunday drink or 3. Main man, what’s your poison?
  3. Thanks, hadn’t seen that. Be interesting to know which glues/adhesives they tried
  4. I wonder how far they could motor with the current fuel onboard? Not that far I would think.
  5. The Ashes 2017

    We need Lance Armstrong juice to get out of this one.
  6. Well remembered, I hadn’t realised that for some reason.
  7. Renn and couple of others have, hopefully she or someone can answer that.
  8. That would probably clear everyone out from down below!!! Fucking evil smelling shit.
  9. Law of averages says in a round the world race you’re gonna get at least one bad one.
  10. I was thinking exactly the same thing, some slots in the track they can feed straps through and just ratchet strap it onto the mast. Would make sense.
  11. The TDF Thread

    Slithering reptile http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/cycling/bradley-wiggins-wife-apology-chris-froome-slithering-reptile-cycling-news-a8111591.html
  12. https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/iceberg.html here you go.
  13. Just have a look at the IF parts of your post. Each skipper and crew will make their own individual risk assessment, even if it’s only by 50 miles. Then it’s just down to who feels the risk is worth taking.
  14. Maybe Staysail needs to look at the size of a growler needed to do serious damage to a boat at 25 plus knots and realise that 90% of it is below the water!! IE, you cannot see it until it’s too late!
  15. backlash?

    In separate divisions, but I'm sure there is a degree of crossover/working together at certain times. He is higher up the command chain than her, not that it makes any difference which party is really. There seems to absolutely no issue, most likely because they are highly professional.
  16. backlash?

    We were smart enough to keep it well away from work.
  17. backlash?

    I'm a freelance contractor, so its not exactly a work place issue for me. I have friends that work in very large international companies, and work at director level, they met 8 years ago at work and subsequently married 3 years ago. They both still work for the same company, and on the same site.
  18. backlash?

    Well I guess that we were either much better than most, or just downright lucky at the time, especially as it was in a very small organisation/community.
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^This. Also its not a Volvo 65 either.
  20. Be interesting to see the comparisons of protective head gear being used by the teams. I wonder what Witty was wearing when he hit the Satcom dome with his head?? Must have been something similar, but i haven't seen them wearing any yet.
  21. Different sea states and wind over current etc will make a huge difference to how it looks.