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  1. scorp 48

    Modified Young 88

    Cheers mate. Any chance you have any pics of your set up please??
  2. scorp 48

    Modified Young 88

    Cheers mate. Thanks for the feedback. Small prodder and carbon stick would make it a real weapon off the breeze
  3. scorp 48

    Modified Young 88

    Cheers mate. Appreciate the feedback. Have you seen any with prodders put in them?
  4. scorp 48

    Modified Young 88

    Hi guys. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of tricking up the evergreen Young 88 design eg bow sprit, different keel new mast etc etc. I know there’s a lot of better boats out there but for the cost, rating and size they still seem very appealing for such an old design Appreciate any advice or info. Cheers
  5. scorp 48

    Farr 31 IMS

    Hi guys, anyone know of any Farr 31 IMS boats for sale in Australia or NZ and what they rate IRC or AMS ?? Any info appreciated